Heilpädagogische Kita Wellerbusch


2-6 Jahre Inklusiv 35 WStd. (7 - 14 Uhr) und 45 WStd. (7 - 16 Uhr) & 3-6 Jahre Heilpädagogisch 45 WStd. (7 - 16 Uhr)

Heilpädagogische Kita Wellerbusch
Wellerbusch 1
42929 Wermelskirchen
Funding authority
Lebenshilfe Service gGmbH
Altenhöhe 11
42929 Wermelskirchen
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:00 PM o'clock
Closing days20
Specially educational concept child oriented education, daily routine language education, inclusion, intercultural education, livebased approach, nature education, partially open concept, Situation orientated approach, Wood-Pedagogy
Therapeutic support Logopedia, speech therapy, Learning support, Hearing-impaired, occupational therapy, physical therapy, early advancement, disability, mentally handicapped, motopedics
Extras Barrier-free, Integrative facility, care with lunch, curative pedagogy facility, for children with special educational needs, full day care

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