Kita "Knirpsenhaus"

von 1 Jahr bis zum Schuleintritt

Kita "Knirpsenhaus"
Am Kindergarten 1
15754 Heidesee
Funding authority
Gemeinde Heidesee
Lindenstraße 14 B
15754 Heidesee
033763 62297
Opening times6:30 AM - 4:30 PM o'clock
Closing days2 Wochen Sommerschließzeit,
individuelle Fortbildungstage
Foreign languages German
Extras full day care

Current information


First and foremost, the children should feel comfortable with us, have fun, become independent, establish social contacts and be able to develop their own personality. In our facility, we work according to the situational approach.

The starting point is to include the life situation, experiences, adventures and wishes of the children and families in our daily pedagogical routine.  Our goals are to enable the children to act independently. At the same time, the idea of mutual consideration for the wishes and needs of other children plays a major role. In essence, the situational approach is therefore based on the interests of the children.

In addition to the fixed pillars of our daily routine (morning circle, meals, quiet time), the children are actively involved in the design and planning of the daily routine and can thus devote themselves to their interests. The pedagogues have the challenging task of creating varied situations in which the children can develop themselves and react flexibly to the children's new ideas. The pedagogical staff supports the children on their way to independence.

In our facility, up to 35 children can play, learn, laugh and romp around. They are accompanied by 4 pedagogical specialists, one trainee and one companion/housekeeping assistant. Due to the qualification of the professionals we offer the co

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Offered care types at Dec 7, 2023:

Kind of care
 Krippenbetreuung von Kindern bis zum 3. Geburtstag
 Kindergartenbetreuung von Kindern zwischen dem 3. Geburtstag und dem Schuleintritt

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