Kinderland Pullach

Kinderland Pullach
Wolfratshauser Straße 47b
82049 Pullach i. Isartal
Funding authority
Kinderland Weyarn GmbH
Mangfallweg 23
83629 Weyarn
Opening times7:30 AM - 5:30 PM o'clock
Extras care with lunch


Your child is our focus!
Every child is unique – we recognise the children in all their facets and support their individual abilities. The social references and the particular personal circumstances of the child play an important role for our pedagogical work. 

Of central meaning are: 
•    the assistance and the support in the development of the child’s personality, independence and creativity
•    the teaching and conveying of social competences
•    the understanding of the diverseness of people

We support you in the education and advancement of your child, following our motto: Together with you, we will make your child strong!

Our holistic support of the children includes:
•    language support program
•    early musical education
•    sport and kinetics
•    nature and forest education

We accompany and support your child along its expedition in the first years of its life! For us a contemporary, education-oriented child care, that adapts to your individual working hours, is essential for the compatibility of family and career. Therefore, we offer you at Kinderland flexible booking times and an individual starting date of your child.
We experience children as inquisitive and creative small people with individual personality and capability. In our daily work we, therefore, contrive to help the small ones along their expedition and actively accompany them in their development.
With a concious and adequate diet we want to give the children the opportunity to develop healthy eating habits in the future. At our kitchen in Thalham our chefs creat freshly prepared, healthy and tasty meals from many fresh, seasonal and especially regional ingredients. Those meals are delivered daily to Kinderland Pullach. The getting to know of the diversity of our regional products is a core element of our daily Kinderland routine. 

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