Evang. Kindergarten St. Johannes

2-6 Jahre

Evang. Kindergarten St. Johannes
Karolingerstraße 32
82205 Gilching
Funding authority
Evang.Kirchengemeinde St. Johannes
Karolingerstraße 30
82205 Gilching
Opening times7:30 AM - 4:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysUnsere Schließzeiten finden Sie auf unserer Homepage.

Freitags schließen wir um 14:30 Uhr
Specially educational concept daily routine language education, project approach, Situation orientated approach
Extras Integrative facility, care with lunch


The Protestant kindergarten St. Johannes is a 4-group kindergarten with 3 regular groups and one group for 2-4 year olds. Individual integration takes place in all four groups.

We offer a total of 100 places, with integration children and U3 children occupying several places.

Our concern is to support families in the education and care of their children. We view each child as an individual, accepting them in their uniqueness and lovingly accompanying them on their way to independence.

Based on the Bavarian Education Plan (BEP), our focus is on organizing educational and learning processes that are stimulated by play situations and social situations.

We want to teach the children Christian values and live them. When celebrating religious festivals, we illuminate and learn about the background in an atmosphere of trust and security, which also includes respect for other beliefs.

We work closely with the Interdisciplinary Early Intervention Services of Lebenshilfe Starnberg to provide the best possible support and assistance for the children.

Every person is valuable to us, everyone is allowed to be different and is welcome in our community with their strengths and weaknesses.

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Offered care types at May 31, 2023:

Kind of carecount places
100 Places



Our work is characterized by a holistic pedagogy that enables "learning with head, heart and hand" and allows the children to grow in a loving environment.

The children are allowed to experience themselves as persons who have the freedom to have their say (participation). One of our goals is to lead them to the ability to freely express their opinions.

It is especially important to us to teach the children to treat each other with respect and appreciation, but also to show them respect for themselves. Learning takes place from the first day of kindergarten, always and everywhere, and is most effective when the child actively participates in co-construction with other children and the reference teachers.

To this end, we offer both intragroup and intergroup activities and spaces. Our focus is on helping the children to overcome difficulties without any form of pressure to perform and to consolidate a positive, resilient attitude towards life through individual experiences of success.

In doing so, we pick up on the children's curiosity and interests and help them to answer meaningful questions and to understand connections. Since the children's topics are always related to their lives, they develop both social and practical life skills in the process. This enables the children to develop their independence, expand their horizons of experience and perceive themselves as part of their environment.

It is important to us that we accompany and support the children in their holistic development within the framework of an educational partnership with the parents, in cooperation with the church and in constant exchange within the team.

We support the children in finding their inner values and impart competencies that enable them to deal with personal and social challenges in a strong and solid manner.

By imparting these competencies and a sense of achievement, we accompany the child on the path to a positive self-image, which is the basic prerequisite for a happy life.

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If there are enough places available, the selection will be made in the following order:

     1.   children who live in the community of Gilching;

     2.   children whose mother or father is a single parent working or in education;

     3.   children whose family is in a special emergency situation;

     4.   children whose both legal guardians are employed or in training;

     5.   children who, in the interest of social integration, require care in a day-care center;

     6.   age group of the children;

     7.   siblings;


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