Röthenbacher Kinderkiste (Hort)

1 - 4 Klasse ( 6- 11 Jahre)

Röthenbacher Kinderkiste (Hort)
Schulstraße 6
90530 Wendelstein
Funding authority
Evang. Luth. Kirchengemeinde Röthenbach b. St. Wolfgang
Am Kirchberg 4
90530 Wendelstein
09129/270786 (Frau Christiane Polster)
Opening times11:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
early care7:00 AM - 7:45 AM o'clock
Extras care with lunch, full day care


What Do We Offer ?

  • A child care performed by degreed and trained staff
  • A structured day schedule with frequent play breaks
  • A variety of creative activities (art work, sports and games, etc)
  • Homework assistance
  • A choice of warm lunch meals
  • Opening time at 7 am during school breaks, with a choice of attractive field trips


Who We Are ?

  • We are a traditional after-school-care facility serving children 1st through 4th grade of elementary school.
  • We are a young, friendly, and motivated team.
  • We are a facility affiliated with the Evangelical Church. The Christian values are always in focus in our classrooms.
  • We are a cooperative partner of the Roethenbach/St. Wolfgang Elementary School and the Montessori Day Care/Pre-School in Roethenbach/St. Wolfgang.
  • We support and assist the family.


We look forward to welcoming your child in our facility !

We always strive to assist the children in their various life-situations, and do our best to meet the children’s individual needs. We adjust to the child’s life circumstances as best we can, while simultaneously focusing on the development and improvement of his/her social skills.

Through the after-school group work, as well as through the daily contact with the teachers and with each other, we strive to help the children to enhance their social skills and support their individual personal development. The teachers are always happy to assist the children with their needs.

We focus on introducing and teaching the humane values and norms to our students both in the daily interaction and in the group work.

As we practice the holistic approach to education, we strive to assist the children in gaining independence and building up a sense of self-worth and self-esteem.




Main Building

A place for the children to eat and play after their school classes and homework. Apart from various play corners, there is also a workshop, a two-level-play house and a school sport facility that offers a choice of sports and games.



The so-called After-School-Classroom is located in the school building. The name comes from its original purpose- it used to serve as a school classroom in the past. Since the number of children taking part in the after-school-program has been growing consistently in the past years, we were allowed to use this extra space as a part of the after-school-facility.

The After-School-Classroom offers another two-level-play house, a play room, a number of play corners and a direct access to the outdoor playground.


Quiet Room

We have recently received permission to use yet another room in the school building. It is small but very cozy. We named in the Quiet Room. It offers – among other things – a cozy corner (“Kuschelecke”).



We use the school building for our homework sessions. Each group (class) has its own room at their disposal, and a teacher available for the time the children work on their school assignments.



hortklassenzimmer2015 (3).JPG 100_1050.JPG Hortklassenzimmer 100_1059.JPG Ruheraum

Daily Schedule

The After-School-Program offers 70 openings to children attending the Roethenbach/St. Wolfgang Elementary School. These spots are further divided into two groups: the first and second grade, and the third and fourth grade.


What Does Our Day Look Like ?

The children arrive at the after-school-facility after they finish their school classes. The first students arrive as soon as at 11:15 am. Subsequently, they eat lunch accordingly with the times their school classes end. After lunch the children are welcome to play until the start of the homework session. 

After the homework session (1:00 – 3:30 pm), we offer a wide range of various creative activities. Those who do not wish to participate are welcome to play on their own.

From 3:30 pm onwards, the children can be picked up, or alternatively, will be sent home or to various afternoon activities, such as soccer, choir, etc.

The After-School-Facility closes at 5 pm (Monday-Thursday), or alternatively, at 4 pm (Friday).

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