BRK Kindertagesstätte Waldläufer Pleinfeld

BRK Kindertagesstätte Waldläufer Pleinfeld
Schelmhecke 19a
91785 Pleinfeld
Funding authority
BRK Kreisverband Südfranken
Rothenburger Straße 33
91781 Weißenburg
091442466092 (Annika Eitel)
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysUnsere Schließtage variieren je nach Bildungsjahr zwischen 25-35 Tagen
Specially educational concept nature education, Situation orientated approach, Wood-Pedagogy
Extras Child care for physical education, Integrative facility, language education

Current information


That's what makes us special:

"Nature is as essential for children as good nutrition.

It is their ancestral development space" (Renz-Polster/ Hüther 2013, p. 9).

Nature-based pedagogy - Being physically active in nature, playing with natural materials and experiencing and discovering nature with all the senses, this is an integral part of the daily routine.
The garden and forest are an integral part of our educational space.
Movement education - giving the children the opportunity to live out their natural innate urge to move every day.
BNE - Education for sustainable development - setting sustainable impulses
Inter-group work - kindergarten and crèche
Changing pedagogical projects as well as situational offers based on the wishes and interests of the children.
Preschool work adapted to the respective needs
Recurring routines and rituals offer the children security in everyday life
Educational partnership: The well-being of the child is always the focus!
We want to give children what they need for a stable relationship, education and development.



Our daycare center is currently located in the premises of the BRK Bereitschaft Pleinfeld. Containers have been provided on the premises for the daycare area.

Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor facilities:

Sand playhouse
Observation corner for bugs and small creatures
Children's seating
Mud kitchen (we would like to build in cooperation with parents)
Mud building site 
Movement building site with tires, sticks, ...
Climbing and climbing facilities made of wood 


Forest area:

A certain forest and meadow area is available for the children of our kindergarten, which can be seen under 1.5. 
The children only move as far away from the caregivers as possible so that they can always see them. The daily routine and the important behaviors for the children are defined by a precise set of rules.
The area that is used as a play and discovery space is discussed in detail with the children and also made visible to the children through markings on the "boundary trees".

Daily Schedule

In order to make our work in the KiTa a little more transparent for "outsiders" and thus more understandable, we now want to create a scheme for a daily routine kindergarten.
Of course, this "sample day" is only one possibility of how a day in the KiTa can look.

Daily schedule kindergarten
07:00 - 08:30 Bring time
08:30 - 09:00 morning circle (can also take place in the forest)
09:00 - 09:30 snack time
09:30 - 12:00 Free play time / Offers / Projects / Forest and nature projects
                    Preschool work
12:00 - 12:30 Lunch
12:30 - 13:00 Pick up time
13:00 - 13:45 Relaxation time / free play time for the short bookers
13:45 - 14:00 Pick-up time
from 14:00 Free play time / learning workshops / projects / forest and nature time
15:30 - 16:00 Last pick-up time

Daily schedule day nursery
07:00 - 08:30 Bring time
08:30 - 09:00 Snack time 
09:00 - 09:30 Morning circle / changing diapers 
09:30 - 11:15 Free play time / offers / projects / forest and nature projects
11:30 - 12:00 Lunch
12:15 - 12:30 First pick-up time 
12:00 - 14:00 Story reading / relaxation time/sleep time
14:00 - 14:15 Pick up time
14:15 - 15:30 Free play time / learning workshops / projects / forest and nature time
15:30 - 16:00 Last pick-up time



If you would like your child to receive hot lunch, you must register with Kitafino. 
It is the parents' responsibility to register their child and transfer funds to the account of Kitafino account.
Children who do not attend hot lunch will bring snack from home.

Cost for the warm lunch:

Kindergarten child:     3,30€
Crèche child:               3,00€

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Offered care types at Nov 29, 2022:

Kind of carecount integrated places
 Krippenbetreuung für Kinder zwischen 1 - 3 Jahren
0 Places
 Kindergartenbetreuung für Kinder zwischen 3 - 6 Jahren (ggf. auch früher nach Absprache)
2 Places


Movement education

The urge to move is innate in children. But unfortunately, it is all too often suppressed. Instead of climbing trees, playing soccer or racing with friends outside, girls and boys in today's age sit in front of the TV or computer. Sufficient exercise is vital to a child's healthy development.

Exercise in the fresh air promotes children's physical well-being and their ability to concentrate and perform.

Every day we explore nature, our garden, the forest and the surrounding area with the children to give them the opportunity to live out their natural urge to move, to test their limits and to understand and experience themselves and their environment with all their senses.

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Our team introduces itself

Annika Eitel, Fachkraft für Kitas, Hausleitung und Gruppenleitung Kiga

Julia Mayer, Kinderpflegerin Kiga

Yvonne Haas, Erzieherin und Gruppenleitung Krippe

Viktoriya Gilch, Kinderpflegerin Krippe


Our nature-oriented daycare center gives the children access to the forest and nature from an early age. The proximity to the forest, on the street "Beim Sägwerk", directly at the crossing to the street Schelmhecke enables us to make regular trips there.

The large garden with about 680 square meters is a nature and experience space for the children and invites them to romp, play, discover and explore.

The children learn to deal with the seasons and the different weather conditions, as the garden as well as the forest is an integral part of our educational space.

In the forest, the children can experience their environment intensively with all their senses, experiencing it as irreplaceable and vulnerable. Through this intensive experience, they develop a sense of ecological responsibility.

Education in the sense of sustainable development is of outstanding importance today. Through our nature-oriented kindergarten, we enable access to the forest and nature from an early age, because a large part of our day takes place outdoors, both in sunshine and in wind and weather.

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Every day we are accompanied by various offers and projects.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 19/07/2022 12:35:33)

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