Krippe Stadtwaldwichtel der IKJG

für Kinder ab dem 6. Lebensmonat bis zum 3. Geburtstag

Krippe Stadtwaldwichtel der IKJG
Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 26/28
35037 Marburg
Funding authority
Initiative für Kinder-, Jugend- und Gemeinwesenarbeit e.V. (IKJG)
Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Straße 16
35037 Marburg
015142027376 (Ines Weigel)
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
late care4:30 PM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysUnsere Gruppen sind 3 Wochen in den Sommerferien und zwischen den Jahren geschlossen. Hinzu kommen noch Schließtage für Fortbildungen und Konzeptionstage, welche am Ende jeden Jahres bekannt gegeben werden.
Foreign languages Arabic, German, English, Spanish, Persian, Armenian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Urdu
Specially educational concept daily routine language education, nature education, Situation orientated approach
Extras Barrier-free, Parents center, care with lunch, cooperation facility, family counseling, full day care
Pets keine

Current information


The sponsor of the nursery the "Stadtwaldwichtel" is a free youth welfare organization, the "Initiative für Kinder-, Jugend- und Gemeinwesenarbeit Ockershausen e.V. (IKJG). The nursery is an integrated offer in the local community work. We offer professionally pedagogical care and support in the sense of family-related childcare. Our opening hours are between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. The special thing about our nursery are the two different locations of the groups, which you will find on the one hand at Anne-Frank-Strasse 2 (Freie Schule Marburg) and on the other hand at Graf-von-Stauffenberg-Strasse 1a (Ev.Kita). This means that we are in direct contact with two of the daycare centers in the district.



The group "Füchse" is located at Anne-Frank-Straße 2 in the extension of the Freie Schule Marburg. It offers a generous space with three different levels and various incentives for movement and material experiences. The use of different rooms of the school (arena, movement room KiTa, outdoor area) is also possible by arrangement. The group has its own small garden with a movement element, a sandpit and various underground properties (lawn, gravel bed and path with safety surface)

The group "Waschbären" is located at Graf-von-Stauffenberg-Straße 1a in the extension of the Ev. KiTa. right now the group is in the converted caretaker's apartment until the "Füchse" and "Waschbären" move together in 2022 in our new family center. It has its own kitchen, a small bathroom with a changing table and toilet for toddlers, and a group room with a plateau. In addition, the crib has its own spacious garden with a large sandpit, old trees and flower beds.

Daily Schedule

7.00 – 9.00 o`clcok: Between 7.00 und 8.45 AM we are serving breakfast to the children. They arrive until 9.00 am.

9.00 – 11.00 o`clcok: We are starting our day with a morning circle to welcome every child, to sing and play finger games. Afterwards starts time to play freely. 

11.00 – 12.00 o`clock: We are eating lunch together. Afterwards we are changing diapers and are getting ready to take a nap. 

12.00 – ca.14.30 o`clock: During this time the children are taking a nap or are resting. 

14.30 – 15.00 o`clock: About the time we are eating an afternoon snack.

15.00 – 17.00 o`clock: The children can play freely during this time and we are going outside.

Until 16.50 o`clock the children should be picked up.


 All meals are freshly cooked in our modern and spacious kitchen. The children eat all together in the dining room.

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Offered care types at Sep 29, 2023:

Kind of care
 Krippe mit Mittagessen


The legal requirements form the basis for our everyday pedagogical work. The protection of children and their right to participate are particularly important to us. We regard the child as an independent, individual subject that has a right to be involved in decisions that affect them. With or- self-determination areas for children under 3 years result from the daily interaction with children and the sensitivity of the staff to questions such as: “Does this really have to be decided by an adult? Or is it justifiable to accept the child's opinion on this aspect? ”In this way, the question of the intensity and duration of the acclimatization period is decided according to the child's needs. The topics of sleeping, eating and diaper changing, i.e. the physical needs, can also be decided and designed together with the children. However, this not only requires an appreciative dialogical exchange with the legal guardians, but also the balance between care and autonomy. Participation does not mean  no rules and no limits. We reserve the right that children are swaddled in any case if there is a risk to the child's health or if there is a risk of furniture being damaged. When it comes to meals, too, the children should decide for themselves what and how much they want to eat. No child is pressured to try foods or finish their portion. Children whose sleep rhythm deviates from the daily schedule are given the opportunity to sleep at a different time. The children are only awakened from sleep for important reasons, e.g. if the afternoon nap has a negative effect on the night sleep. Basically, it is important to strive for age-appropriate participation, i.e. neither to overwhelm the children nor to undermine them.



Our facility is run by a colorful team of state-recognized educators with various additional qualifications. We are committed to bringing our life and work experience and our different strengths into everyday educational life for the benefit of the children. Interns in different training stages and from different types of schools complement and enrich our team. Interns can be accepted if they stay in the facility for at least six months in order to protect the toddlers from changing relationships too often. A successful flow of information is guaranteed through regular team meetings.



One staff member has been taking part in a Language Working Group since 2016, which provides continuous support for language development specialists. It is guided by the specialist advisory service of the "Marburg Sprachförderkonzept"  and takes place once a month in small groups. In this forum, training content is deepened so that the professionals receive regular further qualifications and can pass on their knowledge to the team.

Quality Assurance

We are usind different types of self and external evatulation: To develope our quality we use the " Nationalen Kriterienkatalog". The most important means of external evaluation are our formal complaints procedure "KARL" and the systematic observation of the children.


We are cooperating with:

- Freie Schule Marburg (School)

- Ev. KiTa Graf-Von-Stauffenberg-Straße (kindergarten)

- bsj Marburg

- Erziehungsberatungsstelle Ortenberg (educational counseling)

- Ergotherapie-Praxis Quiring-Hessel (occupational therapy)

- Dentist Mrs Dr.Kuppe

Teamwork with parents

Parents and professionals work hand in hand for the benefit of the child. We value legal guardians as experts for their child. For our educational work with toddlers, we need to know the family relations and the habits of the child. That is why we are always looking for a good exchange.

We offer opportunities for this

- in the admission and familiarization interviews 

- in door-and-hinge discussions

- in development talks

- and family afternoons.


The IKJG is based at Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Straße 16, in the immediate neighborhood of the "Füchse" group. The employees and department heads of the various offers have their place in the open-plan office, including the management of the Stadtwaldwichtel nursery. The rooms of the IKJG e.V. can be used for special activities, such as parties or parents' afternoons. In addition, the IKJG eV offers various formats that can be of interest to all families: These include, for example, the welcome café, which cheerfully welcomes newly arrived and newly born district residents, parent cafés on various educational topics, family cooking and various advisory services (social and debt counseling, Migration advice, advice on work and qualification, educational advice and educational assistance). There is close cooperation between the management of the nursery and "Frühe Hilfen" (footstep group, parent cafés).

You can find more information to all activities at

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 29/08/2023 11:40:03)

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