Caritas-Schülerhort an der GS St. Peter und Paul

1.- 4. Klasse, Alter: 6 - 11 Jahre

Caritas-Schülerhort an der GS St. Peter und Paul
Niedermayerstraße 14
84028 Landshut
Funding authority
Caritasverband Landshut e.V.
Gestütstraße 4A
84028 Landshut
0871/97 49 50 23 2 (Bettina Ringlstetter)
Opening times11:30 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysFür das Schuljahr 2023/2024 wurden 27 feste Schließtage und max. 3 variable Schließtage für interne Fortbildungen festgelegt.
Specially educational concept partially open concept
Extras care with lunch

Current information


Our premises have been in a container extension since March 2016. Our rooms include a bistro (57 sqm), a large “blue” games room (41 sqm), a “green” games room (27 sqm), a “yellow” games room (27 sqm), a star room (32 sqm), a sun room (31 sqm), which can be used by the after-school care center from 2 p.m. Lunchtime care rooms can also be used at this time. We also have a staff room (13 sqm) and the management office (13 sqm) at our disposal. In the afternoon, four classrooms are also used to do homework and the school's learning workshop and classrooms for play are opened as needed. The gym is also available to us in the afternoon, which we use during the week, on Fridays and in the Holidays are often used. The school is also taking action In the morning we are happy to return to the rooms of the after-school care center, e.g. by having reading sponsors and their protégés stay in our playroom. The seminar also uses these rooms, and the after-school rooms were also helpful for the preschool children's school play.

Outdoor Facilities

A great asset and an integral part of our daily routine is the use of the large school yard. In every season and (almost) in every weather, the after-school children play on the school garden. This offers space for playing foot and basketball, a kicker box and a table tennis table were newly installed in summer 2017, in winter a small hill behind the school house invites you to go sledding and the small forest offers shade and other play options, e.g. build a teepee. In the schoolyard we also celebrate our annual after-school party and can spend the night at the campfire in the tent to say goodbye to the fourth graders.

Daily Schedule

The after-school children arrive at the after-school care center at different times. These are based on the school closing times (11:25 a.m., 12:10 p.m., 12:55 p.m.). When we “register”, an educator is already waiting and ticks off the child on the attendance list. Upon arrival, the children enjoy their free time and decide independently which rooms they want to use. With the help of a magnetic board and name tags, you can see where the individual child, and also the educators, are during the day. The flexible lunch takes place in the bistro from 12:00 to 13:45. Depending on their feeling of hunger, the adolescents decide when to go to lunch. The dishes are delivered fresh every day and can be found on the hanging menu. The food is set up like a buffet by the staff and each child independently chooses what and how much they want to eat. Lunch in the bistro is continuously accompanied by specialists. These ensure appropriate table discussions, motivate to try and remind the children to adhere to the table manners. The student is responsible for clearing and cleaning his place. The flexible homework period takes place from 1:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. The adolescents are divided into groups here and choose when they want to do their homework during this period. The child is encouraged to plan their own daily routine. During lunch and homework time, the free spin takes place along the way. The outdoor area of ​​the primary school is also included every day. The student is free to choose which activities he takes part in or whether he wants to relax and use one of the couches. The school daycare center has a core time of 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. During this time we would like to pursue our educational mission undisturbed and ask the parents not to pick up the children. Exceptions are tolerated and must be reported to us in advance. Children can be picked up at 4:00 p.m., 4:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. Since the school's security concept does not allow parents to be in the school house in the afternoon, the children are brought to the main entrance by an educator at the booked times.


