Kindertagesstätte Liebfrauen

Krippengruppe 1-3 Jahre 2 Kigagruppen 3-6 Jahre

Kindertagesstätte Liebfrauen
In der Badestube 15
35039 Marburg
Funding authority
Katholische Pfarrgemeinde Liebfrauen
Großseelheimer Straße 10
35039 Marburg
0642144443 (Hilka Kronstedt)
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Extras care with lunch
Pets keine


Our facility is located on the lower Richtsberg in a residential area with little traffic and borders directly on a wooded area.The three-group facility has two playgrounds for children from toddler age. The facility cares for children aged 1-6 years. The crèche group has been in existence since 2005 and offers space for 10 children from 1-3 years of age. In the kindergarten area there are two groups, each with 20 children aged 3-6 years.


In the daycare center there is a spacious play hall and movement room with a play level and slide.The movement room offers opportunities for climbing and building with play elements.Many materials for rhythm and music are available.The group rooms are bright and friendly and have a high degree of stimulating character through many play areas, 2nd level and a variety of play and craft materials. The groups are child-friendly and offer retreat and stimulate the development of children's needs.The nursery group has a separate bedroom and a spacious playroom with direct access to the garden.An alternative room is used for small group work such as language development and preschool work.A book lending service in the entrance area offers families access to literature.

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Outdoor Facilities

Our children have a wide range of play, climbing and exercise opportunities through two differently designed playgrounds. A large sandbox with a mud table and a separate climbing area with a tunnel slide invites the children to play all year round. Vehicles and movement materials enliven the play landscape and create many opportunities for contact. The neighboring playground enriches our offer, especially in the U3 area.

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Daily Schedule

We attach great importance to a structured daily routine with a balanced relationship between play, movement and relaxation units. Shared meals have a family component and offer peace for the conscious and enjoyable handling of food. A common morning circle, common reading times and time for movement and circle games are an integral part of the routine and provide the opportunity for exchange within the framework of everyday integrated language education. Many handicrafts and theme-related activities prepare the children in the area of fine motor skills for the requirements of everyday school life in a playful way. Fixed gymnastics times train gross motor skills and body awareness. Once a week, both Kiga groups meet and start the week with Bible stories and Christian impulses.


Shared times at breakfast, lunch and snack enrich the children through contact opportunities and a quiet, family atmosphere.The conscious handling of food and the enjoyment of eating is in the foreground.Lunch is delivered externally.The sugar-free, chewing active morning underlines our focus on "dental health and nutrition". Sugar-free beverages in the form of organic milk, tea and water are served.

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Offered care types at Sep 29, 2023:

Kind of care
 Krippe mit Mittagessen
 Kindergarten mit Mittagessen


We give your children roots and wings

We are a colorful house and benefit from the diversity of the children with their many talents, gifts and experiences. We value appreciation, respect and integration of the many families with their different expectations. Our pedagogical work is focused on the well-being of the child. We accompany the children in their developmental phases and offer support and encouragement so that the children can develop their independence and personality. In the social-emotional area, we strengthen and support the children by offering structure, fixed reference persons and bonding opportunities.


Our facility has a good staffing ratio and ensures stable and qualified care.We try to ensure that the hours of care meet the parents, but also the children and their needs.


In the area of qualification, further education and training courses are firmly installed and enable the educators to gain new impulses and exchange experiences.

Additional Offerings

We are a certified daycare center with a focus on "language". Qualified professionals are on site to support the children in the area of everyday integrated language education. Small group work, preliminary courses and a special focus on language development support the daily work with the children.

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