St. Georg Krumbach

2 Jahre bis zum Schuleintritt

St. Georg Krumbach
Krumbach 24
88069 Tettnang
Funding authority
GKG Argental
Fischerweg 5
88069 Tettnang
0754251298 (Frau Linda Graf)
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
lunch closing1:00 PM - 2:00 PM o'clock
Closing days30 Schließtage pro Jahr.
Foreign languages German
Specially educational concept partially open concept, Situation approach
Therapeutic support Learning support
Extras care with lunch, full day care


Our educational work

In the kindergarten Krumbach we work according to the "open concept", which requires a continuous development of the pedagogical work for the benefit of the children and is oriented to the rights, development and play needs of the children. The children can play and develop activities independently in all rooms, which are clearly structured educational areas. Each educator is responsible for one educational area. Educational activities for the children are carried out by all teachers.

We see the children with their needs, interests and their individual abilities.

Goals of our pedagogical work

  • The child gains a high degree of independence and self-confidence.
  • The child develops tolerance and openness.
  • The child expands his or her knowledge and forms thought structures.
  • The child develops empathy and can react appropriately


Our Rooms

As pedagogical professionals, we use our rooms and materials and intentionally design them to be a stimulating environment that initiates educational processes on its own. When designing the educational areas in the rooms and providing materials, we take into account the children's interests and include the hallways and the outdoor area.

The following educational areas are located in our rooms:

  • Role play and theater
  • Music and movement
  • Creativity
  • Nature and technology
  • Research and experimentation (learning workshop)

Our educational areas are places for girls and boys to 

  • of encounter
  • of lively togetherness
  • role play
  • learning from and with each other
  • movement
  • language
  • creativity
  • music
  • building and construction
  • contemplation and tranquility
  • of security
  • the development of the senses
  • of freedom
  • of adventure

In all areas of education, the children can act and develop independently, actively and on their own responsibility

Care providers are responsible for all profile content.

Offered care types at Jul 7, 2022:

Kind of care
 Kindergarten 2T ganztag 3T verlängerte Öffnungszeiten 30
 Kindergarten 2T ganztag 3T verlängerte Öffnungszeiten 30
 Regelgruppe (RG) Kiga
 verlängerte Öffnungszeiten 30 Kiga (VÖ 30)

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