Kindertagesstätte Spatzennest

2-6 Jahre

Kindertagesstätte Spatzennest
Elsterweg 3
76694 Forst
Funding authority
Gemeinde Forst
Weiherer Straße 1
76694 Forst
07251/304950 (Daniela Däschner)
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:30 PM o'clock
Closing days30 Schließtage
Specially educational concept child oriented education, Situation orientated approach
Extras care with lunch, full day care

Current information


Introduction / Specialities

We wish you a warm welcome to our daycare


We are an institution with three groups for kids starting at the age of two years and we offer different forms of caretaking.


We are a communal daycare and take care of, teaching and accompanying c and their families holistic and invidually based with joy,and engagement on the exciting way of life.

( Based on § 22 Section 3 of the 8th German Code of Social law )


It's important for us that the children have the possibility / option to take part in decisions about themes and what way they want to explore them, express wishes as well as take them serious when they have any complaints and we live the situational approach ( Situationsansatz )


It's important for us to strengthen the children so they can develop their own personality, but at the same time pay attention to empathy and social behaviour to the values of Society.




In our facility every group has a second floor which is separated in a sleeping room/bedroom and a place where they can play together.

Also, in every group room we have a storage room, a bathroom with 2 toilets, sinks, a chancing table as well as a wardrobe.

In the hallway there is a playing carpet which all the kids can use.

For educational activities with a small group of children from different groups we also have a so-called „Intensive Room“.

Besides that we also have a room for little „Researchers“  where they can explore a lot of different things and materials.

We also have a gym with a climbing wall, a ceiling construction for climbing rings and some swings.

Outdoor Facilities

Outside area

Outside we have 2 sandboxes, different kinds of swings and a roundel to sit down.

Furthermore there are two little woodhouses and we also have a climbing construction with a hanging bridge and a slide.

For the warm summer we have a waterpump to cool down.

In addition there are also different vehicles, toys to play gas station, play with traffic lights and balls to play soccer or other ballgames.

Daily Schedule

Daily routine

After they come in the morning the kids have time until 1000 to play games they wanna play and eat the breakfast they brought from home.

After that there are a lot of different activities for the children. For example: Educational work, create certain projects, sitting together in a circle to sing or play games, celebrating Birthdays, Gymnastics, playing outside and taking walks.


Between 11:30 und 11:45 we start with lunch.

Which is either a warm meal a catering service delivers or something they brought from home.

After that the children can rest for a while, or for example we read a story to them.  


From 12:30 on the kids can get picked up and until then they can pick what they want to play or work on projects they started until they go home.



The children bring their own breakfast from home which they can eat until 10 o´clock.

Once a week every group eats breakfast together.


There are some differences between the groups when it comes to lunch.

For 2 of the 3 groups a Catering Service brings a warm meal every day (1. The group with the c who stay longer and 2. The group with the c who stay the whole day)

The 3. Group is a mixed one in which the c bring their own lunch.

After lunch the younger children have the time to get some rest while the older ones play games, or we read a story to them.

Just something which is not too loud, so the young kids can rest some.


Once a month we cook together with the kids for educational benefits.

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Offered care types at Oct 3, 2023:

Kind of care
 Ganztags Krippe ab 2 Jahre
 VÖ mit Mittagessen Krippe ab 2 Jahre
 VÖ ohne Mittagessen für Krippenkinder ab 2 Jahre (Altersmischung)
 Ganztags lang + kurz ab 3 Jahre
 VÖ mit Mittagessen ab 3 Jahre
 VÖ ohne Mittagessen ab 3 Jahre

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