Kinderkrippe Baderhaus (teilweise Betriebsplätze der Fa. Siemens)

Wir bieten Plätze für Kinder von sechs Monaten bis drei Jahren.

Kinderkrippe Baderhaus (teilweise Betriebsplätze der Fa. Siemens)
Rotenberg 58
35037 Marburg
Funding authority
Marburger Eltern-Kind-Verein e.V.
Rudolf-Bultmann-Straße 2
35039 Marburg
064216907295 (Koordination Tanja Grote)
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
late care4:30 PM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysUnsere Einrichtung hat in den hessischen Ferien insgesamt fünf Wochen geschlossen. Die genauen Termine werden den Eltern rechtzeitig mitgeteilt.
Foreign languages English, Turkish
Specially educational concept livebased approach, partially open concept, project approach, Situation orientated approach
Extras care with lunch, company Kindergarten, full day care, parents association



Our daycare „Krippe Baderhaus“ opened in 2016 and offers places for 20 children aged between six months and three years – separated into two groups: the „Frechdachse“ and the „Bergwichtel“.

We are open monday to friday from 7.00 a.m. until 5 p.m. In the time interval of 7.00 to 7.30 a.m. maximal ten day care places are available.

We are located on the „Rotenberg“, at the northwestern edge of Marbach, approximately two kilometers away from the city centre.

Using public transport you can reach us at a walking distance from the bus stop Marbach-Kreutzacker (route 5, approximately 700m) or from the stop Elisabethenhof (route 20).

12-15 places are reserved for personnel at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostic Products GmbH. (The Siemens staff department can give you contact details of the person responsible for allocating those places.)

All interested families who live in Marburg can apply for the remaining places. 



We are lodged in an “old art nouveau mansion” and we are located at the area of the “Elisabethenhof”. The special conditions of this house could not be changed, so we had to incorporate the premises at our basic ideas and pedagogical organization of our daily routine and adapt them.

Downstairs you will find the two “group rooms”, which are arranged with care, creatively but also functionally, in order that your child can play and frolic around well protected, but also can find possibilities to retire to a place more quiet.

We want to offer your child a family-like atmosphere – wherever possible. In this context each group room is equipped with a little kitchen unit.

This makes it possible for the children to help the “early years educators” with activities of daily life, for example with setting the table or loading the dishwasher. Additionally the kitchen unit can be used to bake, cook or experiment.

Both group rooms are separated only by a door, which makes it easy for the children and the teams from both groups to work together when it is left open.

In this way it is possible for your child to get to know everybody at the “Krippe  Baderhaus” and decide independently and with self-efficacy, where and with whom they want to play, who shall read a book to them, who is allowed to give them a little bit of rest or closeness and who might comfort them.

(Because of the regulations concerning the corona pandemic mixing of children or personnel from two groups is not allowed. But as soon as this is allowed again, we will implement those ideas of “open work” again.)

Because of the young age of the children we care for, they also have the need for security, parameters and possibilities for withdrawal beside all the openness, flexibility and participation. This can be offered very easily by just closing the door. So the groups may work in a calmer atmosphere.

As already described in the article “daily routine” the team will always decide according to the well-being of the children and their individual needs, if they will work “open” or “closed” at that day. We always try to reach a suitable ratio between flexibility plus the possibility for the children to explore their environment independently and the offer of a daily routine, security and quietness in well-known, familiar surroundings.

On each floor of the Baderhaus you can find a “children`s bathroom” with facilities for washing and nappy changing and likewise small toilets, which enable us to offer the children the option to choose between having their nappy changed and using the toilet.

Upstairs there are two individually arranged “sleeping rooms”, which ensure that each child can have a peaceful after-lunch nap – respective the specific needs and preferences.

Upstairs you`ll also find our “Aufwachraum”. After the naps this room will be used for the children to get fully awake in a peaceful atmosphere. They can cuddle with each other or with the early childhood ecucators, enjoy the closeness of the familiar caregiver or play with quiet toys or books.

