Kinderhaus Müzchen

1 Jahr bis Schuleintritt

Kinderhaus Müzchen
Schützenstraße 2
84028 Landshut
Funding authority
Familienzentrum Landshut e.V.
Schützenstraße 2
84028 Landshut
0871/ 96 54 92 83
Opening times7:30 AM - 4:00 PM o'clock
Closing days30 Tage im Jahr
Specially educational concept nature education
Extras care with lunch


Our day care center is compose of two groups, Minimüzchen (nursery) and Zipfelmüzchen (Kindergarten, Nature group). Together we can host maximal of 31 children. We accompany your child's development in a loving and familiar atmosphere. Positive emotional relationships make children feel secure and relaxed which facilitates learning.

We take the well-being of your child to heart.

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Your child will feel at home in our nursery. Our premises are divided into several rooms for them to enjoy. Recreation and sleep take place in the relaxation room. Children can release their energy  in the free play room. They can role play in many play corners situated in group rooms. Dinning room is used for targeted educational games like painting, hand crafts, puzzles, board games and using modeling paste.

Our Kindergarten children are welcomed in our own wagon. It can be heated, therefore provides a shelter from cold and rain, and serves all as a cozy retreat. Premises in ground floor of Famillienzentum are used by Nature group for lunches and quiet brakes.


Outdoor Facilities

Our garden offers various exciting play opportunities. A good equipped playground with high flower beds and flower pots is available for everyone to enjoy. Children can get in touch with nature by growing and harvesting herbs, fruits and vegetables.



Our lunch is supplied by a regional bio-catering service for children.
In the nursery, breakfasts is daily freshly prepared by our staff, and in the afternoon children are offered a healthy snack. In kindergarten, children bring breakfast from home 4 days a week.  A healthy breakfast option is provided on the remaining day in association with the "Schulfruchtprogramm".

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Offered care types at Dec 4, 2023:

Kind of care


We value exploration walks, experiences in nature and little trips. Nature brings out the best in us. Development of senses, motor activity, fantasy and creativity are strongly encouraged. We direct our attention to the divers and unique potential of every child and we accompany them on a journey of exploration and discovery.  Our goal is to give every child the foundation of  a healthy, self determined development, so that each of them can obtain important life skills.

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Children from all nationalities and religious backgrounds are welcomed at our daycare center.  Eligible for admission are children from the age of 12 months until they reach school admission age. Admission is dependent on the number of available places. In case when not enough places are available, they will be distributed in the following order of priority:

a: siblings of children currently attending our daycare center
b: children raised by single parents that are in employment
c: children raised by single parents that are not in employment
d: children raised by parents with special social-economical circumstances
e: children raised by parents in employment
f: children of board and council members of Familienzentrum
g: children raised by parents that volunteer and/or are engaged in the life of Familienzentrum

The eligibility must be proven in a suitable form by the parents. The time of registration is not taken into consideration.  The final decision about admission is made by management in collaboration with day care staff, based on social and educational circumstances.
Securing a place in a nursery does not secure a kindergarten place. We however give priority to children attending our nursery when assigning kindergarten places. In case when more nursery children are registered for Kindergarten than there are available places, the allocation will take place according to criteria listed above. Parents of children that wont be assigned a place will be informed via a letter. The general rule is that children are not longer eligible for a nursery place after 31st of August of the year in which they will turn 3 years old.


Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 28/09/2022 12:43:37)
Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 28/09/2022 12:43:37)

Description and Stations

By car: Schützenstr. 2, 84028 Landshut. Parking spaces are available outside the premises.
By public transport: Bus lines 3, 5, 6, 14, bus stop : Hauptfriedhof
                                 Bus line 7, bus stop Hauptfriedhof or Karlbader Str


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