Städtischer Kindergarten Krümelburg Mühlen

3-6 Jahre

Städtischer Kindergarten Krümelburg Mühlen
Im Brühl 7/1
72160 Horb am Neckar
Funding authority
Stadt Horb am Neckar
Marktplatz 16
72160 Horb am Neckar
07451/8439 (Pamela Beuter)
Opening times7:00 AM - 2:00 PM o'clock
Closing days27
Foreign languages German
Specially educational concept partially open concept, Situation orientated approach

Current information

Dear parents,

We are pleased that you are interested in our facility. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

Description and Stations

Please drive to the centre of the village, the only traffic light in the village. Then turn left, coming from Rottenburg, right coming from Horb. Immediately after the first corner plot, a paved path leads to our kindergarten. Our "Krümelburg" shines in a bright yellow. They have achieved 

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The city of Horb am Neckar is our sponsor.

Our facility is located in the Horb district of Mühlen.

The building of the kindergarten was completed in June 1996 in timber frame construction and occupied by us. Our "Krümelburg" is centrally located in the centre of the village, behind the school building, in the countryside. We have 2 mixed-age groups aged 3-6 years in a semi-open concept.


Our children have 2 group rooms at their disposal, each with an adjoining room and a second play level. Here they also have the opportunity to retreat, e.g. to the cozy cozy corner. Our entrance area is a cloakroom and exercise room at the same time. The furniture, as well as the kitchen and sanitary facilities are child-friendly. Via a terrace we reach our large playground.

Outdoor Facilities

From our terrace we reach our beautiful, large playground. This is fenced and consists of a large climbing frame with slide, a sandpit, a double swing, a barefoot path, a playhouse, a climbing tower, a willow tunnel, various play corners, a mud corner and a raised bed.

Daily Schedule

  • Arrive by 9.00 a.m.
  • 9.00 a.m. start the day together with the children" Morning Circle "
  • Free play including free breakfast until approx. 10.15 a.m.
  • Pedagogical activities and promotions within the framework of our concept and the weekly schedule
  • from 12.00 noon the first children can be picked up
  • second vespers at 12.15 p.m.
  • Outdoor recreation (walk, playground)


We do not provide lunch.

  • We have free snacks, which are brought by the children
  • We pay attention to healthy nutrition and attach great importance to a sugar-free zone in the kindergarten.
  • Every month there is a varied breakfast prepared together with the children
  • A fruit and vegetable plate is available for the children every day
  • we make fruit or herbal tea every day, which is free for the children to use, as well as water.
  • Every Wednesday we have cereal day.
  • The Werner farm shop in Bondorf supplies us with fresh fruit and dairy products once a week ( EU - School Fruit Program )                                       
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The focus is on the child!

"The best thing to learn is to do it yourself!"

Focal points of our pedagogical work:

  • Education, care and education (social, emotional, physical and mental development)
  • Every child experiences orientation, security, support and loving attention
  • Health education is important to us (dental health; healthy, sugar-free diet)
  • Language education and language support integrated into everyday life / additional support if required
  • Exercise indoors and in the outdoor facilities of the facility, as well as weekly, age-appropriate gymnastics in the school gym and a weekly forest day


Our team consists of:

  • a kindergarten leader / group leader (100%)
  • an educator / group leader (100%)
  • three kindergarten teachers / second staff (100%, 60%, 30%)

Additional Offerings

  • Early musical education by external course instructors of the music school Horb am Neckar
  • Language support in individual and small group work by an in-house specialist for language and education
  • Dental prophylaxis with a specialist from the Freudenstadt health department

Quality Assurance

  1. Paying attention to and observing children
  2. Creation and continuation of a portfolio for each child
  3. Annual development meetings (registered parent meetings)
  4. Door-to-door conversations with parents
  5. Exchange with employees in the team (team meeting)
  6. Participation in further training


Cooperations with:

  • of the primary school in Mühlen
  • of the Horb Music School
  • the Freudenstadt Health Department
  • the Youth Welfare Office Freudenstadt
  • speech therapy and occupational therapy if necessary
  • The Ev. and catholic church in the village
  • the AWO and the local senior citizens' club
  • other kindergartens in the city of Horb for educational events or for exchange
  • the Werner family's farm shop in Bondorf (delivery of fruit and vegetables and milk

Teamwork with school

  • Cooperation lesson with the primary school teacher and the school beginners (1x a lesson of 45 minutes in a 14-day rhythm)
  • the children enrolled in school take part in a "double taster lesson" in the first and second grade
  • Participation in the bicycle safety training of the primary school
  • Shared lantern run
  • Joint training courses on cooperation

Teamwork with parents

  • Information Parents' Evening with Election of Parent Representatives
  • Parents' evenings with speakers on selected topics
  • Handicraft evenings to get to know each other and get together
  • Involvement in the daily work with the children (parents carry out various offers/activities)
  • Parents' hike
  • Parent work assignments for celebrations and renovation/repair work
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  • Participation in the School Fruit and School Milk Program
  • Themed projects taking into account the interests of the children
  • Language support takes place weekly at the facility.
  • Weekly sports day
  • Weekly forest day
  • Moving Commune

Parental Interviews

 - when the child is admitted
 - Door-to-door conversations
 - Annual, agreed parent-teacher meetings on the child's development
 - once a year at the parents' evening
 - Wishes - Ideas - Criticism - Praise - Box in the entrance 

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