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Neu-Langerwisch 26
14552 Michendorf
Funding authority
Gemeinde Michendorf
Potsdamer Str 33
14552 Michendorf
033205 / 466 43 (Frau Maguhn)
Opening times6:30 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysUnsere Schließzeiten finden Sie hier:
Extras care with lunch


The "Zwergenhof" day care center is located in the center of Langerwisch village. A former three-sided courtyard was expanded into a day care center and a community center. We offer loving and competent education, upbringing and care for 80 children from the age of 0 years until they start school. In the form of an individual familiarization, we enable you and your child to become familiar with the new environment, our educators and the daily routine. Our extensive outdoor area of the facility is surrounded by horse paddocks. Exercise in nature is very important to us in our daily work.

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Children have a natural need for and a right to education and development. We would like to accompany and support you on this path. They actively shape their educational processes by making contact with their environment and the people around them and discovering and exploring the world with all their senses. These educational processes take place in children primarily through play. When children play, they have the opportunity to try themselves out, to experience their own limits, to get in touch with others - children and adults. When children have the feeling that they are trusted and trusted, they gain confidence in facing the unknown and finding their way in new situations and constantly changing constellations. In this way, they experience their strengths and opportunities and, with the help of other children and adult caregivers, shape their own educational processes.

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