Kindergarten Arche-Noah

In unseren vier Gruppen (Bären, Löwen, Elefanten, Delfine) bieten wir Platz für ca. 75 Kinder im Alter von 3 Jahren bis zum Schuleintritt mit und ohne erhöhtem Förderbedarf.

Kindergarten Arche-Noah
Wilhelm-Dieß-Straße 3
84032 Landshut
Funding authority
Diakonisches Werk Landshut
Gabelsbergerstraße 46
84034 Landshut
0871/ 93 56 78 (Dickert Andrea)
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:30 PM o'clock
Closing daysca. 25 Tage
(davon entfallen ca. 22 Tage in die Zeiten der Schulferien. Die restlichen Schließtage verteilen sich auf die Brückentage)
Denomination evangelic
Specially educational concept inclusion, partially open concept
Extras Barrier-free, Integrative facility, care with lunch, curative pedagogy facility, for children with special educational needs
Pets In unserer Einrichtung arbeiten wir mit dem Konzept der tiergestützten Pädagogik. Dabei unterstützt uns unser Hund Luna mit Ihrer Besitzerin Selina. Luna ist von Mo bis Donnerstag jeden Vormittag im Haus. Sie ist in der Löwengruppe beheimatet und kann aber im Garten mit allen Kindern spielen.


The Diakonische Werk Landshut e. V. deliberately decided to welcome all children. We want to empower children in their individuality and personal development and enable them to live together in society.


The free play and the garden experience and movement space are central cornerstones of our daily routine. Orientation to the Christian festival circle and cooperation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Resurrection are visible signs of our work in kindergarten.

Daycare places for the next kindergarten year (September) are allocated in February.

We have children with special needs together with other children in a kindergarten group. We understand integrative education as a process of giving and taking. In the common game, the children learn with and from each other. We are also supported by external therapists.


We would like to see each other for the benefit of the children and would be happy to talk to the parents. With us you will experience that your concerns are taken seriously, no matter how big or small. Transparency is an important part of our work. Regular exchange is therefore sensible and necessary.


Reflective work with intensive preparation and follow-up is an essential part of realizing our qualified educational work.


The kindergarten has four group rooms, each with an adjoining room. Each group room has a floor space of 65 square meters and an additional gallery, which increases the playing area to 80 square meters.

Further premises:

• Gym

• therapy room

• Two bathrooms, each with four toilets, sinks, a changing table and a shower.

• Human resources

• Office

• Warehouses and equipment rooms

In the hall area, the children have many opportunities for encounters such as a ball pool, construction areas, etc., which are constantly being changed during the course of the year.



Outdoor Facilities

The garden has a floor space of about 3000 square meters and is accessible from the entrance hall, as well as from each group room. The children can use the entire garden area of ​​the kindergarten. In addition to the movable playground equipment, the children have two sandpits, a bird's nest and a double swing, two climbing frames, a hill with a slide and a wooden house, a double rocker, a trampoline, stretching bars, two playhouses and a wooden ship.

Especially in spring and summer, the free garden area is used for specific gymnastics lessons.

Daily Schedule

The daily routine gives the children structure and security and is characterized by a harmonious change between free play, variety of movement, educational offers and periods of rest. Flexibility is possible despite fixed rituals due to situational needs of the children.

7:00 - 8:30 am Bring time and arrival of the children

8:30 - 11:30 am Morning circle, breakfast, free play time, educational offers, garden time, excursions, therapies, etc. v. m.

11:30 - 12:45 pm Lunch and fixed garden time

12:30 - 13:30 pm First pickup time

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm Rest for our full-time children

2:00 pm - 4:30 pm Pick-up time, free play time, smaller educational activities, snack, garden time


Nutrition is a core issue in our kindergarten. The common meals with fixed rituals are an important field of experience. In our facility we attach great importance to a healthy and balanced diet. The food brought in (breakfast and afternoon bread) should be prepared according to the taste of the child.

Drinks are offered by the kindergarten. The children can choose between still and medium water, tea, milk and different juice spritzers in consultation with the specialists.

As part of the school fruit and milk program, we receive every week fresh fruit, vegetables, milk and yogurt, which is available to the children every day.

Our full-day children will be provided with a balanced lunch following the AID food pyramid and cooked fresh every day.

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Offered care types at Mar 3, 2024:

Kind of care


In our facility, the children are looked after by well-trained and trained specialist staff:

State-certified educator with further training as a specialist for daycare management (facility management)

Remedial teacher State-certified educators (deputy management; group management)

Nannies (some with advanced training as inclusion specialists)

Interns from vocational schools

Additional Offerings

- Monthly forest day

- Additional offers for children in the last year before school: speech drawing (language support) and country of numbers (insight into mathematics)

- Annual visit by the dentist to promote prophylaxis

- Annual police and safety training for preschoolers

- 14-day reading hours by an employee of the library

- Participation in the school fruit and school milk program

- In cooperation with our primary school in St. Wolfgang, the weekly "preparatory course German" for children with a migration background and children with special language needs

Quality Assurance

For quality assurance we are in close contact with the sponsor, the day care centers of the Diakonisches Werk and of course the parents of the facility.

Our kindergarten is involved in a continuous process of further development and has a pedagogical concept, the basis of which is based on the Bavarian education and upbringing plan. The concept is revised annually.

Documentation, especially regarding children's development, is a central focus of our work. Both parents and children have the right to participate and complain in our kindergarten.

With an annual parent survey, we ensure that we are guided by the interests of the parents.


As part of our inclusive / integrative work, we cooperate closely with a curative education practice. Two therapists come to our facility every week to provide additional support for children with special needs and to support and advise parents and the kindergarten team.


In addition, we are in regular contact and professional exchange with the following institutions:

- parish - Children's help, various therapists

- Pestalozzischzule, preparatory school for life coaching - primary schools


- Educational advice centers

- Health department, youth welfare office, district office

- pediatricians

- police

- Technical academies, nursing schools, FOS, kindergartens and after-school care centers

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Regarding the admission the regulations and specifications of the city Landshut apply. Children from the age of 3 until school entry from all over the city are accepted.

We are not allowed to pick up children from the Landshut district in the facility.


In our facility, all children and families are welcome, regardless of their cultural or religious origin, with or without special needs.

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Description and Stations

Our kindergarten is located in a cul-de-sac on the edge of the Wolfgangsiedlung not far from the border to Altdorf. With the bus lines 3 and 6 the Arche Noah can be reached. There are several parking spaces and a disabled parking space available.

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