Caritas-Kindergarten St. Margaret

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Caritas-Kindergarten St. Margaret
Anstaltsgäßchen 9
84036 Landshut
Funding authority
Caritasverband Landshut e.V.
Gestütstraße 4A
84028 Landshut
0871/ 4 41 47
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
early care7:00 AM - 7:30 AM o'clock
Closing days25
Extras care with lunch, full day care


The kindergarten is located in the heart of Achdorf, framed by the church and the Achdorf community center.

Thanks to its spacious room concept, the kindergarten offers many individual development opportunities for the development of the child.

The spacious garden, which is adjacent to a fruit litter meadow, offers many quiet retreat and play options for the children.

From this point onwards, 128 children aged 3 to 6 years can be looked after in five groups. The St. Margaret Kindergarten is a family-run facility for the care of children aged three years and up until they start primary school.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

opening hours

Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Our kindergarten consists of five groups:

2 full day groups

1 morning group

1 coated group

1 garden group (from September 2016)

Our kindergarten works according to a partially open concept. This is one way of making room design possible. Our very nice property with the different garden is in the center of Achdorf.

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Offered care types at Jun 28, 2022:

Kind of care


In our kindergarten we want to convey Christian faith and charity, support the child, actively experience and help to shape the path in the church's annual cycle. Finding yourself, developing social and technical skills, growing at your own pace in your own individual way, learning and looking for a place in our diverse society.

Each child is an individual personality, who is accompanied by us in an important part of his path in his self-learning processes through congruent, accepting, educational work.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content.


Kindergarten fee from the 3rd birthday.

Booking times fees / month

4 - 5 hours € 10

5 - 6 hours € 20

6 - 7 hours 30 €

7 - 8 hours 40 €

8 - 9 hours € 50

over 9 hours € 60

Play money € 10

Food € 72



Children under 3 years (if the family income does not exceed a minimum amount, there is a state subsidy of 100 euros).

Booking times fees / month

4 - 5 hours € 200

5 - 6 hours € 220

6 - 7 hours € 260

7 - 8 hours € 300

8 - 9 hours € 320

Over 9 hours 340 €


Play money € 10

Lunch catering € 72

The fees are calculated for 12 months.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content.

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