Hort/Mittagsbetreuung an der Grundschule II

Grundschüler von der 1. bis 4. Klasse

Hort/Mittagsbetreuung an der Grundschule II
Amberieustr. 11
86415 Mering
Funding authority
Frére-Roger-Kinderzentrum GmbH
Prälat-Bigelamir-Str. 22
86154 Augsburg
08233 2120904 (Frau Aunkofer)
08233 2120904 (Frau Aunkofer)
Opening times11:30 AM - 4:30 PM o'clock
Closing daysDer Hort und die verlängerte Mittagsbetreuung haben über Weihnachten, die zweite Osterferienwoche und drei Wochen im August geschlossen.
Weitere Schließtage werden rechtzeitig bekannt gegeben.
Denomination roman catholic
Specially educational concept open concept, project approach
Extras Integrative facility, care with lunch

Current information

Integrativer Hort:

- täglich bis 16:30 Uhr geöffnet, tägliche Kernzeit bis 15:30 Uhr verbindlich

verlängerte Mittagsbetreuung:

- täglich bis 16:00 Uhr geöffnet, Kernzeit zwei Tage pro Woche bis 16:00 Uhr verbindlich


Since September 2020, the Frére-Roger-Kinderzentrum in Augsburg has been responsible for running the center.

In our facility, each child is regarded as an individual with all its strengths and weaknesses and is accepted by us. The children in all groups are cared for, educated and encouraged on an equal footing.

Acceptance and appreciation are experienced and made tangible. All children benefit from the pedagogical competence in the area of integration. Consideration, tolerance and the assumption of responsibility for others are the foundations of our competencies in daily interaction with each other.

Children who require a place for integration are integrated into our groups - without making this visible to the outside world. In this way we avoid stigmatization. These children also receive additional support that meets their needs.


Dear parents,

with the following link you can have a look at our facility in a short video.

Have fun!



Our partner for lunch catering is Kita Catering Mödl.

The food is professionally delivered to the after-school care center in appropriate containers and served in the dining room. Due to the different arrival times of the children, meals are eaten in two to three stages.

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Children experience a family environment with us in which they feel comfortable and secure. Our staff lovingly take care of each child and respond to their individual stage of development. In the KJF daycare centers, children learn to treat each other with respect and consideration. We teach a clearly defined system of values and thus provide a protective framework in which children can develop freely.


The services offered by the KJF are part of a larger network that has been providing educational, school, therapeutic, psychological and medical assistance for many decades. This enables us to take an interdisciplinary approach and provide children and young people with holistic support and, if necessary, targeted assistance.

From daycare centers to rehabilitation clinics, from vocational training centers to family counseling - there is no other social enterprise that can cover such a differentiated portfolio.

Our common goal is to provide children, young people and families with advice and practical help in all situations.

We are well networked, both among ourselves and in our social area. We maintain a regular professional exchange with the neighboring school, the mobile help, the family support point south, the youth welfare office and many more, which ensures the quality of our work and constant professional development.

The interdisciplinary KJF offer also has advantages for our employees. They are in close exchange with other disciplines and thus expand their competence.

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