Private bilinguale Kindertagesstätte "Schatzkinder"

ab 3 Jahre bis Schuleintritt

Private bilinguale Kindertagesstätte "Schatzkinder"
Steige 2
74653 Künzelsau
Funding authority
Elvira Jakobi
Steige 2
74653 Künzelsau
07940/5032642 (Elvira Jakobi)
Opening times7:30 AM - 2:30 PM o'clock
Closing days25 Tage im Jahr
Foreign languages German (bilingual concept), English (bilingual concept)
Specially educational concept daily routine language education, project approach, Situation approach
Extras care with lunch, cooperation facility, family counseling, language education, parents association
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          Dear Parents,

          at the beginning of the new daycare year, we would like to inform you about the upcoming

          months activities and projects we have planed for and with the children.

          Every Wednesday we will prepare breakfast together with the children, breakfast will not

          have to be packed for the children on this day.

          On the 22.09.21 we will be visiting the vineyards in Ingelfingen.

          Please pick up your child/children at 12.15 pm from the daycare and bring them to

        Ingelfingen-City Hall. From there we will then be picked up by Mr. Jäger with his tractor to

          go to the vineyards.

          At the vineyards we will be harvesting grapes with the children, watching as a machine

          harvests grapes, as well as watch Mr. Jäger press grape juice and of course have a taste

          of the freshly pressed juice and try some grapes.

          Friday the 1.10.21 before noon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving

          The date concering the photografevent will be announced in due time

          First-Aid course for parents at the daycare will be taking place on Friday the 22.10.21

          at 4pm. As ell as on Saturday the 23.10.21 at 9am. (if the pandemic situation allows it)

          Costs: 40,-

          please give us feedback in terms of which day you will want to attend.

          Our project „On the way to St. Martin's Day“

          will be from the 25.10.21-11.11.21

          ° we will be drawing and doing handcrafts

          ° bake St.Martin's geese

          ° handcraf lanterns

          On the 11.11.21  at 6pm. we would like to do a small parade through the village with our

          lanterns together with the families in Nagelsberg to celebrate St. Martin's Day.

          ( if the pandemic situation allows it)

          At 1pm on the 24.11.21 we will offer doing crafts for the families and their children for the

          upcomimg christmas season

          ( if the pandemic situation allows it)

        From the 29.11.21-22.12.21 Project „On the way to Christmas“

          ° we will do crafts as well as draw with the children

          ° bake christmas cookies

          ° rehearse a small christmas celebration performance/ show with all the children

          St. Martin's Day  6.12.21 -  St. Nicholas will visit the daycare in the morning

          On the 17.12.21. at 5 pm our St. Nicholas celebration will take place together with

          the families at the daycare where the children will perform their christmas celebration

          program.   (if the pandemic situation allows it)

          From the 24.12.21 till the 31.12.21 our daycare will be closed for annual holidays.


Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 15/09/2021 12:48:10)
Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 15/09/2021 12:48:10)