Sonnenstein-Kindertagesstätte Horsten

3 - 6 Jahre

Sonnenstein-Kindertagesstätte Horsten
Horster Schulweg 5
26446 Friedeburg
Funding authority
Gemeinde Friedeburg
Friedeburger Hauptstraße 96
26446 Friedeburg
04453 978 919 (Ingrid Janssen)
Opening times7:30 AM - 3:30 PM o'clock
Foreign languages German
Specially educational concept Montessori education, Situation orientated approach
Extras care with lunch


In the Sonnenstein - Kita in Horsten is room for 50 children ( age 3 - 6 )looked after in two different groups.

There´s a day care across group with room for 25 children, where lunch is offered.

The supervision time is daily from 7. 30 am - 3. 30 pm.

The supervision time is oriented on need of the parents` side and will be regularly determined and adjusted.





Our rooms and premises are furnished to encourage learning, so that we can realize our pedagogical approaching.

The group rooms are designed to encourage the children to try multiple activities and to enable diverse activities.

The rooms are precisely structured and furnished so that the children can find their resting point and can easily identify the subject they are paying attention.

Outdoor Facilities

The outdoor area provides ideal conditions for varied activities for the children.

Additionally to the grand playground, which contains a big sandbox, a climbing wall, a swing, a slide, a boat and various other toys, is also a part of a forest.

It offers a lot of different opportunities for the children to play in the fresh air.

Daily Schedule

Children need plainly structures to feel secure.
This time board is a table of our daily structures.

 7. 30 am    bring time/ time to play
 8. 30 am    circle in the morning to start the day in common
 8. 50 am    Time for focused occupation / time to play
10. 00 am    breakfast
11. 00 am    time to stay outside
12. 00 am    circle to finish the day in common
  0. 30 pm    part of the children are called for home
  1. 00 pm    lunch and looking after until 3. 30 pm

Additionally are reintegrated occupations on the different days (for example going to the gym, prepare breakfast together with children, day to carry the toys to the Kita, …)


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Offered care types at Dec 1, 2023:

Kind of care
 Kindergarten ganztags (7:30 - 15:30 + Sonderöffnungszeiten)
 Kindergarten ganztags (7:30 - 15:30)
 Kindergarten vormittags (7:30 - 12:30 + Sonderöffnungszeiten)
 Kindergarten vormittags (7:30 - 12:30)


Our daily processes are based on the model of Maria Montessori:

"Help me to do it on my own. Show me the way. Don´t do it for me."

This means for our team to care  with every child respectfully, kind, carefully and helpfully. We draw attention of the children to the complete surrounding to motivate them in the support of there complete development.

Children are naturally eager to learn with their own motivation. In the way they get to know there surrounding. They collect experiences and knowledge to understand how the world works.



In all groups are two pedagogical experts to look after. The leader is a professional educator and the second expert is a Sozialassistent or Kinderpflegerin.

Additional is a pedagogical expert across the groups occupied to support the team.

Teamwork with school

A new period of life is always a fundamental change for children.

We want to make this change with a good preparation and accompanies the children to make this way to a successful transition. The close cooperation with the school lays the fountains of a strong "Brücke" during the last year in Kindergarten.

This special last year the children visit regular the Mediothek in the school.

Additionally they visit a Lernwerkstatt with the possibility of researching and discovering. At the same time this way allows a view in the school to become acquainted with school and teachers.

Teamwork with parents

A close teamwork is necesesary for good development of the children.

There is part in many ways for parents to involve there´s opinions in daily structures.

For example:

Parents` evenings

Open days for parents

Active teamwork

Meeting in the Elterncafe

Visiting at the children`s home

Celebration in summer, with lantern, in Christmastime, ...


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The Kindertagesstätte has room for 50 Children. They are all reserved for the families from Horsten.

It is possible to offer a part for families from the whole Common Friedeburg, if they´re not needed for children who live in Horsten.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content.

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