Kindertagesstätte Buntstift

2 Monate bis 3 Jahre (Krippe/U3-Bereich), 3 Jahre bis Schuleintritt (Kindergarten/Ü3-Bereich)

Kindertagesstätte Buntstift
Goethestr. 38
76694 Forst
Funding authority
Gemeinde Forst
Weiherer Straße 1
76694 Forst
07251 / 3222264 (Claudia Schroff)
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:30 PM o'clock
Closing days30 Schließtage
Specially educational concept partially open concept, Situation orientated approach
Extras care with lunch, full day care

Current information


Welcome to the day care center Buntstift!


KiTa Buntstift is a municipal facility that can care for up to 80 children. The day care center has three groups for children from the 9th week until their 3rd birthday and two groups for children from the age of 3 until they start school.



Basis of our educational work

The orientation plan for education and upbringing in Baden-Württemberg kindergartens provides the basis for our educational work. It emphasizes the child's perspective and starts from the children's motivations. Senses; Body; Language; Thinking; Feeling & Compassion; Sense, Values & Religion are the names of the six fields of education and development that guide the children's personality development.

In our daily work, we want to accompany the children's educational processes individually and sensitively from the first day of kindergarten. It is important to us to awaken the children's interest and to "make them strong" through experiences of ability. Within the framework of our partially open work, we offer the children holistic and developmentally appropriate support. In the individual groups, we work in a participatory and situation-oriented manner.


                                                   "Learning with head, heart and hand"

                                                                         (Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi)



Stimulating environment, impulses & offers

Our pedagogical activities are reflected on the one hand in the design of a stimulating environment with incentives for independent play, and on the other hand in the arrangement of educational offers.

The children are assigned to a fixed home group. In addition to the security of a manageable group, the children are given the freedom to choose play partners and activities outside the group: There are times when the children move within their group, play there and experience rituals. In addition, there are so-called open times in which the children can also be in the hallway, in the movement room or in another group.

In addition to the activities in the home groups, there are educational activities across groups. These include, for example, the construction trailer, the singing circles, "Get out of the house" or the meetings of the future school starters.



Observation & Documentation

Observation is one of our most important tools to effectively support children in their educational processes. Therefore, we work with the method "learning stories". It helps us to find out about each child's strengths and interests and to record the learning steps in the process.

For each child we create a "children's book" in which pictures, drawings, photos and other works are collected. The following areas are important to us in the portfolio: This is who I am; My family and friends; What I like to do or what I can already do; Special events in the kindergarten years and learning stories.



Educational partnership with parents

Close cooperation with parents for the benefit of the children is a prerequisite for our educational work. In addition to an intensive admission/familiarization meeting, door-to-door meetings, parent events, etc., a parent meeting is held at least once a year. The interview serves to share developmental/learning processes and emphasizes progress since the last interview.

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The following rooms are available in our day care center:


First floor

  • Entrance area with sofa
  • Five group rooms, each with its own intensive room, bedroom, kitchenette, washroom with children's toilets, nappy-changing area and checkroom.
  • Movement room with wall bars, a ceiling construction for swings, movement elements, roller boards, vehicles etc.
  • Play hallway with book/reading area etc.
  • Kitchen for the preparation of meals
  • Bistro / dining area with parents' corner
  • Toilet

Upper floor

  • Atelier
  • Room for small group work / music room
  • Parents' consultation room
  • Staff room
  • Office
  • Toilets


With our room design we want to create a trusting and learning stimulating atmosphere. The rooms are clearly structured. Easily accessible retreat areas are available. It is also important to us to provide space for movement and specific incentives for movement. The children are actively involved in the design according to their age.


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Outdoor Facilities

In our spacious outdoor area, the children have the opportunity to let off steam and develop their motor skills.


In the outdoor area, the children have access to sand areas, swings, slides, a variety of climbing opportunities and a soccer field.

The atrium and our hill with playhouse and suspension bridge invite role-playing games.

There are also various vehicles, sand toys, balls, play boxes, etc.

The large awnings provide shade in the summer and the watercourse can be used for splashing, mudding and experimenting.


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Daily Schedule

Our daily routine offers the children a fixed rhythm and gives them security and orientation. Recurring rituals are used to shape the transitions.


Time / Action


7.00 to 8.30 a.m.

Arrival and free play


approx. 8.40 a.m.

Welcome/movement circle in the home group

  • On Fridays, group-wide meeting for singing and dancing in the gymnasium.


from 8.45 / 9.00 a.m.

Joint breakfast with the home group

  • Crèche groups in the group room
  • Yellow & green group in the bistro at different times


afterwards until approx. 11.15 a.m.

Free play, specific offers and impulses, stay in the outside area, walks "Out of the house".

  • Each group has a gym day once a week.


from 11.15 a.m.

Lunch in the crèche groups, followed by bedtime and free play time for the HT children


11.15 and 11.45 a.m.

Lunch for the kindergarten groups in the bistro, followed by bedtime and quiet time, free play time


12.15 to 12.30 p.m.

Pick-up time for the half-day children (HT)


13.30 to 13.45

Pick-up time for children with extended opening hours (VÖ)


from 13.45

Free play, targeted activities and stimuli, stay in the outdoor area


approx. 13.45

Afternoon snack in the bistro


15.15 to 15.30

Pick-up time for children with full-day care short (GT short)


16.15 to 16.30

Pick-up time for children with full-day care long (GT long)


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Shared meals are a central focus in our daycare center. It is important to us to offer the children a varied and balanced diet.

The food is prepared fresh daily in our KiTa kitchen. When designing and preparing the meals, our kitchen team follows the Bremen Checklist and the principles of the German Nutrition Society (DGE). Once a month, there is a pedagogical cooking or baking day in the groups.


All children receive breakfast. The all-day children always take part in lunch. For the VÖ and HT children, lunch is optional or a snack can be brought from home. From Monday to Thursday, a snack is served in the afternoon for the full-day children. We offer water and tea as beverages. Meals are taken together with the home group.



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Offered care types at Dec 10, 2023:

Kind of care
 Ganztags Krippe ab 9 Wochen
 VÖ mit Mittagessen Krippe ab 9 Wochen
 VÖ ohne Mittagessen Krippe ab 9 Wochen
 Ganztags lang + kurz ab 3 Jahre
 VÖ mit Mittagessen ab 3 Jahre
 VÖ ohne Mittagessen ab 3 Jahre


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