"Naturkita Wolzig"

1 Jahr bis Schuleintritt

"Naturkita Wolzig"
Klein Schauener Str 11
15754 Heidesee
Funding authority
Gemeinde Heidesee
Lindenstraße 14 B
15754 Heidesee
033767 899918
Opening times6:30 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Closing days2 Wochen Sommerschießzeit
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Specially educational concept nature education, partially open concept, Situation orientated approach
Extras care with lunch

Current information


On 01.08.2020 twurde the nature daycare center in Wolzig opened.

The daycare center Wolzig is located in the immediate vicinity of a landscape conservation area, surrounded by meadows, forests and Lake Wolzig. This unique location has given rise to the conceptual focus on the themes of nature and the forest. These focal points can be recognized in all areas of the daycare center. From the outside, the building blends in with the surrounding nature in an inviting bright yellow.


In our daycare center, up to 85 children can play, learn and laugh from the age of one year until they start school. The children are cared for in 2 areas, the nursery and the kindergarten area.

The selection of play and activity materials is based on the aspect of naturalness and sustainability. Accordingly, only materials that are free of plastic are used in the rooms.




In the separated nursery area there are two main and side rooms, which are connected by a common sanitary tract.

Leading off from the main hallway are the kindergarten rooms. In this area there is a role play room, a building room, a creative room, a workshop, a cafeteria, a large movement room and a library.  With the rooms assigned to functions, we offer the children more opportunities for movement and decision-making. In both areas, the groups work partially open. This means that there are fixed group structures with reference teachers, but the children can freely choose the function room for free play.


Outdoor Facilities

The Wolzig daycare center is located in the immediate vicinity of a protected landscape area, surrounded by meadows, forests and Lake Wolzig. The grounds of the daycare center allow us direct access to the surrounding woods via a meadow.

Natural materials are also used primarily in the outdoor area. The material wood was given special importance here. The playground equipment for the sand play area is made of stainless steel, which is durable and sustainable.

All climbing and play equipment can be used by several children at the same time and is designed to meet the needs of different age groups.

A snack garden with various fruit trees and a raised bed allow us to make our own jam.


Our children are provided with breakfast, lunch and snack by our food provider "Binower Dorfkrug Event&Catering".

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Offered care types at Dec 7, 2023:

Kind of care
 Krippenbetreuung von Kindern bis zum 3. Geburtstag
 Kindergartenbetreuung von Kindern zwischen dem 3. Geburtstag und dem Schuleintritt


The basis of our pedagogical work is the mission formulated in § 3 of the Daycare Center Law of the State of Brandenburg:

"Daycare centers fulfill an independent age- and development-appropriate care, education, upbringing, and supply mission.The educational work of daycare centers supports the natural curiosity of children, challenges their own active educational processes, picks up on the children's topics and expands on them. They complement and support the education in the family and enable the children to have experiences beyond the family framework. The independent educational mission of the day care centers includes preparing the children in an appropriate form for elementary school."

Children learn from birth. The years in the Kita are an ideal educational time for the children and offer a targeted preparation for school. Therefore, we are guided by the "Principles of Elementary Education in Child Day Care Facilities in the State of Brandenburg" (Ministry of Youth, Education and Sports).

The 6 principles of elementary education are:

    social life
    language, communication and written culture
    representation and design
    mathematics and science
    Body, movement and health  

In our daycare center, we work according to the situation-oriented approach. This is a socio-pedagogical concept that is based on the life situation, interests, needs and experiences of the children.

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