Kita am Goetheplatz

1-7 Jahre

Kita am Goetheplatz
Zelterstr. 1
01705 Freital
Funding authority
Große Kreisstadt Freital
Dresdner Str. 56
01705 Freital
0351 21522212
Opening times6:30 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock
Closing daysSchließtage im Jahr 2023

17.05.2023 und 19.05.2023
27.12.2023 - 01.01.2024
Foreign languages German
Specially educational concept daily routine language education
Extras Integrative facility, care with lunch, full day care, language education

Current information


At the Kita am Goetheplatz, we work and play primarily with natural materials. Due to the high pollutant load and the haptic insignificance, plastic toys are largely avoided. This means, for example, that toys, furniture and supply materials are almost exclusively made of wood, metal, fabric, etc.

The rooms are bright and friendly and divided into different zones for better orientation (e.g. morning circle carpet, table circles, running and playing areas). The amount of furniture and toys is deliberately reduced to a puristic level so that the children have adequate space and learn to occupy themselves with a particular game or material over a longer period of time. This material is first experienced and examined. Quite automatically, the children then combine this toy or material with other materials, incorporate them into role-playing games, and explore in a wide variety of directions. They can only refer to what is available (material, toys, other children). This results in versatile connections. The fewer materials and toys available, the more creative they can become. A healthy appreciation for material values also develops (cf. values education). When games and toys are available in a manageable number, children pay more attention to what they have. They know, wantonly destroyed toys are not replaced, there is only a limited number available. At certain intervals, toys can be exchanged for others at the home camp.

The children also have to deal with each other and with each other, since there are intentionally not enough toys available for parallel individual play by all the children. As a result, the children learn incidentally to play together, play earlier with other children and, with the support of the educators, learn to resolve conflicts, share toys, exchange them and, if necessary, defend them. In this way, they develop social-emotional skills more quickly.

An overstimulation of the children is deliberately avoided, which makes them more receptive and receptive to the manageable stimuli of their current play. The special effect of this strategy was already visible a few weeks after the opening of the facility.


Another special feature is that the stairwell and group rooms are designed to be fundamentally low in stimuli. This means that the room walls, which are painted in light primary colors, are only decorated for existing traditional celebrations, whereby the principle here is also; "Less is more". This principle also applies to notices, room decorations, window pictures, cork walls, etc. Group work will be displayed individually and to a manageable extent in the checkrooms of each group.

Important organizational information, which applies to the entire facility, can be found by parents in the entrance area (notifiable illnesses, information from the food provider, menu plan...). In addition, there is an illustrated menu at children's height, where the children display weekly photos of their lunch, an overview of all the people working in the facility and a stand with information material. On the first floor, the groups also regularly present individual projects on a screen for all parents to see. Information boards are located in front of each group area where the group's weekly schedule and important group-specific information is posted. On the 1st first floor there is another information area. Here, general information on various topics is made available. They include, for example, answers to various educational questions, the display of newspaper articles, legal changes and their evaluation (e.g. staffing ratios) or other general information.


Die Kita am Goetheplatz wurde als dreigeschossiges Haus mit Räumen in zwei Flügeln ausgebildet. Darin ist im Erdgeschoss jeweils eine Krippengruppe verortet. Links befindet sich die Gruppe 1, rechts die Gruppe 2. Im linken Flügel neben der Gruppe 1 wurde ein Kinderwagenraum geschaffen, welcher von außen zugänglich und wie die Eingangstür für Eltern nur über die Eingabe eines Pin-Codes zu öffnen ist.  Im 1. Obergeschoss befinden sich zwei weitere Gruppen. Auf der rechten Seite eine Krippengruppe (Gruppe 3) und links eine Familiengruppe (Gruppe 4). Im zweiten und dritten Obergeschoss befinden sich drei Kindergartengruppen. Im zweiten Obergeschoss auf der rechten Seite liegt die Gruppe 5, auf der linken Seite Gruppe 6 und darüber im 3. Obergeschoss die Gruppe 7. Gegenüber der Gruppe 7 befindet sich der Sport- und Multifunktionsraum. Neben diversen Kleinräumen für Arbeitsmaterialien etc. befinden sich ein Therapie- und Kreativraum im zweiten Obergeschoss neben der Gruppe 6 und das Leitungsbüro neben der Gruppe 5.

Alle Gruppenräume für Krippe und Kita sind jeweils über eine eigene Garderobe zu erreichen. Weiterhin verfügt jede Gruppe über einen separaten Sanitärbereich. An alle Krippengruppen und an die Familiengruppe ist jeweils ein separater Schlafraum angegliedert. In den Gruppenräumen des Kitabereiches befindet sich jeweils eine Schiebewand, durch die die Zimmer vollständig in zwei Räume geteilt werden können. Ein separater Personalraum steht für Besprechungen zur Verfügung. Alle Räume sind über ein Treppenhaus mit Fahrstuhl verbunden. Parallel dazu existiert ein Fluchttreppenhaus, mit Zugang zu allen Gruppenräumen.

