Elterninitiative Kraftstation e.V. Kindertageseinrichtung Walkürenstraße

Kinder im Alter von 1 Jahr bis 6 Jahren

Elterninitiative Kraftstation e.V. Kindertageseinrichtung Walkürenstraße
Walkürenstraße 33
42859 Remscheid
Funding authority
Elterninitiative Kraftstation e.V.
Eberhardstraße 29
42853 Remscheid
02191-931848 (Nicole Colapinto)
02191-931580 (Nicole Colapinto)
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:30 PM o'clock
Closing dayszwischen Weihnachten und Neujahr;
3 Wochen während der gesetzlichen Schulferien im Sommer - wechselweise mit der Partnereinrichtung "Kita Nordstraße"
Foreign languages German, Croatian, Polish, Russian, Turkish
Specially educational concept daily routine language education, inclusion, Situation orientated approach
Extras Child care for physical education, cooperation facility, language education, parents association

Current information


You will find our facility  Elterninitiative Kraftstation e.V. in the Blumental district in a two-storey building.
In the immediate vicinity is a public playground and not far away the forest, which can be visited with the children as well as the playground.

The outdoor area...
...of the day care centre offers a large sandbox with a slide for younger children, a large wave slope slide for the older children, many bushes for hiding, horizontal bars, motorbike elements for climbing and balancing, a playhouse and enough areas for driving various vehicles.

The group rooms...
...for children aged 1-6 years are located on the lower floor. Here, each group has a large group room with breakfast and various play areas, an individually designed adjoining room, the sleeping and movement room, as well as a washroom with a spacious nappy-changing area.

...for children aged 2-6 years are on the upper floor. These two groups also each have an individually designed side room, a large group room with breakfast and play areas and a washroom with a nappy-changing area.
Also on the upper floor is a bedroom and side room that is used by both groups.

The large "movement hall" is on the upper floor. This is used by all groups for gymnastics and free play.

...Every day we offer the children a varied breakfast buffet with fruit, raw vegetables, different types of bread, muesli, sausage, eggs, cheese or similar.
Lunch for the day care children is provided by a company. A housekeeping assistant prepares fresh salads and desserts.
Both meals are charged to the parents.

In the afternoon, we offer a small snack which is individually arranged in the groups.
Drinks (e.g. water) are available to the children at all times.

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Our pedagogical basis is to make the day care centre a living space for children that takes into account the individual experiences and adventures of each child.

We perceive each child with his or her potential!

We offer...

  • a friendly and familiar atmosphere for "big and small
  • a development-oriented daily routine that is democratically chosen together with the children
  • space for movement, but also rest and relaxation
  • close cooperation with parents
  • daily breakfast buffet

We promote...

  • experiences, acquisition of knowledge and skills in all educational areas
  • the children's self-confidence and independence in order to develop into individual personalities
  • language development integrated into the children's daily lives
  • active democratic behaviour through co-determination

We experience...

  • daily movement stimulation and weekly targeted movement activities
  • Nature up close
  • projects for the pre-school children on democratically coordinated topics
  • Research and discovery on a daily basis - but also in specific "experiments" that are integrated into everyday life.

In our house you can expect...

  • Transparency in the educational documentation of your child, through the self-designed portfolio
  • regular development discussions (at least once a year)
  • the consideration of traditional festivals 
  • Counselling and support - also when contacting other child and youth welfare institutions
  • a qualified and motivated team


Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 15/12/2022 11:27:21)

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