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49393 Lohne
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Stadt Lohne
Vogtstr. 26
49393 Lohne
04442/ 886-5111 (Verwaltung: Frau Landwehr)
04442/ 886-5112 (Fachberatung: Frau Fössing)
04442/ 886-5113 (Fachberatung: Frau Bartel)
Opening times12:00 AM - 12:00 AM o'clock
Extras care with lunch, flexible care, full day care


What is day care for children? 

Child day care is a flexible, family-oriented care, upbringing and education of children mainly aged 0-3 years. For children from the age of three until the age of 14, day care can be used in addition to kindergarten and school. Child day care in Lohne takes place mainly in the home of the child day care provider and in the four large day care centers - the Abenteuerland, the Kinderparadies (two groups) and the Kindervilla. A daycare provider may care for up to five children at a time. In the large day care centers, two day care workers work together and care for up to 10 children at the same time. The care time is individual and is based on the needs of the parents. 

Child day care is a legally recognized form of care and is subsidized by the district of Vechta. 


The day care office

After a personal interview with the parents, the staff of the child day care office will find a child day care provider that fits the needs of the parents. In addition, they advise parents and child day carers in all matters concerning child day care. 


Are you looking for a child day care provider?

If you would like a place with a child day care provider or in one of the large day care centers, please contact the child day care office.


The opening hours of the Child Day Care Office are as follows: 


Mon. - Fri.: 08:30 - 12:30 hrs.

Tue. + Thu.: 14:30 - 16:00 hrs

Tel. 04442/ 886-5111


You can access further information on day care for children via the Lower Saxony Education Portal.

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