Kindertagespflegegruppe: Lena´s Waschbärchenbande

Ich betreue Kinder von 0 bis zu 3 Jahren. Ein Rechtsanspruch besteht ab dem ersten Geburtstag. Des Weiteren muss eine Masernimpfung nachgewiesen werden.

Kindertagespflegegruppe: Lena´s Waschbärchenbande
Ernst-Lemmer-Straße 45
35041 Marburg
Funding authority
Stadt Marburg (KTP)
Gerhard-Jahn-Platz 1
35037 Marburg
0159-01356083 (Frau Meyer)
Opening times7:00 AM - 3:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysIch habe min. 25 Tage im Jahr Urlaub – dieser wir immer im Januar bekannt gegeben. Dazu kommen noch drei Fortbildungstage, die meist erst sehr kurzfristig bekannt gegeben werden können.
Extras care with lunch
Pets Ally unser Hund (Pudel-Lagotto-Mix) begleitet uns draußen und im Garten.

Current information


My name is Lena and I was born in Kassel in 1983. In 2000 I moved to Marburg. Here I live with my 3 children and my partner in a small townhouse in Marburg, Wehrda.

Two dogs and 2 turtles belong to our family.


There is a separate room for the daycare children, which is equipped to meet the needs of U3 children. Many things are made of wood, there are stacking stones and a music box, and of course beautiful picture books are not to be missed. There is a separate bed for each child.

Outdoor Facilities

Our garden is small but nice. Here you will find a large sandbox with mud kitchen, a playhouse, a small climbing tower with slide and a few vehicles and seating for young and old.

Daily Schedule

From 7 am your children can be brought and by 9 am everyone should be there so that we can start with a common breakfast (before breakfast there is free play time). After that we go out every day. Sometimes we go to the playground, sometimes to the forest or garden and once a week we meet with another childminder. At 11:20 we have lunch and then we take a nap. After nap, the children get another snack and are allowed to play inside or outside until everyone is picked up at 3 pm.


The morning is sugar-free. For breakfast there is fruit, vegetables, bread or rolls.

At lunchtime, fresh food is cooked every day - occasionally with meat (no pork).

For children who are not allowed to eat certain foods for religious reasons or because of intolerances, I am considerate and offer alternatives. The same applies to vegetarians.

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Offered care types at Apr 19, 2024:

Kind of care
 Kindertagespflege mit Mittagessen


I would like to go on a great journey of discovery with your child, introduce him/her to many things and awaken his/her curiosity. The goal is to become more independent, to gain more confidence in their own abilities. In doing so, I lovingly support the children according to the motto: "Help me to do it myself".


In the summer of 2022, I received my certificate for the basic qualification as a child day care worker and in October 2022, I then started with my first day care children.

Additional Offerings

In the spring, we plant a raised bed together, make trips to the market, playground, forest or sometimes to the Fleckenbühl farm. Every day we are out in the fresh air and observe what happens in nature at different times of the year.

We make our own music and build small pacours for ketterning. Of course we also knead, paint and do handicrafts.

Teamwork with parents

A good and open cooperation between parents and me is very important for the child and its development. We are in constant exchange through the so-called door and angel conversations and I offer all families to keep a portfolio. This creates trust and makes my work transparent and comprehensible.

The settling-in process takes place in five steps according to the Berlin Settling-In Model. Children under the age of three need some time to get used to a new caregiver. Therefore, the initial phase is calmly and individually tailored to the respective child and its parents. If the child is slowly moving towards kindergarten, we prepare for this together and read books about kindergartens and talk about them a lot.


We live right on the edge of the forest and we are there a lot on the road. On the walks Ally our dog accompanies us. Once a week we meet with another childminder and her children.

It is very important to me to always be at eye level with the children and to respond to their individual needs.

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Once a year, I would like to invite the daycare children and their families to a summer party or a lantern festival in Novemver. This is to encourage the children and their families to get to know each other.

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 care for children from 0 to 3 years. A legal entitlement to care in day care exists from the child's first birthday. Furthermore, a measles vaccination must be proven.

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Description and Stations

The district of Wehrda offers good bus connections. My day care center can be reached by bus line 1 and 4, the bus stop "Sachsenring" is about 100 m away from our front door.

If you come by car, you will always find a parking space in the surrounding streets.

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