Kath. Kinderhaus Ottmaring Heilige Familie

0,6 - 3 Jahre (Krippe) 3 - 6 Jahre (Kindergarten)

Kath. Kinderhaus Ottmaring Heilige Familie
Wanderweg 21
86316 Friedberg
Funding authority
Kath. Kirchenstiftung St. Michael Ottmaring
St. Michaelsplatz 7
86316 Friedberg
0821 603355
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:30 PM o'clock
Closing daysWir haben in den Weihnachtsferien geschlossen und zwei Wochen im August (Tage werden Anfang des Betreuungsjahres bekanntgegeben)
We are closed at christmas vacations and two week in august (days will be announced at the beginning of the year)
Denomination roman catholic
Specially educational concept child oriented education, partially open concept, Situation orientated approach
Extras care with lunch, full day care

Current information


We are the kindergarten „ holy family“ at Ottmaring. Our children house was founded in 1975. Over the time, our house has changed a lot, both structurally and educationally. Actual we have 109 children. We take care of them in three kindergarten groups in the age 3-6 years and two crib groups from 0,6 – 3 years.


What characterizes our house?

We work in all three groups age-homogeneous. That means, all children in the age of 3-4 years, 4-5 years and 5-6 years are in their own groups. This makes it possible for us, that we adapt the offers the game or learning material to individual needs to adjust the developmental level of the children as best as possible.

The mixed age playing is also important to us. All children have the possibility to meet with children from other groups in the house or in the garden. They can learn together with guided offers.

During the 3 years in the kindergarten, you and your children are accompanied by the same educational staff. Only in the transition from the crib group to the kindergarten group, the personal will chance once a time. An open and honest exchange and dealing with each other is very important for us. We like short conversations when dropping off and picking up your children very gladly. This is just as important to us as the annual development talk. We always have time for your concerns and we will try our best to help you and your family.

We offer you all-round catering for your child!

A varied breakfast buffet has been prepared in our kitchen for several years. In addition to bread and muesli, there is also a large selection of fruit and vegetables for your child. Our kitchen staff cooks fresh meals for all children every day. We pay attention to regional and seasonal products and dishes. You don’t have to worry about food in the kindergarten, we will do that for you!

Due to the location on the outskirts, we can experience nature directly. The dirt roads, meadows and fields and the nearby forest invite to be explored. All groups in the children's home make use of the closeness to nature. We are active on walks, forest and meadow days or spontaneous actions with the surrounding farmers. We pick up questions and ideas from the children and look for solutions and implementation options together. It is important to us that your child can do and experience as much as possible themselves, so that they have sustainable learning success. We support the children in their work. We are learning partners for them. We stimulate your child's learning through skillful questioning and action. It is not the result that is important to us, but the path we have taken together.

Get to know us and our facility! We look forward to you!

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Dear Parents,

on 12.02.2023 we cordially invite you to an open house in our kindergarten „holy family“. Between 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. you can get to know our house, our staff our concept.

From our parent advisory council, you get coffee and delicious cakes. They will answer your questions.


We look forward to your coming!

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