Kinderhaus Riederau

Altersstufen 1 Jahr (in der Kinderkrippe) und vom Kindergartenalter bis zum Übertritt in die Schule

Kinderhaus Riederau
Schulanger 4
86911 Dießen am Ammersee
Funding authority
Markt Dießen am Ammersee
Marktplatz 1
86911 Dießen am Ammersee
Opening times7:00 AM - 4:00 PM o'clock
Closing days30 Tage pro Jahr
Specially educational concept partially open concept
Extras care with lunch


On the south-west bank of the Ammersee lies the small, nature-bound village of Riederau, as a district of the market town of Diessen. The Riederau children's house is located in the heart of the village, within walking distance of the neighboring forests, meadows and Lake Ammersee. It was built in 2005 and 2020 and expanded to include another kindergarten group.

A total of 96 children can currently be cared for in the day care center, divided into three kindergarten groups with 25 places each, one day nursery group with 15 places and 6 places in school child care.

Like the kindergarten in Dettenschwang, the children's house is run by the municipality of Diessen am Ammersee.

In our work, a personal encounter and relationship with your children and you that is characterized by appreciation and respect is important to us. Trusting cooperation, personal commitment and professional competence also play a major role for us.

In our daily work, the principle of “living and learning together” can be felt everywhere. For each age group, we have developed concepts for the respective needs and requirements of your child / children, which include fixed structures, constant caregivers and recurring phases in the daily routine. This also includes individual support measures, small group offers and various projects. In addition, a coordinated, sensitive familiarization with you in our crèche or kindergarten group takes place with you, depending on the individual needs of your child.

Our project work includes, among other things, forest days, various art offers in our small artist's studio or offers from the "little researchers" and various elements from Montessori pedagogy.

Our partially open concept offers group-wide work from the afternoon care. Our children learn to deal with older and younger people at an early age, not just by taking on sponsorships. In this way, we convey important values ​​of living together, such as consideration, mutual support and polite cooperation.

Opening hours weekdays
Monday       7:30 - 16:00
Tuesday      7:00 - 16:00
Wednesday 7:00 - 16:00
Thursday     7:00 - 15:30
Friday         7:00 - 14:00

Early service
Mon       7:30
Tue - Fri 7:00

Closing days
32 days per year


The Kinderhaus is a bright, open house with different rooms for different activities. The three kindergarten groups are located in the main house and are all connected to each other. Each group room has an adjoining room that can be used individually, as well as a gallery. In addition to a small gymnasium, the Kinderhaus has two rooms for individual support activities or small group activities. Opposite the children's house, we have moved our crèche into an adjacent building in the form of a container since 2020. This has its own little realm and also has various rooms, such as a large group room, a gymnastics and activities area and a sleeping room. A small garden with a large sandbox is directly attached to the container.

Outdoor Facilities

Our garden

In the centre of our garden is a large sandy area which is used by our children for mudding, building and digging. Adjacent to it are our large wicker tepee and a slide with an integrated tunnel.  A suspension bridge, a nest swing and a climbing wall round off the outdoor play facilities.

Our large garden invites the children to play freely, and they can engage in a variety of activities here, using all their senses. Our large terrace, which is adjacent to each of the kindergarten group rooms, also offers various opportunities for play and rest.

In the large wooden shed there are various vehicles and sand toys. In summer, a water play station is used in our garden. 

Daily Schedule

Our daily routine:

The daily routine in the Kinderhaus is structured similarly in all four groups.

We start at 7 a.m. every day with the early service in the sun group (kindergarten group or preschool group). All the children from our four groups who have booked early duty are cared for there.

At 8 a.m., the other groups open.

Bring time ends at 8:30 a.m. in the kindergarten groups, and at 9 a.m. in our daycare center.

This is followed by a morning circle in the respective group, lasting about 30 minutes.

Afterwards, breakfast is served together. In our crèche group this takes place in reverse order, first breakfast and then morning circle.

Directly afterwards, the free play time begins with various activities. We like to offer "creative tables" with painting and handicrafts, or elements from the Montessori pedagogy. Likewise, various table games are introduced and offered, or individual, pedagogical offers take place in small groups.

Once a week we offer our children a session in our gymnasium, either in small groups or in the whole group. The joy of movement and play as well as togetherness are important to us. In the same way, we incorporate an almost daily reading time. Either by means of picture books, suitable for our project theme, or by means of a storytelling theater, a so-called Kamishibai.

Afterwards, all kindergarten groups go to our garden and play together without separation by age group.

From 12 noon, the first pick-up time for the "non-food children" takes place, and from 12:30 lunch is served for the remaining children in our Kinderhaus.

After a lunch break, which is arranged individually according to the needs of each group, the second pick-up phase begins at 2 pm.

At 2:15 p.m., the afternoon begins for the remaining children in the Kinderhaus with free play time in the garden or Kinderhaus. During this time, our children are mixed across groups.  Here, too, various activities take place according to the children's needs. After a small snack together, the last pick-up phase in the Kinderhaus begins.


Our food in the children's house:

In the Kinderhaus, great importance is attached to a healthy and varied diet for our children.

Therefore, the various meals are always eaten together in the respective group.

The common breakfast takes place after the morning circle. The children bring their own breakfast, depending on their appetite. We are also happy to organise a jointly prepared healthy breakfast at regular intervals and, for example, bake bread with our children.

Lunch is provided by ALBRECHTHOF, Catering & Menü GmbH. This enables us to offer a varied lunch from Monday to Friday, five days a week. Here it is important to us that our children develop joy and enthusiasm for their food and enjoy the social get-together.

In the afternoon, our children have a small lunch break.  The snack is given to the children by their parents, just like breakfast.

Our children always have the opportunity to drink at any time.

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Offered care types at Sep 29, 2023:

Kind of carecount places
15 Places
75 Places
6 Places


Our educational aspects:

In the Riederau children's home, every child has a fixed group and a fixed reference person. This gives our children security and a good basis. At the same time, we also work across groups on various projects or offers. The situation-oriented approach is important to us here. With us, project topics are mainly coordinated and planned jointly in the respective groups on the basis of children's conferences. Integrity and appeal to all senses are very important to us.


Our cooperations:

We work together with the Interdisciplinary Early Intervention Centre in Landsberg.

Once a year we offer our parents a development talk. In between, we offer parent meetings as needed. These can be arranged individually with us.

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Our admission criteria:

  •     Enrolment date
  •     Parents both working
  •     Sibling
  •     Place of residence Riederau , Diessen


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Description and Stations

Directions to the children's house:

The Kinderhaus is conveniently located. Our Kinderhaus is easily accessible by car or by train. The village of Riederau has its own train stop; Augsburg-Schongau train line.

If you are coming by car from Munich, take the A96 to the Greifenberg exit. Via the villages of Schondorf, Utting, Rieden you reach Riederau. After the village entrance sign, after approx. 500 m, turn left into Schulanger.

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