Mittagsbetreuung James-Krüss GS


Mittagsbetreuung James-Krüss GS
Landsberger Straße 17
82205 Gilching
Funding authority
Gemeinde Gilching
Rathausplatz 1
82205 Gilching
08105/386646 (Gemeinde Gilching Frau Barnickel)
Opening times11:00 AM - 2:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysIn den Ferien findet keine Betreuung statt.


Thank you for your interest in our facility. 
Children from all four grades of the James-Krüss-Grundschule come to us after classes end until 2 pm. They are free to choose which of two different rooms they would like to spend time in.
The focus of our work is on your children, who can act in a self-determined manner.
There is a creative room with extensive handicraft materials where the children can give free rein to their creativity and imagination.
their creativity and imagination. Here the children can be creative, try things out and develop skills.
In the movement room/playroom, children can play, build and move, 
Furthermore, there is the possibility to use the attractively designed playground of the elementary school. The children can really let off steam here or play soccer, for example.
Of course, there is also a lunch break. The children can eat the snacks they have brought with them as well as the fruit or vegetables provided. 
The dedicated caregivers strive to create a pleasant environment in which the children feel comfortable and can develop freely. We promote social togetherness and encourage joint play and actions,
set limits and create rules for orientation. 
For the well-being of the children, we value constructive and trusting cooperation with parents, teachers
as well as with the sponsor, the municipality of Gilching, is very important to us. The basis for this is a lively exchange of experiences and


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