Städt. KTE Stemmersberg

Kinder ab 3 Jahren bis zum Schuleintritt.

Städt. KTE Stemmersberg
Gute Straße 19
46119 Oberhausen
Funding authority
Stadt Oberhausen
Essener Straße 57
46047 Oberhausen
0208/661341 (Leitungsteam der KTE Stemmersberg: Sven Oymann und Annette Thimm-Meß)
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
late care4:30 PM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysUnsere Einrichtung hat 3 Wochen in den Sommerferien und über Weihnachten und Neujahr geschlossen. Die genauen Schließzeiten werden frühzeitig bekannt geben.
Specially educational concept child oriented education, daily routine language education, inclusion, intercultural education, partially open concept
Extras care with lunch, for children with special educational needs, full day care

Current information

From 17.07 - 04.08.2023 our facility will be closed in summer.


Our municipal child day care centre is open to all children- regardless of their social and cultural background.

The child day care centre provides equal opportunities and lively variety due to its wide range of educational offers and an intercultural and inclusive approach.

We consider parents as partners in our child day care centre. Their individual expectations and wishes are taken into consideration.

Our establishment offers 124 places in 5 groups.


We offer the following care periods:

25 hours, with a weekly opening time from Monday till Friday from 7:30 am till 12:30 pm.

35 hours, with a weekly opening time from Monday till Friday from 7 am till 2 pm. 

45 hours (all-day-care including lunch), with a weekly opening time from Monday till Friday for a maximum stay from 7 am till 5 pm. Therefore, the city of Oberhausen offers a care period of 50 hours a week.


You can find further information about the child day care centre on our homepage:

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