Familienzentrum St. Martin

Im Familienzentrum St. Martin werden die Kinder ab 1 Jahr bis zum Schuleintritt betreut.

Familienzentrum St. Martin
Kiverlinstraße 4
72501 Gammertingen
Funding authority
Stadt Gammertingen
Hohenzollernstraße 5 - 7
72501 Gammertingen
07574/406-340 (Melina Hodler)
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:30 PM o'clock
Closing daysca. 30 Tage
Foreign languages German, English
Specially educational concept daily routine language education, Situation orientated approach
Extras care with lunch, full day care
Pets Nein

Current information


The St. Martin Family Centre is a seven-group house with two crèche groups, four kindergarten groups and one preventive group. 

We offer different care models. Half-day care, full-day care, regular care and extended opening hours. As well as various mixed forms. 

For more information, click on the attached link. 


The family centre also has the qualification "Emil" (regulating emotions). 

The family centre offers 

- Toddling/playgroup

- parent café

- clothing store 

- Forest days 

- children's yoga

- Early English 

- Singing Circle 

- 1x a month gourmet breakfast

- Wonderfitz 

- Various project weeks


Each group has a large group room with an adjoining room. 

There are various play areas in the group rooms and in the adjoining rooms. 

A washroom with toilets is adjacent to each group room. 

In each of the crèche rooms there is a bedroom for the children.

In the basement of the house there is a small "book room" as well as a language room, which is used by our language support worker. 

The bright entrance area is used as a sports hall and for other activities.

Outdoor Facilities

The St. Martin Familienzentrum has a spacious outdoor area that offers plenty of room to play and romp around. Adjacent is a hard court which we can use daily. 

The crèche children have a separate outdoor area that offers numerous opportunities to play and discover.



There is a free breakfast at the family centre, so the children need a snack. 

For the children who are there over midday, there is a hot lunch. This is supplied by the municipal old people's home in Gammertingen. It always consists of a starter (soup), a main course and a dessert. 

The menu for the current week is available in the kindergarten and can also be viewed online at any time. 

In the afternoon, the children also have a small snack with them. 

Due to the participation in the school fruit programme, there is always fresh fruit and vegetables in the facility.


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The team consists of educators, child care workers, childhood educators, youth and home educators, language support workers, housekeepers, cleaners, trainees and interns.

We offer:

- FSJ 

- PIA training

- Apprenticeship year Interns

- Trainees Places

Additional Offerings

Language support

Within the framework of the language support programme "KOLIBRI", we have a permanent language support worker in the house and another one comes to the centre on a regular basis. The aspects of language development are stimulated playfully in small groups.


For all children who are in their last year of kindergarten before starting school, the Wunderfitz takes place once a week. Here the preschoolers from all five kindergarten groups are together and deal with topics that are relevant and interesting for them.

Singing circle

Every Friday at 9 am there is a singing circle for the whole house. This is led by an educational specialist. Songs, finger plays, circle games and dances are adapted to the themes of the year.

Gourmet breakfast

Once a month, we have a gourmet breakfast together. We prepare this breakfast together with the children.

Forest day

The St. Martin Family Centre is allowed to visit a forest plot of the town of Gammertingen. 

Project weeks

We offer three project weeks in the kindergarten year on different topics.

Teamwork with school

The St. Martin Family Centre cooperates with the Lauchtertal primary school in Gammertingen. 

A cooperation teacher comes to the preventive group several times a week and regularly to the Wunderfitz meetings.

Teamwork with parents

We attach great importance to a trusting and appreciative cooperation and collaboration with the parents.


Toddler group 

The toddler group is for children from 6 months to 1.5 years. The meeting place is once a week in the nursery. 


The playgroup is for children from 1,5 years to 3 years. The meeting place is once a week in the rooms of the regular group.

Parents' Café

The parents' café takes place once a month and offers space for exchange, creative activities and information. Speakers come to the parents' café on a regular basis. 

Clothing store

The house has a clothing store. 

Children's yoga

We offer children's yoga in the house. This is offered by an external specialist over several dates.

Early English 

As a further additional offer, early English is also offered by a pupil. This takes place once a week in the afternoon. The children get a first contact with the English language and learn their first English words and simple sentences in a playful way.

Elefant offers ( Parents learn answers) 

In our centre we offer lectures on various topics concerning the upbringing of children.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 09/05/2023 19:25:28)

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