Kita "Wasserspiel"

1-7 Jahre / 1-7 years

Kita "Wasserspiel"
Mannfeldstraße 19
01662 Meißen
Funding authority
Volkssolidarität Elbtalkreis Meißen e.V.
Körnerweg 3
01445 Radebeul
03521 7185633 (Frau Hertmanowski)
Opening times6:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Closing days2 flexible Tage im Jahr, sowie zwischen 24.12. und 01.01. des Folgejahres und in den ersten beiden Sommerferienwochen (Ersatzbetreuung kann beantragt werden)

2 flexible days per year, as well as between 24.12. and 01.01. of the following year and in the first two weeks of the summer holidays (substitute care can be requested)
Specially educational concept inclusion, Kneipp Kindergarten, nature education, Science/Project methods, Situation orientated approach, Wood-Pedagogy
Extras Barrier-free, Child care for physical education, Integrative facility, language education
Pets nein

Current information

Welcome to our kindergarten "Wasserspiel"!

It was opened in 2020 as a modern new building in a natural environment. The concept was created based on the pillars of Sebastian Kneipp. The examination for certification as a Kneipp day-care center will take place on July 8th, 2022. Our group rooms are large, bright and equipped with wooden toys, natural and learning materials. The natural outdoor area invites you to discover and offers plenty of space for parties and various activities. Among other things, there is a Kneipp pool, which is used regularly. Other highlights of our day care center are the cozy children's kitchen, the fully equipped creative room and the large exercise room.

Offered care types at Oct 2, 2023:

Kind of care
 Betreuung von Kindern unter 3 Jahren
 Betreuung von Kindern über 3 Jahren
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