Evang. Kindergarten Regenbogen

Die Betreuungsplätze sind für Kinder ab 3 Jahre bis zum Schuleintritt. Sind noch freie Kapazitäten nehmen wir auch Kinder im Alter von 2,6 Jahren auf.

Evang. Kindergarten Regenbogen
Birkenstr. 9
82178 Puchheim
Funding authority
Evang.-Luth. Kirchengemeinde
Allinger Str. 24
82178 Puchheim
089/8901640 (Sylvie Schäfer-Merz)
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysFreitags ist bis 16:00 Uhr geöffnet.
Jedes Jahr die Zeit der Weihnachtsferien und 3 Wochen im August/September.

Wir haben eine Kooperationsbetreuung im Sommer für berufstätige Eltern mit dem Evang. Kindergarten Arche Noah
Foreign languages German, English, Polish, Russian
Denomination evangelic
Specially educational concept child oriented education, inclusion, partially open concept, Situation orientated approach
Extras care with lunch

Current information


The Evang. Kindergarten Regenbogen works according to the concept of a partially open kindergarten. This is shaped by the image of the child as an actor and self-designer of its development.

  • Every child is unique.
  • Every child has an inner drive to grow.
  • Every child has their own way of understanding and learning.

The team sees itself as a companion to the development of the child. Impulses, offers and a challenging environment in the day-care center are oriented towards the development and the questions of the children.

The main topics of the institution are:

  • Including education
  • Children's world is a world of movement
  • The nature and - forest education

We offer freedom and decision-making possibilities and thus promote the childish quest for independence. We encourage children to follow their own needs and take more and more responsibility for their own learning and satisfaction.

On our homepage - www.regenbogen-puchheim.de - you will learn everything about the design of the facility. Just make sure you stop by. We look forward to welcoming you.


There is material in each room, e.g. for puzzles, stick games, play dough, painting and handicraft tables. A gallery in the room invites you to hide. Furthermore, there are various play areas in the group room, which serve as a retreat for the children. In the hallway you will find a large construction corner, the most diverse material and offers a table for painting. In the adjoining rooms we have created different workshops: a studio, fairytale forest, upholstery room, library .......

Outdoor Facilities

The large garden offers plenty of space for all children. Old trees, a climbing frame, a slide, and a swing and three small wooden playhouses, the Knight's Castle, offer the children the chance to romp, try out, gymnastics, climbing and games.

Daily Schedule

7.00 clock opens the kindergarten - the early morning service takes place alternately in all group rooms
7.30 am Snack is served
8.00 am the other group rooms open
8.45 am closes the door, the educational core time begins
9:00 am the morning circle begins
approx.                                                                                                                                                                            9.20 am free play time
• The core groups open
• The game rooms are being expanded
• project-oriented time
11.15 am the house is cleaned up - now all the children go into the garden
12.30 pm the lunch starts.
12.45 pm the pick up time starts without lunch
13.00 pm the house opens and all rooms and garden are available for play about                                                          15:15 pm we go out                                                                                                                                                         16:45 pm the house and the garden is cleaned up again
17.00 pm the day is finished - the kindergarten closes


In the gospel. Kindergarten Rainbow meals are taken such as breakfast, lunch and afternoon bread. In order to promote the nutritional habits of the children, it is important that the child receives a balanced, varied and healthy breakfast and afternoon bread.

In addition to eating, it is also important to us that the children develop their independence. They cover the tables in turns, they draw on themselves and decide how much and what comes to their plate.
For the children who are cared for in our facility at lunchtime, we offer a balanced lunch prepared for us by a catering service from the surrounding area. When choosing the menu, we naturally pay attention to allergies and intolerances as well as to religious and cultural aspects in the education of our children.

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Every child is an individual It wants to be taken seriously in its individual personality, to be respected and to feel accepted with all its strengths, weaknesses and possibilities. It wants to be accepted and promoted.

“So that I feel good, I need a companion who is genuine, open and fair to me - I want to be able to make decisions myself - make friends - be able to play and argue with them. I want to become strong so I can withstand arguments and have the opportunity to make mistakes. I need someone who listens to me. "

Children need positive self-concepts. Self-concepts develop from the experiences the child has with regard to their physical abilities and actions. These are the foundations for gaining further vital skills. Promotion of children must be tailored to a high degree to individual conditions. Every child has different requirements. We give every child, we do not exclude any, the opportunity to develop according to their inner rhythm, since the focus is on raising them to be independent and responsible, as well as being oriented towards the individual needs of every child.



Strong daycare centers promote strong employees. Well-trained employees create the best possible education, care and upbringing for the children. In our kindergarten, skilled workers (educators) work together with supplementary workers (nannies) in group work. We also see ourselves as a training center for social professions. Every half year we train 2 apprentices in the field of state-approved educators or in the field of childcare workers. Regular training and further education are part of quality work. Supervision and coaching are firmly integrated into our everyday work. We are taking part in the state ministry's model experiment on educational quality support.