The warm lunch for the after-school children is delivered fresh daily by the Children's Catering Service Dietler from Mirskofen. The menu is posted at the school entrance every week. For the adolescents, the menu is displayed in the bistro and in the hall of the nursery. The "little ones" ask other children or a present kindergarten teacher. Drinks are always available for the children. The students have the choice between water, tea or various juice spritzers. Lunch is offered flexibly from 12:00 - 1:30 p.m. The children come to the bistro for lunch according to their own feeling of hunger. In this way we strengthen the perception of our own needs and independence. During the entire meal time, the children are accompanied by an educator. Every child is made sure that they have washed their hands before the meal. The dishes are buffet-style and the child decides what and how much of it they want to eat. The staff motivates the children to try dishes they do not know. We value table culture and a cozy atmosphere. After eating, each child is responsible for removing the dishes and cleaning the place. In the afternoon, the parents are encouraged to give the child a snack. A warm lunch is also offered during the holiday service.

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Offered care types at Jun 14, 2024:

Kind of care
 Hort (Nach der Schule)


We work in a “(partially) open concept” in our day care center. What does "open" mean? For us employees, the word "open" is a positive term with different meanings:     

To be "open" to yourself, to develop self-confidence: to accept your own emotions, wishes, thoughts and problems, to be honest with yourself.     

Being “open” to others, developing tolerance and empathy: perceiving and being able to accept other views, cultures, thoughts, wishes and problems.     

The children organize their day according to their needs and interests.     

The doors open for more freedom for the children.     

The adolescents experience an expanded environment through greater development opportunities and become open to new and different things.     

Being “open” also means involving the students democratically. The right to have a say and have a say in decision-making is an important pillar of our “open” work. Appreciate the children's ideas, take them in and implement them depending on the feasibility, e.g. in children's conferences. The staff gains a greater wealth of experience through daily exchange and constant further development and thus a high level of quality of work. For us, characteristics for open work are:     

Being a child today     changed room concept     Opening of the group rooms     more individual offers


Direction: Ms. Bettina Ringlstetter Deputy Head


all in all six pedagogical specialists, two pedagogical supplementary staff and a housekeeping staff are employed in the after-school care center. The staff works part-time and full time. The current employment key complies with the statutory provisions of Section 17 (1) AVBayKiBiG. The employees are trained pedagogical specialists and supplementary staff. This corresponds to the requirements of § 16, Pedagogical staff, AVBayKiBiG. The employees act as caregivers in the (partially) open concept.

Additional Offerings

Homework Free Friday Every Friday afternoon, the after-school children can take part in “Friday promotions”, which are prepared and offered by the staff. Instead of homework supervision, different leisure activities take place on this day. The educational activities are derived from the interests of the adolescents and are posted on our "offer wall" on Thursday in advance. The children can enter lists there and at the same time see when? Where? and with whom? the offer takes place. For example, what is offered?     

Excursions / walks     bake a cake     fantasy travel     experiments     Discussion groups at best. subjects     Sing circles     To dance     athletic Activities, Yoga (gym)     Tournaments     story hours     Games     Handcraft Participation

The Participation in the Friday actions is fundamentally voluntary, but the after-school staff tries to introduce children to new, as yet undiscovered activities and to arouse new interest.

No homework help is offered on Friday!

Quality Assurance

We use various methods of quality assurance to regularly reflect on our work:    

Documentation (children's development sheets)     

children survey     

children conferences     

parent survey    

parents' evenings     

Team meetings (2-3 weeks; minutes)    

regular exchange with the school     

Training and further education     

Participation in day care groups     

Team day (once a year)     

staff conversations    

conception updating

All of these points increase the quality awareness of those involved. This means that our goals can be continuously checked and / or optimized. Quality assurance is a big part of our work and enables process-oriented work. Learning in a team is a central component in quality management and calls for joint work and action. Successful teamwork is the essential contribution to the balance between continuity and change.

Teamwork with parents

Parent work is the contact, exchange and cooperation between pedagogical specialists and the legal guardians. Child daycare facilities are legally obliged to seek close cooperation with parents when performing their educational and upbringing tasks and to make decisions in essential matters relating to the facility (cf. Art. 11 BayKiBiG, SGB VIII §22a para. 2)

Forms of parental work in the after-school care center:

Admission interview - After the initial telephone or personal contact, an admission interview takes place in the after-school care center. On this occasion, the parents and their child get to know the premises, the staff and the children who are already present. They are also informed about the daily routine and the most important educational goals of the day care center.

