Kindergarten Seestraße

Kindergarten Seestraße
Seestraße 44
74653 Künzelsau
Funding authority
Stadt Künzelsau
Stuttgarter Straße 7
74653 Künzelsau
07940/544865 (Frau Daniela Kübler-Hess)
Opening times7:30 AM - 2:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysZu Beginn des neuen Kindergartenjahres werden die Schließtage für das kommende Kalenderjahr festgelegt. Pro Kalenderjahr haben
alle Einrichtungen 27 Schließtage.
Für das Kalenderjahr 2023 wurden folgende Schließtage festgelegt:
Brückentag 19.05.2023,
Pfingstferien 30.5 bis 2.6.2023,
Brückentag 09.06.2023,
Sommerferien 31.7. bis 18.8.2023,
Brückentag 02.10.2023 und 30.10 bis 31.10 2023,
Weihnachtsferien 27.12. bis 5.1.2024.

In den Sommerferien wird im Kinderhaus Künzelsau ein Ferienkindergarten

Hinweis an die Krippenanmeldungen: Die Eltern sollen eine Vormerkung für die Abschlussbetreuung (Kindergarten) nach der Krippe anlegen.
Specially educational concept Situation approach


The daycare centre was built between 1982 and 1983 and opened in October 1983.

It is a two-grouped kindergarten; there is both a kindergarten group and a so-called Krippengruppe. Up to 10 children, ages 1-3 years are looked after in the Krippengruppe and up to 25 children age 3 up to school age in the kindergarten group.

The kindergarten is located in the south of the city. In the immediate vicinity is a large shopping centre, the cableway, which connects the Taläcker district with the city and a vocational school with different orientations.

The kindergarten is idyllically located in the middle of a residential area next to a directly neighbouring terrace house settlement. The adapted architecture of the building to the surroundings attracted great attention in specialist circles. The construction method and the terraced architectural style were even recognized in an architecture magazine (Deutsches Bauhandwerk db 06/85)






Due to its hillside location, the kindergarten has two floors and very large rooms in which a lot of wood has been used.

On the lower floor is the entrance hall, in which the children can store their jackets and shoes, a group room, a kitchen, a bedroom for the young children (Krippenkinder) and a bathroom with toilettes and a shower.

A staircase leads to the upper floor.

On the upper floor is the group room for the kindergarten group, an adjoining room with an integrated children’s kitchen and bathroom with toilettes.                                                            In addition to the group room, there is a large gymnastics and exercise room. This room can also be expanded by opening a sliding door.




Outdoor Facilities

The daycare centre has two outdoor areas:

On the first level, there is a hard court with fall protection panels, mostly used by the Krippengruppe. Here the little ones can play in a sandpit, stay in the bird's nest swing or climb on the pirate ship. In addition, the children can practise driving a bobby car or tricycle.

In the upper area on the second level, there is a spacious, terraced meadow area with an octagonal sandpit, a slide, a climbing frame, a swing and a large garden house that can also be used for playing. Here the children can let off steam and play to their hearts' content.


Daily Schedule

Kindergarten Group:

7.30am - ca. 9.00 am

Arrival of the children, phase of free play in the different play areas and planned free play activities. Every child and therefore every family has a different daily rhythm. The flexible drop off time, offers families the opportunity to start the day as relaxed as possible.

9.00 Uhr bis 9.15 Uhr

All children clean up together.

ca. 9.15am - 10.00 am

When all the children have arrived at the kindergarten, we start the day with a breakfast. The children have the opportunity to come together, to have conversations and interact with each other.

10.00am - 10.30am

Daily shared morningcircle with songs,fingergames and stories.


10.30am -12.00pm

Activities in larger and smaller groups of children, walks through forest or on the playground, garden time, festivities and celebrations.

Various activities in the different educational areas every day.


Flexible pickup time from 12pm to 2pm

Free play phase and second „Vespers“. The children are free to decide for themselves if they want to eat a second time. In this way they experience their self-efficacy and can exercise their right to self-determination and co-determination.

We also offer flexible pick-up times. From 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m there is a free play phase for the children. During this time the children can decide for themselves what and with whom they want to play.