We are supported by the early intervention center of Kinderhilfe and the advisory service for day-care centers. We are happy to offer internships to young people in vocational training in the social field or in professional orientation. Well-trained employees support strong children.


Quality Assurance

The capacity utilization of the facility depends primarily on the quality of the educational work. Work in a day-care center must be based on the generally recognized scientific knowledge of pedagogy and regularly checked for quality. Documentation and evaluation are instruments of quality assurance. The work is continuously evaluated and the concept is further developed. In addition, constant case discussions, individual and team discussions, supervision, advanced training, qualified preparation and dealing with specialist literature ensure the high quality of the educational facility. The facility has been successfully participating in the pilot project for educational quality support since 2016. The qualifications and personality of the specialist staff are important in order to be able to competently support children in their development and parents in their educational tasks. We also welcome trainees from specialist academies, childcare schools and all secondary schools. In addition, the educational team regularly qualifies in the overarching working groups on the following topics:

- Inclusion / intercultural competence

- Educational quality support

- certified Language education / language promotion

- certified child protection

- Perental work Supervision / case handling

- Comunication training


  • A close cooperation with the community of Puchheim distinguishes us. Years of cooperation have resulted in a high level of trust. The city of Puchheim takes care of the building maintenance.
  • We are in regular contact with the Fürstenfeldbruck District Office - kindergarten supervision. They come at regular intervals and check whether we are complying with the regulations. The concept is to be presented there. It is a prerequisite for us to be paid the subsidy.
  • We work closely with children in Fürstenfeldbruck. Children with developmental delays can receive interdisciplinary help there. The parents are advised and supported by Kinderhilfe. At the same time we can get advice there. The facility managers of all day-care centers meet several times a year. There is a regular exchange about upcoming topics and future-oriented work. The registration of the new children is completed every year with a comparison. An attempt is made to take into account the wishes of the parents and to implement them.
  • There is also contact with the educational counseling centers in the Fürstenfeldbruck district. The psychologist comes to us on request. The Bavarian State Association Evang. Daycare facilities provide specialist advice. We are a member of the association and can contact our dean's office for help if problems arise.

Teamwork with school

A successful transition to school is a cooperation between kindergarten and the responsible school in order to make the transition easier for children and parents. In many different activities the children get to know their school and teacher. The rector visits us once a year to get to know the new school starters beforehand. In July the children are invited to school and can take part in the first grade classes. School enrollment parents evenings together Fully in shape for preschoolers at the school on Gerner Platz Reading hours for 2nd grade students at the South School forest days together with the school south School visits at all primary schools in Puchheim Swimming with 3rd grade

Teamwork with parents

A central wish of parents is that the educational work is based on the life situation and the needs of the child: The focus should be on their well-being. That is why parents attach great importance to talking to the educators about their child. In addition, they have personal wishes and needs that the kindergarten should take seriously. For an educational partnership between employees and parents to succeed, open and trusting cooperation is required. Getting to know each other and admission interviews Development talks Observations Preschool talks celebrating festivals from the church's annual cycle, parents' evening Door and angel talks Successful information transfer - diaries of the groups, emails, letters from parents annual parent surveys The parents' council is the most important link between the parents of the children in care and the team at the facility. The facility currently has 6 parents' councils and their representatives, which are elected by the parents at the beginning of each year. We meet regularly every 10 weeks and exchange ideas. The planning, implementation and reflection of actions are a main part of the work. Furthermore, conceptual work of the facility is always a topic. It is also important to us that parents use the parents' council as a point of contact for their concerns. There is also the possibility of contacting other parents' councils and entering into collaborations.

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In our educational work, a large part of the educational work takes place through learning workshops.

* Children actively shape their learning process

* Children can and should bring their own ideas into the learning workshops

* Children help decide what they want to learn, what interests them, what they like to do

* Offers take place in different areas and rooms.

* Children can discover different material and research and experiment with it

* Every child has the opportunity to visit all learning workshops

* Accompaniment by the adults (decision for younger children)

* Movement workshop * Music workshop * Nature workshop

* Lion workshop - preschoolers


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We warmly welcome every child and family to our home. Admission to our house can take place when the child is 2.6 years old. As a matter of principle, only children who have their main residence in Puchheim are admitted within the framework of the available places. Free spaces are available for which there are no occupancy rights. If there are still places available, in consultation with the City of Puchheim, places may be given to children from other municipalities. If families come with children with special needs, we are open to this situation. There is a solution for all situations. What the solution will look like will be clarified in various discussions.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 25/11/2022 09:38:07)
Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 25/11/2022 09:38:07)

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