The stairs between the two floors must be overcome many times each day. This is very helpful and can contribute to learning naturally how to climb the stairs. In this way the motoric skills of your child will be promoted playfully and easily.

Each room in the “Krippe Baderhaus”, that is used by the children, is designed for exploring, moving and relaxing.

Our aim in designing the rooms the way we have, is to offer your child possibilities for social interacting and to daily motivate them to discover new things and try them out.

Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor area

Our outdoor area invites each child to run free, to cavort and to dash around with suitable wheelers. We have a sandbox and a mud pit, to offer the children a variety of sensory experiences – e.g. digging, playing in the mud and experiencing the sand with all their senses.

A “willow tent” for hiding, a slide and a modeled grassy landscape round out the outdoor area. For your children they offer additional motoric challenges in a really playful way, e.g. training of balance and coordination.



Daily Schedule

Daily routine

Our daily schedule has a suitable ratio between flexibility and variety as well as routine. Its aim is to give maximum support to you as parents as well as to your child in your individual needs, but also to provide you and them with security and support through fixed parameters and keypoints.

Fixed times for eating and sleeping, a structured daily routine and the recurrent “celebration” of seasons and festivities, are conducive to your child`s well-being and accommodate their need for safety, routine and rites.

You will get to know the details of our daily routine before your child starts at our daycare in a talk prior to your child`s admission (“Aufnahmegespräch”).




We offer your child (– at our “Krippe Baderhaus” – ) a daily full board, which includes breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack as well as all the beverages.

The daily lunch is prepared and freshly cooked at our “Kinderhaus Froschkönig” which is nearby and is delivered to the Baderhaus. (All the other foodstuff is delivered to the Baderhaus, too.)

Our kitchen cooks according to the guidelines of the „Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ernährung (DGE) (German Nutrition Society). In order to additionally maintain the high qualitative standards of healthy nutrition, our kitchen staff has been certified as “Genussbotschafterinnen”  (pleasure ambassadors) by the “Sarah-Wiener-Stiftung” (Sarah-Wiener-Foundation) after appropriate further training. They regularly participate in the “Arbeitskreis Köch*innen in Marburg” (working group of cooks in Marburg). In addition, in cooperation with the “Arbeitskreis Jugendzahlpflege (AKJ) Marburg-Biedenkopf” (Youth Dental Care Working Group) and the “Marburger Mini Modell" (Marburg Mini Model) we follow the guidelines of the “Zuckerfreien Vormittag" (Sugar-Free Morning) and implement it in our institution.

We obtain most of our food from organic suppliers, always making sure that the goods are purchased regionally as well as seasonally. By using a wide variety of spices and herbs, the children are offered the greatest possible variety of tastes. The use of salt and sugar is kept to a minimum.






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Offered care types at May 30, 2023:

Kind of care
 Krippe mit Mittagessen



Our aim at the „Krippe Baderhaus“ is to give support to you for the upbringing, education and care of your child.  

In accordance with the „Hessischen Bildungs- und Erziehungsplan“ we want to encourage your child´s individual needs and interests but also enable them to become a part of a community.

Based upon contemporary pedagogical principles we want to open the chance for your children to gain experience within and beyond our „Kita“.  

We want to be constant companions, intimates and inspiring examples for them and always treat them with empathy, appreciation, unconditional approval and authenticity.


Purposes of our work

The „Baderhaus” should be a place your children love to go to, where they feel safe and secure, where they can experience reliability and structures, and which hopefully becomes a kind of „save haven“ for them .

All the children, who come to our „Kita“ are appreciated as independent, self-determined and self-effective little personalities. We would like to help them to let these competences grow, so that eventually they are able to cope with different aspects of life self-sufficiently.

We really want to encourage them to be cheerful, interested and curious, to explore their skills and their environment with a lot of creativity. They should be able to spot the daily things of life with a lot of joy and learn to overcome adversities of life with good resilience.

We want to take care that your child will have space, time and our support to develop its own potential, to get to know its personal skills and needs and to have the courage to experiment with everything that comes to face them in their further lives.