Introductory parenting evening -  It is possible to get detailed information about the staff, the rooms and the working concept. Also the paranets have the opportunitiy to get to know the other parents.

Development talks - We offer the opportunity to talk to a educator about your child's level of development.

If necessary, door and fishing discussions will also take place.


Informational offers - accessible to all parents:

figurehead conception letters to parents

Parent newsletter emailed to all parents


photo wall

Website/ little bird

Events for parents - parents' evenings and parental consultation days (with childcare).


Goals of parent work:

Information and exchange

Strengthening the educational partnership

Advice to parents and provision of help cooperation Participation,


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Holiday Care

Different opening times apply during school holidays: Mon. from 7.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fri. from 7.30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Delivery time is from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. The vacation arrangement represents a less busy time for the team, i. H. there is the possibility to reduce vacation and overtime. Registration for the holiday service should be regarded as binding, as meal orders, excursions or activities are booked afterwards.

Homework Support

From 1:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m., students can do their homework. The after-school children are divided into four groups during their homework. These are based on grades 1-4. In this way, work can be carried out more individually and with greater concentration at school level, because the learning types of the children differ increasingly depending on the grade. These groups are supervised by a small team consisting of two to three educational staff. The group size is usually 16-22 children. This group is further divided internally, here the staff acts specifically as a caregiver for children, parents and teachers. In this way, we can ensure, for example, that the same specialists always take over the documentation and conduct development talks. Furthermore, it has proven useful if children of the same or nearby grades spend the homework time together, as the pace of work is approximately the same, as well as the attention and concentration curve. The day care center supports the child in his / her school performance, but it is not a tutoring facility. The homework is done in the classrooms of the elementary school St. Peter and Paul. Each child has his own place where he can do his homework independently. If necessary, the student can get help from the specialists at any time. In addition to providing learning strategies and learning aids, the educator's task is to guide the children to rest and concentration. Breaks are also necessary, because several short breaks increase performance. Confidence in our own actions, independence and time management are further goals that we combine with our educational work in the homework area. The positive and correct attitude of the employee leads to motivating praise and care for successful learning. The after-school children are advised of errors and receive help if necessary, but each student is responsible for their tasks. Constant exchange with teachers and parents enables us to respond even more individually and specifically to the needs of individual children. We also ask the parents to regularly check their homework and exercise books. No homework help is offered on Friday!

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The day care center only accepts children who attend elementary school St. Peter and Paul.

Places for September are allocated in April every year!

(Registration for the following school year takes place on the same day of enrollment. The appointment takes place in March. Beginners of school can register on this day.) As a rule, places are allocated in April and a confirmation sent by post or via the little bird portal. Parents / legal guardians are obliged to register by phone and to make an appointment for an interview / conclusion of a contract. As part of the contract, the facility requires the child's U-booklet (date of the last tetanus vaccination and proof of two measles vaccinations) and, if necessary, valid proof of immigration background (ID card, marriage certificate) Art. 9b para. 2 / Art. 21 para. 5 BayKiBiG and, if applicable, proof of work from both parents. We will write to the parents of the children who are already visiting the after-school care center in good time in order to have a new contract for the coming school year. These children and their siblings have priority when they are admitted. Basically we want to offer every child the opportunity to visit the after-school care center. Due to lack of space, we cannot guarantee this and ask for your understanding. If you do not receive a confirmation, the registration automatically goes to the waiting list. We will inform you as a "successor" by telephone.

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Description and Stations

The Caritas after-school care center is located in the eastern part of the city of Landshut and is integrated directly into the elementary school of St. Peter and Paul. Children from different social structures visit the after-school care center. This is due to the given school district of the city of Landshut.

The school and day care center are very central, the city center is only a few minutes away. The city buses of lines 3, 5, 6 and 7 are in the immediate vicinity, which ensures the connection to the daycare center.

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