Waldkindergarten Landshut e.V.


Waldkindergarten Landshut e.V.
Neißestraße 43
84036 Landshut
Funding authority
Waldkindergarten Landshut e. V.
Neißestraße 43
84036 Landshut
Opening times7:30 AM - 2:00 PM o'clock
Closing days30
Specially educational concept Wood-Pedagogy
Extras Integrative facility, Pets
Pets 2 Hunde


Our kindergarten is on the outskirts of Landshut, between Schweinbach and Adlkofen.

We have three groups.

3-to-6-year-olds can join either the group „Bussarde“ or „Eulen“.

Our „Waldmäuse“ are a pre-kindergarten group for children between 2 and 3 years of age.

We are working based on the forest education approach.

In additition, two kindergarten dogs accompany the daily life of the kindergarten.



Our premises include:

A wooden cabin with wood stove and two construction trailers with gas oven.

Moreover there are shelter facilities in case of several weather warnings.

Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor Facilities

The children stay outdoors most of the day.

For this purpose, our kindergarten has several sites to stay, which perfectly stimulate different motor abilities:

-hills and slopes invite to climb and slide on

-earth, sand and wood chips offer possibilities for working, building and experimenting

-a stream encourages the children to experiment and experience the element of water

-the extensive area offers many forest paths for hiking and discovering

Daily Schedule

The „Eulen“ and „Bussarde“ parents can drop off their children between 07:30 and 08:30. The drop-off time at the „Waldmäuse“ starts at 08:30.

After a short free play time the groups start. The groups hold their morning circles in different places, depending on the weather, including elements such as: songs, finger games, games and counting the children.

Then the groups will have a joint late breakfast called „Brotzeit“ where the children eat their home-brought food. Afterwards, in addition to various offers such as carving, crafting, working, weaving, cooking, the free play time begins, in which the children can discover and experience the different elements of the forest.

In a short closing circle, the children share their experiences of the day and sing a final song together. Pick-up time for the "Waldmäuse" is 12:00, and the kindergarteners can be picked up between 13:00 and 14:00. 


The „Brotzeit“, a joint late breakfast where the children eat their home-brought food takes place after a short prayer and a nursery rhyme. Healthy food is considered important and sweets are generally not allowed in the kindergarten, with the exception of birthdays and other celebrations. 

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Offered care types at Oct 3, 2023:

Kind of care


Our peadogic focus is:

-movement and motor

-health and nutrition education

-art and aesthetics

-education on environmental and natural understanding


-music and rhythm

-language and literacy


Our staff consists of experts with various qualifications, such as:

pedagogical supervisor

staatlich geprüfte Erzieher/innen

Dipl. Sozialpädagoginnen

staatlich geprüfte Kinderpflegerinnen

auxiliary staff from various professions

interns from different schools

Additional Offerings



Our organisation offers a group called „Waldfüchse“ in which first graders and other pupils, up to fourth grade, can meet fortnightly on Wednesday afternoon.

This is an opportunity for former kindergarteners and “forest newcomers” to meet up with peers and continue the unique forest experience, but also a possibility to balance out school life.

Furthermore, from May to July there is the opportunity to participate in the play group once a week. This is aimed at children between 1 and 2 years of age who, accompanied by their parents, explore the forest.

Quality Assurance

In order to ensure quality, parental surveys are conducted every year. The evaluation and implementation of the results is also communicated to the parents.

In addition, parents’ and information evenings are held annually, in which pedagogical topics are explained and questions of the parents are answered.

Based on observational documents the state of the children’s development is discussed in an annual development talk. Together with the parents the educators are able to set realistic development goals for the children and take the time to acknowledge the children’s resources.



We work together with other institutions:

-youth welfare office

-other kindergartens

-retirement homes



-forest ranger

Teamwork with school

Since different school districts fall into the catchment area of our kindergarten, we always cooperate with several schools during a kindergarten year.

Teamwork with parents

Our organisation is a parental initiative and requires parental cooperation and motivation.

The association board consists of five parents (three board members, a treasurer and a secretary) and is re-elected annually. They run the business of the kindergarten on a voluntary basis and cooperate with parents, the educators and the parents’ council.

The parents’ council consists of at least five members, who are also re-elected annually and participate in the preparation and organisation of festivals, information booths and public relations. Both the association board and the parents’ council are contact persons for the parents’ concerns.

In addition, there is the “Waldmeister” group, in which parents interested in craftsmanship can participate. All parents are obliged to take on certain tasks. These include the cleaning of construction trailers and wooden cabin, “Rama Dama Days”, as well as involvement in festivals and day-to-day kindergarten.


We work according to the principles of forest pedagogy.

The forest kindergarten offers optimal prerequisites for a holistic education in which the children grow up to be relationship-oriented, value-oriented and creative people.

It is important to us to support and strengthen the children in their individual development, to support and strengthen their personality. The tranquillity in the forest and the handling of natural materials during the game offer a soothing counterpoint to the overstimulation and toy flood of our time. The urge to move can be quenched, at the same time the children can let their imagination and creativity run wild.

Another special feature of the kindergarten are our two kindergarten dogs. These are used in everyday life according to animal-based pedagogy.

The dogs give the children a feeling of closeness and a sense of security. Dogs take people like they are without prejudices and often serve as a "mouthpiece" between "two worlds". In this way, they can often help to understand the child better. In day-to-day kindergarten, the dogs are used, for example, in morning circles at certain games. The children also have the opportunity to perform small tasks such as leading, feeding, brushing and watering.


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Holiday Care

During the holidays, "former kindergarten children" have the opportunity to go with them on the opening days of the kindergarten on a daily basis.

Parental Interviews

Two parental surveys are conducted each year:

One from the association board, which deals with structures, satisfaction and wishes regarding the association system. The other one is created by the educators and contains pedagogical aspects as well as wishes and suggestions about kindergarten events.


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Children from the age of 2 years old are admitted to the “Waldmäuse” group. Children between 3 and 6 years old are admitted to the two kindergarten groups.

Sibling children, pre-kindergarten and playgroup children are given preferential consideration.

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Description and Stations

Coming from Landshut, turn right after the Sparkassenarena at the traffic lights, after about 500 m at the end of Schweinbach comes a sign on the right towards Attenkofen. Here you will find our pick-up and drop-off area, where parking is also available.

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