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Habichtweg 11
37115 Duderstadt
0151/58783612 (Sindy Schwarze)
Opening times5:30 AM - 4:00 PM o'clock
early care5:30 AM - 8:00 AM o'clock
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Extras care with lunch, full day care
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I was born on 12.12.1977 in Sangershausen, Germany, am married and have four children aged 5, 8, 18 and 21. With my family I live in a single-family house in Gerblingerode


I take my motivation for the profession of a child minder from my positive attitude towards life, my love for children and my own experiences of my family life.

Here I can put my educational skills into practice and contribute a little bit to the fact that children whose parents are working can grow up and develop in a safe and secure environment even when they are away from home. 

Daily Schedule

05:30 am to 9:00 am: Bring and free play time

09:00 am to 9:30 am: breakfast together

Afterwards we welcome each other in a common morning circle. We spend the time between breakfast and lunch with guided activities such as handicrafts, movement dances and looking at picture books, and of course with free playtime. As often as possible, we go out into the garden or explore the surroundings.

11:00 am to 11:30 am: lunch together

from 12 o'clock the children take their midday nap or rest. Children who do not take a midday nap are quietly occupied during this time. For example, we look at picture books or do puzzles. After the nap, from 14:00 o'clock the pick up and free play time begins.

I would like to offer the children security with a structured daily routine and corresponding rituals. Starting, for example, with saying goodbye to the parents, through a morning circle for breakfast together. At any time many materials are freely accessible for the children and they can devote themselves to their preferences independently.

Songs, finger games and books are companions of our everyday life and find their place as a ritual at all meals and rest periods. The meals and rest times are based on the children's needs and are flexibly adapted. I take up cultural holidays or birthdays. The playful and individual promotion of social and emotional development is particularly important to me and is integrated into everyday life.


A healthy and varied diet is an important basis for all our lives.

In order to maintain and promote this, it is necessary to do everything possible to achieve it.

I, as the mummy of the day, am a role model for the children of the day.

A balanced diet, plenty of exercise in the fresh air and hygiene is extremely important.

Children with allergies are also taken into account.

The food is always fresh, portioned appropriately for children and tastes good. At the beginning the selection is made with the parents.

The children are allowed to drink the whole day, there is fresh unsweetened tea or mineral water. Especially during the warm season I take care to drink enough liquid.

I always buy fresh fruit and vegetables.


And of course I put them in the fridge until they are consumed.

Everyone knows that raising children without sweets is impossible. Therefore, on the occasion of a child's birthday, carnival, Easter or Christmas, I give out sweets for everyone in a sweet round - always in consultation with the parents

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Teamwork with parents

The care provided by the childminder should not be a form of custody, but a cooperation between parents and childminder. Working hand in hand is important for the child, but also for the adults. For a trusting cooperation between child, parents and childminder it is important to exchange information regularly.
The needs of your child are at stake, so please take the time for the conversation.

After the preliminary talk and conversations in the phase of getting to know each other - in which, for example, educational goals, rules, rituals, preferences, fears, allergies, etc. are discussed - parental conversations are also very important, especially during the time I am caring for your child. Short conversations that take place between the door and the hinge are supplemented by conversations that take place in peace and quiet and perhaps even without the presence of the child.

I am just as happy to receive messages concerning your child as I am to receive suggestions and criticism. From me you will learn how your child spent his or her day today and what has changed in your child's stage of development.

If you need to talk to me, please do not hesitate to contact me. In the same way, I will also try to talk to you if necessary. 

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With my family I live in a single-family house, in which also the day care for the children takes place.

In the day care rooms we spend most of our time together when we are inside. The hallway can also be used for playing. The sleeping and gymnastics room serves as a resting room for the day children's nap.


Our large garden is ideal for playing and romping. As a highlight for children there is also a planting garden, which may also be used.

Of course, several vehicles (bobby car, scooter, tricycle, children's tractor), a sandbox and in summer a paddling pool are available. A large trampoline is also available and is used by the children with pleasure.


Since we like to be outdoors in nature, but not all children are yet well on foot, we have a special vehicle: Our children's bus! The children are enthusiastic about our children's bus and it is equipped with some small books, in case the trip takes a little longer.


There is also a new public playground nearby, which we like to use.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content.
Care providers are responsible for all profile content.

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