KiTa Gschlachtenbretzingen


1-6 Jahre

KiTa Gschlachtenbretzingen
Auchtstraße 4
74544 Michelbach an der Bilz
Funding authority
Gemeinde Michelbach an der Bilz
Hirschfelder Str. 13
74544 Michelbach an der Bilz
017692226271 (Samantha Hämmerle)
Opening times7:00 AM - 2:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysca. 22 Tage im Jahr
Specially educational concept partially open concept

Current information

Welcome to the Gschlachtenbretzingen day care centre...

Here you will find an open, committed and child-oriented team, who enjoy and are committed to the children's daily lives. We attach great importance to a good cooperation with the parents and a pleasant atmosphere. Our focus is on the children, who are cared for in two kindergarten groups between the ages of 3 and 6. We also have a crèche group with children aged 1-3 years. 

We work in the kindergarten with the partially open concept, which gives the children the opportunity to develop freely according to their needs. We also see the time spent in the home groups as an important asset for the children. The kindergarten groups and the crèche groups organise the celebrations together and we also offer the children visiting times in the crèche. In the age-matched groups, we have the opportunity to make specific offers with the children, adapted to their age and in smaller groups. 

Our door is open to every family, regardless of their background.

We look forward to receiving your childcare enquiry!

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