Kinderhaus Hagenweide

1 Jahr bis zum Ende der Grundschulzeit

Kinderhaus Hagenweide
Auf der Hagenweide 2a
89312 Günzburg
Funding authority
Stadt Günzburg
Schloßplatz 1
89312 Günzburg
08221/2041888 (Monika Hirning)
Opening times6:45 AM - 5:15 PM o'clock
at Weekends12:00 AM - 12:00 AM o'clock
lunch closing12:00 AM - 12:00 AM o'clock
early care6:45 AM - 7:00 AM o'clock
late care4:30 PM - 5:15 PM o'clock
Closing days27-30 Schließtage im Jahr; Am Freitagnachmittag grundsätzlich bis 12:30 Uhr, bei nachgewiesenem Bedarf ist die Betreuung bis 16:15 Uhr möglich.
Foreign languages Arabic (bilingual concept), German (bilingual concept), English (bilingual concept), Russian (bilingual concept), Turkish (bilingual concept)
Specially educational concept child oriented education, daily routine language education, inclusion, intercultural education, Montessori education, nature education, partially open concept, Situation orientated approach, Wood-Pedagogy
Extras Barrier-free, care with lunch, family counseling, full day care
Pets Aquarium

Current information

It`s a beautiful place in the park from Hagenweide


You find our care day center in the park "Auf der Hagenweide" near the city center and the neighbour school "Auf der Bleiche"



Our children´s house has two cre'che groups on the ground floor with bedrooms, a creative room, a exercise room, a foyer wirth a large puppet corner, shop and dress-up corner. In the entrace area a stroller storage room.

The three kindergarten group rooms as well a Snoezelen room, an intensiv care room, are located on the upper floor, music room, a creative room, a bedroom, a specialist service room, a work and therapy room and a Cafeteria. As well as the after- school lounge and the homwork room.

Outdoor Facilities

Our outdoor area is designed in such a way that play material and play equipment are available for every age group. The children can use two sandpits, the water play and mud area, climbing frames, cable car and paddles. Our garden offers a large lawn for ball and catch games, in 3 wooden houses there is a wide variety of play material and vehicles such as scooters, tricycles or racers. For U3 children there is a separate nativity play area.

The "Hagenweide" park with the adjacent wooded area, the playgrounds "Günzpark" and "Klingelpark", the adjacent residential area and the weekly market in Günzburg's "good parlour", the market square, offer us additional experience spaces outside our facility.

Daily Schedule

Our facility opens at 6:45 a.m. The children arrive by 8.30 a.m., are welcomed and they find what they need at the moment. One child still needs some cuddle time, another has discovered an area or play partner in the group room. At 8.30/8.45 a.m. the morning circle takes place in all group rooms. Subsequently, the semi-open phase begins in the kindergarten area, in which breakfast is also integrated. This lasts until 11 a.m.

In the crèche area, the children first have breakfast together in their group and then experience the open areas of the partially open phase. Lunch is served at 11.30 am. Afterwards there is a rest period for all children throughout the house. The pre-school children from the age of 5 go into the "quiet time", the younger ones to rest. At lunchtime, the after-school care children from the various schools arrive with us. They, too, have lunch before moving on to the homework and play phases.

In the afternoon, there is free play in the groups and various activities in which the children can participate. There will also be an afternoon snack for everyone. At 4:30 p.m., most of the children are picked up and at 5:15 p.m. the facility closes.


Meals are an important part of our daily routine and are eaten together (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack). The children consciously experience themselves as a community and communicate with each other in a pleasantly designed table atmosphere. 
Lunch is placed on the table in bowls. In this way, each child can take what he or she is in the mood for and determine the amount himself. Here, the children develop a healthy attitude towards food and a feeling of satiety.

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Offered care types at Apr 16, 2024:

Kind of carecount places
30 Places
75 Places
15 Places


Our facility works according to the open-to-television-concept, which means that the children themselves decide where and during the open-to-tell phase who she is with. Whereever your children in the house, they can be an actor in their development. The principles of education and educational work from BayKIBIG and BEP van be implemendted very well.


In our children's home, colleagues with different training and additional qualifications work to promote the development of the children in an age-appropriate and individual way.

We are a training company (studies, educators, nannies, etc.)


Our nannies and educators regularly undergo further training. We do this with "in-house" training and individually selected training courses. Several employees have various additional qualifications such as psychomotor additional qualification, psychomotor specialist, inclusion specialist, nursery pedagogy specialist, Montessori, Kneipp and many more.

Additional Offerings

We are in the "reading joy" project. Honorary, officially engaged citizens are watching with a small group of children  Baderbucher an Dles is intended to stimulate children`s love of language and to awaken or intensify their interest for the book.The project sponsor is the Günzburg District Office. Project work based on the children's interests. Once a week we have the opportunity to use the "Auf der Bleiche" sports hall with the children. Our in-house exercise room offers daily sports activities, psychomotorischisch activities, Knelppar twists, selected Montessori and PERTRA materials are used individually.


Quality Assurance

A quality and organizational manual is available and is constantly being developed. This is intended to ensure that as many employees as possible are well informed. The book is also very helpful for new employees to get their bearings. Every employee should also be able to provide information about the pedagogy and organization of our institution. The results of the annual parent survey will be incorporated into future work. Inhalte der Konzeption werden in regelmäßigen Abständen bearbeitet und die Konzeption selbst fortgeschrieben.


The institution cooperates with various agencies and specialist services, including family support centres, educational counselling centres, district offices, specialist academies, early intervention centres, independent practices.

Teamwork with school

The day-care centre cooperates with all 5 primary schools in the catchment area. This is done within the framework of cooperation in the daycare sector and in school child care.

Teamwork with parents

Parents are our partners in the upbringing and education of the children entrusted to us. It is important to us that the parents feel comfortable in our children's home and are accepted as they are. Parents have the right to receive information about their child.If problems arise with the child, we are happy to advise you and also inform you about a wide range of help offers that you can take advantage of so that your child receives the best possible support.

A small selection of our work with parents: settling-in model, development discussions, participation in the parents' council, parents' café in cooperation with the family support centre, job shadowing, joint parties, parents' evenings, parent survey


Spacious outdoor area in a park close to the city, diverse and appealing material to promote all areas of competence (e.g. large trampoline, light table, PERTRA suitcase, narrative cocoon, paint slinger, "sound garden"), joint children's house excursion for crèche, kindergarten and after-school care children. Acclimatization of the new children according to the "Berlin acclimatization model", participation in the project "Reading Pleasure" and "School Milk and School Fruit" program.

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Projects are initiated together with the children. Therefore, they can be of different types.

Holiday Care

Children who have an after-school care place with us can attend the after-school care centre all day during the holidays (outside of our own closing times) (holiday booking must be available). There is a regular holiday programme.

Homework Support

The children who have an after-school care place in our house do their Haqus assignments with us. In doing so, they are supported by the ped. 1x a week someone helps us through voluntary work and is active in the promotion of reading. The children are instructed on how to organize their working hours and tasks sensibly, how to switch between work and relaxation units, what tools they can use (e.g. encyclopedia and the Internet) and how to acquire knowledge.

Parental Interviews

Once a year, the institution conducts a parent survey. This gives us information about the satisfaction, wishes and needs of parents and children. The results will be reflected and incorporated into further pedagogy. work. The parent survey is part of quality assurance.

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Description and Stations

There are several ways to get to the facility. You can reach us via Wasserburger Weg or Hasengasse.

A flexibus stop is available. Nearest bus stop public transport "Auf dem Gries"

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