AWO Kauferinger Sonnenkäfer

In unserer AWO-Kindertagesstätte Kauferinger Sonnenkäfer betreuen wir Kinder im Alter von 2 bis 12 Jahren innerhalb einer Gruppe. Wir leben Altersmischung in geschwisterähnlichem Verhältnis.

AWO Kauferinger Sonnenkäfer
Lechfeldstr. 40
86916 Kaufering
Funding authority
AWO Bezirksverband Oberbayern
Edelsbergstr. 10
80686 München
08191 966471 (Katja Kouknakis)
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysSchließzeiten für 2022

03.01.-05.01.2022 Neujahr
07.01.2022 Teamtag
28.02.2022 Team-Fortbildung
27.05.2022 Beriebsausflug
17.06.2022 Brückentag
16.08.-02.09.2022 Sommerferien
05.09.2022 Planungstag für 2022/2023
31.10.2022 Konzeptionstag
27.12.-30.12.2022 Weihnachten
Specially educational concept open concept, Situation orientated approach
Extras care with lunch, cooperation facility, full day care


Welcome to the AWO day care center Kauferinger Sonnenkäfer

In our AWO day care center Kauferinger Sonnenkäfer, we look after children between the ages of 2 and 12 within a group. We live a mixture of ages in a sibling-like relationship. The children who start school do not leave us, but continue to come to us every day after school has finished.

That is why it is particularly favorable that our facility is structurally integrated in the school building. Our children experience school right from the start, i.e. from the age of 2.

We “live” near the river Lech, whose surroundings with its meadows and forests we often visit to explore nature.

And we live near the company HILTI, with which we have a cooperation. This means that Hilti reserves fixed daycare places for its employees with us. The number of places is renegotiated every year. These places may then only be given to Hilti employees' children.

Have a look at us!


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Pedagogical focus

Our educational goals and our actions in everyday life in the day-care center are based on:

  • the educational and upbringing goals of the Bavarian Child Education and Care Act,
  • the contents of the Bavarian education and upbringing plan,
  • the guiding principles of the AWO District Association of Upper Bavaria and the AWO operating company »Soziale Zukunft gGmbH«,
  • the personal interests and needs expressed through play, behavior and questions from children.

We understand our educational mandate for the education, upbringing and care of children as an invitation:

  • To provide children with all the opportunities they need to both pursue their interests and expand their knowledge and skills,
  • to do this together with other children in a stimulating environment,
  • to offer the children the company of loving adults who support them and encourage them to do new things,
  • and to provide a safe, reliable and orientating framework for this.

Our educational goals are the basis for our focus:

  • We encourage the children to be interested, open and self-confident about new things.
    We do this through spaces and materials that encourage activity and experimentation in all areas (moving, researching and finding out, making music and singing, being creative, etc.) and which are constantly being changed according to the topics and interests of the children. The children are included and involved in this. At the same time, they should find the daily requirements or what they encounter in everyday life in the events of the facility.
  • The sense of responsibility
    We strengthen the sense of responsibility for the children's community and the common spirit.
  • The age mix
    The profile of our house for children between two and twelve years is primarily the mix of ages. The main pedagogical principle, especially with the mix of ages within a group, is learning from one another, learning through teaching.
  • Preserving nature:
    The children get to know nature and work to preserve it. On excursions, the children deal with tasks that they have set themselves (research questionnaire) and document their work in the facility using photos, painted pictures, and things that have been collected from nature.

The focus of the educational work is on perceiving the development of the children and their interests. Our pedagogical staff record these through observation and documentation and develop offers, projects and campaigns from them - with the participation of the children.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 25/05/2022 11:46:23)

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