Outdoor Facilities

The outdoor area is divided into a daycare area and a kindergarten area, which can be opened to each other as needed. Both areas have large lawns, trees, a large sandbox with a sunshade awning, an asphalt roadway and a nest swing, which has been bedded in gravel in both outdoor areas. Storage huts for bobby cars, running bikes, sand play equipment, etc. are located in each area. The outdoor area of the crèche group also has a second hut, in which several group cars are available for excursions of the crèche children.

In the crèche area, bouncing animals can be used as well as a half-height wooden house with climbing facilities and a slide.

In the daycare area, there is also a large wooden ship with a slide, several swings and a ground trampoline.

Both areas thus offer a variety of opportunities for construction, motor development and exploration. In order to satisfy the kindergarten children's urge to move, the outdoor area has already been expanded, so that there are now several raised beds, fruit trees and space for playing soccer in this area.

Daily Schedule




In our facility, all meals, i.e. breakfast, lunch and vespers are provided by a caterer (Sachsenschmaus). So you as parents do not have to bring any food with you. We serve water and tea as beverages.

In order to ensure a sufficient supply of fresh fruit and vegetables, you as parents are asked to bring these along for the group at longer intervals in consultation with the educators.

You will learn more about this during the admission interview, to which you are cordially invited!


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Offered care types at Dec 8, 2022:

Kind of carecount places
 Für Kinder im Alter bis 3 Jahren.
60 Places
 Für Kinder im Alter von 3 bis ca. 6 Jahren.
60 Places



Welcome to the Kita am Goetheplatz!

Our facility not only cares for children from one year old until they start school, but also for children with special needs. The admission of children with special needs opens up the possibility of inclusion in a group of children without having to forego individual support.

The conceptual emphasis at the Kindergarten am Goetheplatz is on regular, repetitive practice and rehearsal, as well as consistency in time and content. Our children are cared for in constant group groups with fixed reference persons. In this way, our teachers are always the same contact person for parents and children.  We pay special attention to the teaching of values and norms that are necessary for a well-functioning social life. Our main focus is on respectful and polite interaction with each other, consideration and helpfulness.

A constant daily routine is of great importance to us. This consists of a daily morning circle, lots of exercise in the fresh air and weekly language support morning circles. Since 2017, we have participated in the federal language project "Because language is the gateway to the world" and are constantly expanding the knowledge and skills of our teachers in this area, so that our children can be supported even better.

Furthermore, cross-group elements are also used. For the realization of successful cross-group work, it is necessary to support and encourage the children in their ability to make appropriate decisions.

The special feature of the day care center is the promotion and integration of handicapped children as well as the possibility of participation of all children in all contents. In order for this to succeed, the daily and uniform education, care and support are necessary. This is characterized by the constant differentiation of the individually necessary approach. It is not only applied in the crèche groups, but also in the kindergarten groups and especially in the family group.

The Kita am Goetheplatz offers a limited number of places for children with special needs (integration). Integration can be realized (within the limits of available places) in all groups, in the crèche and in the daycare center. A special feature of the facility is that the individual support, the individual skills and additional qualifications of the staff are available to all children in the facility.

We look forward to welcoming you to our facility for a tour!


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Participation in the EU School Project - Milk

As every year, we have applied for the EU school project for fruit, vegetables and milk. For the school year 2022/2023, we have been awarded the contract for the free supply of milk. The regular supply of milk, which is subsidized by the European Union, is accompanied by educational measures to increase the children's knowledge and skills in the area of healthy nutrition. At the same time, this supports regional producers, as the project stipulates that only milk from regional farms may be purchased. 

As part of this project, a variety of milk projects are held in the kindergarten at Goetheplatz, adapted to the different age groups of the children. The activities range from information and holistic experiences about cattle and milk processing to excursions to the farm. In this way, our charges can experience first-hand how cows live, how milk is milked and what can all be made from it. But above all, our children enjoy this extra portion of milk.

It`s a round thing for our children and the region!



The language project

The Kita am Goetheplatz has been a participant in the federal government's language project "Because language is the key to the world" since 2017. For this purpose, a trained language specialist is available in our facility, who is in close exchange with the specialist counseling and other language specialists. In special language morning circles and in everyday group life, this specialist supports the regular teachers of the children's groups in learning correct speech and improving language. This includes, among other things, myofunctional exercises that improve the muscle functions in our children's mouths and faces, phonetic exercises and games to expand vocabulary and improve sentence structure. 

All of these activities are embedded in age-appropriate games and activities that are primarily intended to be fun for the children and are always part of their daily routine. Particularly popular with our children are, for example, the "Gummy Bear Wash", the "Smarti Slide" and a variety of blowing games. Clown cards invite children to imitate them, and "parrot games" allow them to repeat funny quat words.

This small selection of possibilities for language development at the Kita am Goetheplatz within the framework of the language project shows how creative and fun language learning can be.

Another component of the work within the framework of the language project is the media pedagogical work with the little ones. In this context, we see our mission not only in teaching and introducing the children to traditional media such as books, radio, etc., but also in introducing them to and learning how to use new media. In the development of a concept for dealing with new media, the focus should be primarily on the sensible use and development of the functions of the devices, the measured and sensible and, above all, age-appropriate use of digital media, and education and reflection in dealing with them. This is where we see our special protection mandate.

Is your curiosity aroused or do you have any questions for us? Then contact us, we will make an appointment and are happy to be there for you!


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