Kita Steinäcker

Für Kinder vom vollendeten 1. Lebensjahr bis zum Schuleintritt.

Kita Steinäcker
Weidertsweg 23
63517 Rodenbach
Funding authority
Gemeinde Rodenbach
Buchbergstraße 2
63517 Rodenbach
06184 53993 (Ute Janzen)
06184 903180 (Ute Janzen)
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Extras Barrier-free, Integrative facility, care with lunch, full day care


Our day care center is a place for children where they can express and develop their entire personality. Other fundamental components of our educational work:

  • Working according to the situation-oriented approach
  • Free play - promoting self-reliant and independent action and learning
  • Project work - promotes and educates in holistic contexts

For us this means:

  • Learning through self-awareness, lively learning
  • Children and teachers work on the projects together
  • Subject-oriented learning, opening up new fields of experience
  • Promote social and emotional skills in children

The parents are involved in this process. We see them as competent partners when it comes to bringing up their child together. Working with them reveals many facets in everyday life.

  • You can still bring your child to daycare after 9 a.m. We do not lock the front door at 9 a.m.
  • The children can have breakfast individually according to their needs. There is no daily shared breakfast.
  • We develop and experience projects together with the children. We do not work according to any prefabricated framework plans.
  • The children develop their own creativity. We do not offer any templates.
  • We are in dialogue with the children and live a democratic relationship. We do not decide on the children, but live participation.
  • Our principles are established guiding principles. We do not discuss our pedagogical principles with you.
  • We give the children impulses in all areas of life for the development of their entire personality.


In 2019, the facilities of the Steinäcker day care center were expanded to include a multi-purpose room.The kitchen and bistro were also expanded and remodeled.

Outdoor Facilities

The outdoor area was completely redesigned in two construction phases from 2019 to autumn 2020.

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Offered care types at Jun 25, 2022:

Kind of carecount places
56 Places
19 Places


The legal basis of our educational work is the KJHG (Child and Youth Welfare Act).

  • We work according to the "situation-oriented approach".
  • We work holistically.
  • We work child-centered.
  • We work project-oriented.
  • We promote and strengthen social skills, conflict management, self-esteem, independence and personal responsibility.
  • We take the personality of every child seriously.
  • We meet the children sensitively and empathetically.
  • We give children space and time to go into their development.
  • We consider working with parents to be an important part of our pedagogy.
  • We work with various institutions.


We work according to the attachment theory approach (Berlin model) when taking in children.
We work in projects, holistic learning is guaranteed.
We have been selected by the German Youth Institute to take part in the "Educational and Learning Stories" project and have implemented it.
We look after children between the ages of 1 and 6 in a total of four groups.
We work in cooperation with the Adolf Reichwein School on the basis of the Amberg model.
We hold regular development talks with parents in relation to their children.
We regularly publish a day-care center newspaper in cooperation with parents, parents' council and educators.
We do public relations, e.g. we participate annually in the environmental festival of the community of Rodenbach.
We are a qualified training center.
We implement lifelong learning through constant further qualification of team members.


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Description and Stations

The day care center is located on the outskirts in a dead end street in the "In den Steinäckern" development area. A nearby adventure playground and the forest can be reached quickly.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content.

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