Wilhelmshorster Kinderhort "WiKiHo"

1. bis 6. Klasse

Wilhelmshorster Kinderhort "WiKiHo"
Heidereuterweg 1
14552 Michendorf
Funding authority
Gemeinde Michendorf
Potsdamer Str 33
14552 Michendorf
033205 / 21 373 (Frau Kothe)
Opening times6:15 AM - 5:15 PM o'clock
Closing daysUnsere Schließzeiten finden Sie hier: https://www.michendorf.de/images/_Soziales/kitas/Schlietage_2022_Hort_WiKiHo.pdf
Specially educational concept partially open concept, Situation approach


"Written in six letters, the place we love so much is WIKIHO-HO-WIKI-WIKIHO!"

(chorus from our Hortlied)

The children of the Wilhelmshorst day care center experience a social community with tolerance, respect, mutual appreciation, co-determination in day-to-day care, loving interaction and empathy. The Wilhelmshorst day care center is located on the school campus of the Wilhelmshorst primary and secondary school. The primary school area was rebuilt from 2010 and was handed over to its new use in August 2011. The direct cooperation between the two educational, educational and care facilities, coupled throughout the day, and the variable use of the various function rooms in both houses offer a wide range of opportunities for the children within the framework of the cooperation between the primary school and the after-school care center.


The common classrooms are used in the mornings for lessons and differentiated project work, in the afternoons they are available to the after-school care children for games, fun, exercise and for doing their homework.

Outdoor Facilities

All outdoor areas are used for after-school care and school offers, small group work, for creative support or as a retreat. The after-school care children have the opportunity to play outdoors every day, because the campus includes a spacious outdoor area with a large schoolyard, sports field and playground with interesting play and exercise equipment. The adjoining forest invites you to research, explore and play creatively with natural materials.

Daily Schedule

With the concept of “semi-open day-care work and situational approach”, the day-care children are actors in their own day-care center and are allowed to move freely throughout the school campus under the supervision of the pedagogical specialists. As part of this concept, the children have the opportunity to participate and organize their free time in a self-determined manner. We strive to promote the independence and autonomy of all children. During the supervised leisure activities, the educators offer a variety of creative activities every day and weekly offers in the "all-day" concept for the children:

  • "Fit as a fiddle"
  • "Creative design and decoration"
  • “We puzzle and experiment”
  • "The healthy kitchen" - intercultural cooking
  • "The Court Bakery" - intercultural baking
  • "Play, fun and exercise"
  • "Happy singing and making music"
  • "Flute tones" - AG flute for beginners and advanced
  • "The ball is round" - ball sports
  • "The Young Reporters"
  • "Artistic design with different materials"
  • "We relax" - children's yoga
  • "The Bookworms"


The Wilhelmshorst day care center also has a large pool of play and activity material for all types of activities and rooms on offer. Our annual highlights:

  • "We welcome the summer" - summer festival
  • "Autumn is colorful and windy" - autumn festival, kite flying
  • "European Championship in Wilhelmshorst" - football event
  • "World Championship in Wilhelmshorst" - football event
  • "Participate, imitate, do better" - sports event
  • "We drum to the rhythm" - drum event
  • "The Wilhelmshorst fools are loose" - carnival celebration
  • "It's very Christmas..." - Christmas party
  • "On the trees you monkeys, the forest is being swept" - cleaning up the forest
  • "Welcome to the WiKiHo" - welcoming the new day care children
  • "We explore Beelitz" - trips to the playground, barefoot path, old town
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Offered care types at May 31, 2023:

Kind of carecount places
200 Places

Holiday Care

During the holidays, the daycare children experience a varied program of the most diverse, differentiated activities, including our popular day trips to the areas around Potsdam and Berlin. The children are actively involved in the holiday planning and relax with joy, fun, exercise and relaxation in the school-free time.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 25/05/2022 11:49:28)

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