Hort "Vier Jahreszeiten"

Die Betriebserlaubnis umfasst die Betreuung von Kindern im Alter vom Schuleintritt bis zur vierten Klasse.

Hort "Vier Jahreszeiten"
Hauptstr 42
15754 Heidesee
Funding authority
Gemeinde Heidesee
Lindenstraße 14 B
15754 Heidesee
033767 80332 (Frau Brendel)
Opening times7:30 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
early care6:00 AM - 7:30 AM o'clock
Closing daysZum Jahreswechsel wie auch während der Sommerferien des Landes Brandenburgs gibt es Schließzeiten. Weiterhin finden im Jahr mehrere Team- und Weiterbildungstage statt. Die genauen Daten erfahren Sie über die Gemeindeverwaltung
Specially educational concept open concept

Current information


Welcome to the after-school care center "Four Seasons"

The after-school care center "Four Seasons" is located in the center of Friedersdorf.

Currently 162 children, 8 pedagogical specialists and 3 trainees have a lot of possibilities and space in 8 functional rooms.

The school cabinet, which is located on the grounds of the Friedersdorf elementary school, has been available to the after-school care center on a daily basis since 2022 for the implementation of work groups as an offer for all children. The cabinet has a wood workshop, a large children's kitchen and an extra Hort room.

A homework room is available for the children to do their homework. From 12:00 to 14:00 the children have the opportunity to do their homework independently.

In the open after-school program, the children decide for themselves which educational rooms and activities they would like to use.

The following AG's are currently offered for the children:

   - Chess

    - Yoga

    - Sports AG

    - Table tennis

    - Cooking & Baking

    - Handicrafts AG

    - Theater AG

    - Garden AG

The independence of the children, their desire for personal responsibility and the testing of skills is the central goal of all professionals in our institution.

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Offered care types at Dec 7, 2023:

Kind of care
 Hortbetreuung von Kindern ab der Einschulung


Principles of elementary education of Brandenburg

The aim of the principles of elementary education in day care facilities in Brandenburg is to ensure that all children in the state's day care facilities are provided with the necessary educational opportunities. The principles determine thematically structured educational areas that correspond to children's existing educational abilities.


Child Day Care Act (KiTa-Gesetz)

This is the law on the care and promotion of children in kindergartens, other day care facilities and day care for children.


Building blocks for pedagogical work in after-school care centers

The building blocks for after-school care centers are specifically designed for them. In addition to the function of the facility, they also describe a specific status in the educational system. They focus the needs of children of elementary school age and provide orientation in addition to the institution of school. For this reason, the after-school care modules form the basis for the development of after-school care concepts in Brandenburg.



Child and Youth Welfare Act (KJHG/SGB VIII)

The statutory child and youth welfare services intervene to promote young people in their individual and social development, to advise and support parents and other guardians, to protect children and young people from danger and to create and maintain positive living conditions for families. The legal basis is the Social Code No. 8 (SGB VIII). The KJHG (SGB VIII) defines the entitlements of young people (children, adolescents and adults), as well as families (guardians, legal guardians and parents).

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 25/10/2023 11:10:57)
Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 25/10/2023 11:10:57)

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