Krippen Group:


7.30am - 9am

Every child and therefore every family has a different daily rhythm. The flexible drop off time, offers families the opportunity to start the day as relaxed as possible.

Arrival of the children, phase of free play in the different play areas.


ca. 10am

"Morning Circle" with a welcome round, "decision cards" for songs, finger plays and circle games, the date and the weather are discussed. Garden time or gym activities. Various activities related to the educational areas.



We eat together, wash our hands. During the meal, the children have the opportunity to come together and exchange ideas while eating together.


12.00 am

Bedtime for the younger children.


12pm – 2pm.

Flexible pick-up time. Now is the time for quieter free play activities such as painting, kneading, reading books etc. we spend time in the garden. During this time, the children can play in nature, experience and discover it.


  • In addition to the self-brought food from home, the children are offered a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables every day.
  • There are always cooking days, suitable for festivities, projects and the season
  • Parents should bring their children a healthy drink from home. We also offer water.
  • Once a month there is a cooking day in the kindergarten.
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Offered care types at Nov 28, 2023:

Kind of carecount places
 Krippe verlängerte Öffnungszeiten bis 14.00 Uhr
10 Places
 Kindergarten verlängerte Öffnungszeiten 14.00 Uhr
25 Places

Additional Offerings

Once a week (except during school holidays) early musical education takes place in the kindergarten.

Children from the age of 3 can participate for a fee. It takes place in our facility during opening hours. Mrs Grunenberg from the Künzelsau Musikschule leads this lesson.


Cooperation and networking in the district:

Educators and parents can find support and help from various institutions.

Among many others, we cooperate with the Hohenlohekreis dental health working group, the early intervention association and various types of schools.


The basis of our pedagogical work is the "Orientation Plan" and the Child Day Care Act (KiTaG).
In our kindergarten we work according to the situation-oriented approach.
There are smaller and larger projects that are based on the interests of the children. We create portfolio folders and write learning stories for the children.
Parent meetings are held annually.

The observation basis is the observation concept of Petermann & Petermann.


The team of Kindergarten Seestraße consists of pedagogical specialists with different job scopes:

• Kindergarten group: 1 ped. Specialist 100%, 1 ped. Specialist 80%, 1 ped. Specialist 50% and 1 ped. Skilled worker 40%


• Krippen group: 2 ped. Specialists 100% of which a ped. Specialist as kindergarten manager.

Teamwork with school

Cooperation with the school:

A cooperation teacher from the Georg Wagner School visits the children two to four times a year to get to know them.

She plays with them, talks to them and works with them in small groups.

After that, talks are held between the educator and the teacher about the developmental status and development process of the children.

If necessary, discussions between parents, educators and cooperation teachers take place.

Teamwork with parents

Educational partnership and cooperation with parents:

Educational partnership is the intensive exchange about the development and upbringing of the children and the trusting cooperation between the parents and the day care center.

This is shaped through: door-to-door talks, annual development talks, parents' evenings and parent activities.

Parent information is sent via the „Kita Info App“.

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Durch unseren pädagogischen "Situationsorientierten Ansatz" entstehen durch das Beobachten der Kinder immer wieder große und kleine Projekte, die sich nach den Interessen und Themen der Kinder richten z. B.  Projekt: Tiere,  Pferde, Dinosaurier, Fahrzeuge, Prinzessin , Pirat, Ritter, Polizei, Feuerwehr  u.s.w.

Holiday Care

During the summer holidays  holiday care will be offered in:

Künzelsau Kinderhaus,                                                                                                

Zollstockweg 34,

74653 Künzelsau.

Registration is possible via the Kita-Info app.


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Description and Stations

The daycare centre is located in the south of the city of Künzelsau.
From Stuttgarter-Straße you drive towards the shopping centre (Kaufland) through Allee-Straße into Seestraße.
Leave the driveway to the underground car park of the shopping centre to the right and continue straight on Seestrasse.
Then drive up the second street on the right. You then come straight to the kindergarten.
City-bus stop in the Seestraße.


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