Kindergarten St. Wolfgang

Kindergarten St. Wolfgang
Ebertstraße 18
84032 Landshut
Funding authority
Kath. Pfarrkirchenstiftung St. Wolfgang
Weilerstraße 12
84032 Landshut
0871/ 7 34 14 (Frau Gerlinde Sigmund)
Opening times7:15 AM - 4:30 PM o'clock
Closing days25 Tage
Denomination roman catholic
Specially educational concept daily routine language education, livebased approach, Situation orientated approach
Extras Barrier-free


The St.Wolfgang kindergarten is located in the Wolfgangssiedlung in the north of Landshut and is a Catholic institution sponsored by the St. Wolfgang Parish Church Foundation.  In our facility, up to 80 children are cared for by the educational staff.

The focus of our work is the child in its uniqueness and uniqueness. It is accepted and respected as it is. We support it in its development and look forward to accompanying it on a part of its life. Through our comprehensive education, parenting and education services, we complement family education and support parents in this responsible role.

Our team designs its work transparently. We are open and competent and work in partnership with the parents.


Our kindergarten has three group rooms with yes an adjoining room. Each group has a laundry room with toilets and sink. The cloakrooms are set up in the hallway.

The gymnastics and exercise hall is used by all groups, as well as the fairy tale room, the pirate room and the corridor area. This is always redesigned according to the interests of the children.

Other premises such as the office, staff room, equipment room, laundry room for adults and for each group a storage room are also available.

The generous distribution and the brightness of the rooms created an atmosphere in which all bear, pony and rabbit children as well as staff and parents can feel at ease.

Outdoor Facilities

Our outdoor play area invites children to run and climb. They can also retreat into corners or play in the sandbox. Motor skills are promoted by climbing frames, a balancing beam, the swing or the slide. With versatile game materials, the children can live out their urge to move.

Daily Schedule

+ 07.15 a.m. - 08.00 a.m. bring time, free spin

8 a.m. - 12 noon core time (free play, morning circle, snack, educational offers, free play time in the hall, lunch, projects, learning workshop, etc.)

12:30 - 13:15 p.m. pick up time in the bear group

13:00 - 13:45 p.m. pick up time in the Pony and rabbit group (or later until booked pick-up time)

1 p.m. - 4.30 p.m. garden play, singing and discussion group, snack, free play until the booked pick-up time


Lunch is provided by an EU-certified child caterer, who provides the children with regional, high-quality, child-friendly, fresh and balanced meals.

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Offered care types at Feb 23, 2024:

Kind of care


In our facility we attach great importance to the personal development of our children. The skills that they acquire in kindergarten and the values ​​that we impart to them should enable them to interact with other children and adults and to deal with their environment.

Our educational goals and services

The children like to go to kindergarten and feel comfortable in the community


  •     Child-friendly, varied daily routine
  •     Exciting interior design and a wide range of materials
  •     Fixed group membership (gives the child security and security)
  •     Regular group offers (e.g. welcome group)
  •     Pleasantly designed delivery and pick-up times

We give the child help to find themselves. Who am I? What can I?

  •     Diverse possibilities for free play (discover, try, imitate, invent, learn playfully)
  •     Encouraging educator behavior (gives the child security and warmth)
  •     Individual interviews and support (targeted observation)

The children experience Christian faith in the annual cycle

  •     Christian faith is exemplified and conveyed
  •     holistic experiences through religious offers
  •     Celebrate church festivals
  •     Acceptance and respect for other beliefs and beliefs

The children learn and recognize that certain rules are required for living together in the community

  •     Free game
  •     Cross-group play areas
  •     Group discussions in the welcoming group
  •     Festivals and Celebrations

The children expand their knowledge and acquire practical skills

  •     project work
  •     trips
  •     Small Groups
  •     School preparation measures
  •     experiments


In our house, the children are looked after by qualified specialists and supplementary staff.

Additional Offerings

The project "Discoveries in the country of numbers" is part of our pre-school education. The children experience the use of mathematics here as an enjoyable, valuable and achievable goal.

We also offer the "Listen, Listen, Learn" program, also known as the Würzburg training program. It consists of games and exercises that give the child an insight into the structure of the spoken language.

The preparatory course German, for children with German as a second language, includes additional language support from a specialist from the institution and a teacher from the primary school. The aim is to enable these children to take part in primary school successfully

Our facility also offers preventive support in cooperation with the Kinderhilfe Landshut. This offers e.g. Logo, ergo or physiotherapy, as well as special educational support in kindergarten.


There is a close cooperation with our pastor e.g. at parties and celebrations, as well as at parents' evenings.

We also work closely with our management, the Caritas Verband Landshut.

We also maintain contact with the following institutions: Parish of St. Wolfgang, Kindergartens in the area, Caritas Association Regensburg, Elementary School St. Wolfgang, Youth Welfare Office Landshut, Health Office Landshut, Police Landshut, Children's Aid Landshut, logo and occupational therapists in Landshut.

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Your child can register all year round via the Little Bird portal.

Have you already registered your child online? Then we would be happy to meet you and your child personally in our facility. You have the opportunity to do this every first Monday of the month between 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. Please register beforehand by phone!

Basically, we accept all children regardless of denomination and nationality. However, since the absorption capacity is limited, we consider the following criteria:     

  • Place of residence in the school district     
  • age of the child     
  • sibling already in the facility     
  • difficult social / family situations

As a rule, admission takes place at the beginning of kindergarten, i.e. in September when the big boys come to school. Children can also be admitted during the year if there are free places available.

Places for the next kindergarten year are allocated in February.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 23/02/2024 19:11:02)

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