The team

In order to deploy our personnel need-based and effective and to meet the actual requirements we have flexible working hours.

We feel that further trainings in accordance to the “Hessischen Bildungs-und Erziehungsplan” but also to the individual interests and resources of our “Erzieher*innen – (Early years educators)” are an important part of our work. Likewise regular supervisions and team meetings, which help to form a well-working, effective team.

Issues as team development, pedagogical principles and attitudes and additional qualitative aspects of our work are as important as the daily routine and developmental psychology. Only the synergy of all these components can built a successful educational environment for your child.

The team is sure that the role they play as pedagogical personnel should be a close caregiver for your child – with a lot of sympathy and appreciation.

It is very important to us to continually discuss our “Bild vom Kind (image of the child)” and our understanding of education.

We want to meet your child as educatinal partners, whose pedagogical attitude is characterized by the knowledge that every human being has skills and abilities to develop and that very young children already are endowed with basic life skills when they are born and are social beings with differing potentials for learning and development.

Your child can experience its environment proactive and “ko-konstuktiv” in the context of a learning society.

We have no traditional head of the daycare. Upcoming decisions will be discussed, clarified and eventually made collaboratively and autonomously by the whole team.

Some of the directive and administrative activities are taken on by the “Koordinatorin”. She is the contact person between team, the field office, the parents and the partner companies.


Teamwork with parents

Parental work

As the provider of the “Krippe Baderhaus” the “Marburger Eltern-Kind-Verein (EKV)” has been founded 1971 to give parents and their children a better quality of child care.

Today the “EKV” offers childcare institutions all around the city of Marburg. They care for approximately 180 children aged six months until six years.

At all child care groups of the “EKV” the parents are organized with a right to a say and with the possibility to assume responsibility.

(For further information please go to

At our Krippe Baderhaus” we work permanently and actively to harmonize the ideals and requirements of our provider with the conditions of a “betriebsnahe”– i(close to the companies)” institution. (It should be promising, useful and positive for all parties involved.)

The building of a successful “Bildungs- und Erziehungspartnerschaft“ with you as parents is uppermost in our mind. It is very important for us to work trustfully, amenably and on eye level with you - the most important person of reference for your child.

Manifold opportunities to talk together are very relevant for a well-working relationship. For example before you start the childcare we have the “Aufnahmegespräch” which helps us to get to know your child and gives you the opportunity to ask as many questions about us and our work as you like.

Daily “Tür- und Angelgespräche” to exchange information about your child`s experiences at home and at our “Baderhaus” are as significant as the routine “Entwicklungsgespräche” (approx. twice a year).

We really want to encourage all parents to communicate feelings of concern just as all your wishes, suggestions and problems, so we can discuss these things and come to quick and constructive solutions.



The “Baderhaus” as a place of development

At our institution each little “Frechdachs” and each little “Bergwichtel” will be seen as a protagonist of their own development.

In everyday life at the “Baderhaus” the children can explore their environment with curiosity and their own impulses.

Experimenting with things of daily life, creative crafting, action in the house and the garden, trips into the natural world and the proximity, e.g. meadows and fields or the castle grounds, baking and cooking are things your child can experience at our “Baderhaus.” But likewise they will have time to relax, to cuddle, to get books read out, to sing, to dance, to experience bursting bubbles, yoga or experiment with elements of nature.

For us it is of utmost importance to see each child in its individual state of development.

We are patient and take your children and their individual needs seriously. As far as it is possible we let them participate in our decisions. Our activities and offers are guided by your child`s individual and developmental-psychologically skills and needs.

We neither want to overwhelm them nor to demand too little from them.

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The team of the nursery Baderhaus is very pleased that after the restrictions of the corona pandemic, we can again open the doors to all interested parents, grandparents, relatives and friend. 

The next "Open House" will be held on Tuesday, June 13, 2023 at 4:00 pm, to which we cordially invite you. 

We will start with a guided tour of the facility at 4:00 pm. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions. (Punctuality is requested).

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 24/05/2023 14:56:10)
Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 24/05/2023 14:56:10)

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