Kindergarten St. Markus

Kindergarten St. Markus
Eichenfeldstraße 36
90522 Oberasbach
Funding authority
Evang. Luther. Kirchengemeinde St. Markus vertreten durch den evang. Kita-Verbund Oberasbach
Markusweg 2
90522 Oberasbach
0911 / 66 9775 - 70 (Herr David Schmidt)
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysFreitag 07:00 - 15:00 Uhr geöffnet
Denomination evangelic
Specially educational concept child oriented education, partially open concept
Extras care with lunch


Our rooms are designed according to the so-called Würzburg model. This includes the following principles:


Experience security, security and stability

  • Stable constructions with environmentally friendly materials form the spatial structure. The individual components are integrated into the room and firmly connected to one another. The built-in components have no ostensibly decorative character, but are comprehensible constructions that are very resilient.
  • The balanced spatial structure and the coordinated color, shape and material should lead from "outer support" to inner support.
  • The positive design unit conveys security, stability and security.


Experience closeness and distance

  • Depending on their needs and individual interests, the children can integrate themselves into the community or withdraw. According to their personal needs, children can watch the activity in the room from a quiet corner or relax from play.
  • Small groups of children play undisturbed and concentrated, without being distracted by other activities in the room.
  • In the communication corner, the children experience the community of their own kindergarten group every day.
  • Our room design is therefore extremely important for the willingness to concentrate and perform.

Be active and calm down

  • Small corners, niches and caves create areas of retreat and areas of activity are deliberately highlighted: e.g. Work and painting area, building corner, kitchen corner.
  • The spatial situation stimulates to be self-active and to be creative. The children change the corners of the room according to their current play ideas and thus help to shape their environment.
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