Alimonia Kids Gemüsemäuschen

1-4 Jahren

Alimonia Kids Gemüsemäuschen
St.-Gilgener-Straße 25
82205 Gilching
Funding authority
Großtagespflege Alimonia Kids
St.-Gilgener-Straße 25
82205 Gilching
Opening times7:30 AM - 3:30 PM o'clock
Closing daysWinterferien 2 Wochen geschlossen,
Osterferien 1 Woche geschlossen
Pfingsferien 1 Woche geschlossen,
Sommerferien 3 Wochen geschlossen,
Specially educational concept Situation orientated approach
Extras Pets, care with lunch
Pets Tiergeschützte Pädagogik- Hunde

Current information


Alimonia Kids- day care for play and nutrition

In our two day care "Alimonia Kids" we look after a maximum of 10 children aged 1-4 years in each house. The houses are right next to each other.

The day care is distinguished from classic day care facilities in particular by its family-oriented concept, which is also reflected in the low number of children.

Our main focus is to give children a feeling for healthy eating right from the start. That is why we cook fresh every day with and for our children.

At Alimonia Kids, dogs are constant companions of the children. Under supervision and accompaniment, the activities are integrated into projects that put animal-protected pedagogy into practice.

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The goals and priorities of our educational work are primarily based on the needs and living conditions of the children.

The work is based on the Bavarian Child Education and Care Act (BayKiBiG) and its implementation regulations. The education and upbringing goals of the education and upbringing plan (BEP) are implemented.


"Growing up healthy and happy"

As the main focus of the large day care center, we aim to give the children a sense of healthy nutrition right from the start. The later eating behavior and the shaping of the sense of taste are automatically positively influenced. Little fruit and vegetable grouches are introduced to the topic playfully and without pressure, because one thing should of course not be missing: fun!

With us, your children experience food with all their senses.

For the "Alimonia Kids", the specially prepared kitchen is used to cook fresh and healthy food every day. We manage to convey nutritional psychological backgrounds to children of this age, child-friendly of course!

The children get to know a wide range of foods and thus decide for themselves where their likes and dislikes are.


Another focus is familiarization, which forms the basic building block. We are based on the Berlin model and are based on it, as we always work individually according to the needs of each individual child.


Animal husbandry and project work with dogs

In our day care, dogs are constant companions of our children. Children benefit from dealing with animals in several ways. When you have an animal, no matter how big or small, you are responsible for its well-being. Often you have to be patient and considerate. Animals are valuable partners from whom children can learn a lot. All the skills that are “awakened” in dealing with an animal can be transferred to interacting with other children.

Under the guidance of the pedagogical specialists, the activities are integrated into projects that implement animal-protected pedagogy in a practical manner. The animal is used in a goal-oriented manner in human-animal situations. Despite its great influence, it is often not the focus of the work, rather it is intended to support the actual educational work. Important factors in animal-protected education are joy, the development of self-confidence and initiative, motivation, distraction from worries and problems, targeted concentration, skin and fur contact with another living being and, overall, diverse perceptual experiences.

It is important to Alimonia Kids to enable children to grow up with pets and that is why we have regular visits to our day care centers. The children can pet the animals, play with you and you can also cuddle. This is done under supervision and no child is forced.


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If there are enough places, the selection is made in the following order:

1. Children who live in the community of Gilching;

2. Children whose mother or father is a single parent and working or is in training;

3. Children whose family is in particular need;

4. Children, both of whom are entitled to work or are in training;

5. Children who need care in a day-care center in the interests of social integration;

6. Age group of children

7. Siblings

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 08/12/2022 19:02:44)

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