Ökumenischer Kindergarten Meißen

Betreuung u3 - 7

Ökumenischer Kindergarten Meißen
Berghausstraße 3
01662 Meißen
Funding authority
Ökumenischer Kindergarten Meißen e.V.
Berghausstraße 3
01662 Meißen
03521 737838 (Frau Sedlacek)
Opening times6:30 AM - 4:30 PM o'clock
early care6:30 AM - 4:30 PM o'clock
Closing days26.12.bis 30.12./
4 Fortbildungstage für das Team/
Denomination christian
Specially educational concept child oriented education, inclusion, nature education, open concept, open work, Reggio Emilia approach
Extras Integrative facility, care with lunch, full day care, parents association
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Current information


The ecumenical kindergarten has two groups with a maximum of 70 children. Integration places are reserved for five children. The facility is available to all children as an all-day facility.

On the ground floor of our house we accompany between 40 children in the colorful group in an age structure of three and a half to seven years. Three high rooms in manor house style with connecting doors serve the children as functional rooms, which are furnished accordingly.

On the 1st floor, 25 children between the ages of one and four are welcome in the Yellow Group. Three functional rooms with connecting doors are inhabited by them. In the rooms, the children will find building corners, reading corners, cladding corners, music corners, painting corners and movement corners.

These functional rooms are complemented by a studio, a large shared bathroom, a separate cloakroom and a terrace, which we also use for meals in the warm season. One of the functional rooms also serves the children as a bedroom.

Outdoor Facilities

Our park-like area has an area of 4500sqm. It is bordered by an alternating planting of flowering shrubs as well as fruit, berry shrubs, shrubs and additionally protected by means of a wooden fence designed by the children. The outdoor area was redesigned in 2004 according to suggestions from the children, parents and the team

Large, old trees provide shade in summer. A high, long mountain stretches through the middle of the terrain. Shrubs, small groups of bushes, hedges and hills offer a variety of play and hiding places for the children. Natural play equipment offers the children the greatest possible development of their imagination while playing. Furthermore, there is a children's workshop in the outdoor area for the realization of small construction projects and a children's tool shed, filled with various vehicles and play material for outside.


Daily Schedule





We offer three main meals and one snack in our facility. Breakfast is brought by the children to the daycare center. We provide milk from the organic farm Mahlitzsch, water, tea, juice and yogurt. We educators attach great importance to a healthy and vitamin-rich diet of our children. The use of products from the region is very important to us. Lunch is therefore delivered to us by the kitchen of the Social Projects in Meissen. In this way, we guarantee full-fledged, regional and seasonal food as well as short transport routes.

We prepare the vespers and snacks ourselves in our kitchen. Interested children have the opportunity to take over work steps and to participate in the preparation.

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Offered care types at Aug 19, 2022:

Kind of care
 Betreuung von Kindern unter 3 Jahren
 Betreuung von Kindern über 3 Jahren



For the sponsor, the institution is a complete work, which was created in his sense and with the implemented concept corresponds to his claim to childcare. The child-centered and religiously oriented work in the institution is the intended pedagogy of the supporting association.

The Christian education of children takes into account their respective life situations. It is an integral part of our holistic education and requires an atmosphere of trust in which the children can develop according to their abilities and interests and are enabled to act together.


The association "Ökumenischer Kindergarten Meißen e.V." joined forces in 1990. The intention of the association was the foundation of a Christian image of man supported by a Christian image of man. Day care center whose spiritual center is based on the gospel. The association is primarily formed from the parenthood of the day care center. This is supplemented by members who want to support the day care center ideologically. The sponsor is responsible for the concept, personnel, space and financing of the day care center. The first point of contact in the day care centre is the director. The joint continuous meetings with the carrier ensure a good flow of information.

In 2009, Alexandra Prinzessinzur Lippe took over the patronage of our house.

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Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 21/07/2022 14:55:22)

Description and Stations

Our "Ecumenical Kindergarten Meissen" is located in the right Elbe district of Bohnitzsch. This is a rural district at an altitude, with three smaller residential areas. By car as well as the bus lines C, 407 and 409 of the public transport our day care center is easy to reach.

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