Kath. Kindergarten Wichtelland

2. - 6. Lebensjahr

Kath. Kindergarten Wichtelland
Hauptstrasse 8
97337 Dettelbach
Funding authority
Geschwister Scheller´sche Stiftung e.V.
Hauptstraße 8
97337 Euerfeld
09324 / 3810 (Kräutner Anika)
Opening times7:15 AM - 4:00 PM o'clock
Closing days30
Foreign languages German, English
Denomination roman catholic
Specially educational concept child oriented education, daily routine language education, partially open concept, project approach, Science/Project methods, Situation orientated approach
Extras full day care
Pets Griechische Landschildkröten und Fische


"Children are the great richness of our lives, they are like little rays of sunshine that illuminate our way every day!"

We work according to the partially open concept, which on the one hand includes the situation-oriented pedagogical approach with the project work. And on the other hand, offers a structured and pedagogically targeted working environment, with targeted learning opportunities and fixed rituals in the daily routine. In addition, our children experience holistically in the course of a kindergarten year, the natural and Christian-Catholic annual cycle. The work according to this concept picks up the children where they stand, lets them learn primarily through their own actions and offers them sufficient security and limits to develop their personality. Our goal is self-determined (self-determined) learning in dealing with the environment. The children learn holistically with heart, head and hand.

For more information you are welcome to visit our homepage: www.kiga.euerfeld.de



Day mother in Euerfeld (kindergarten independent) 

Hello dear parents, I am stately certified childminder and have places as a day mother.

I look after children from infancy in a family environment at home and offer childcare hours from morning to afternoon hours. Care is preceded by careful acclimatization, new children become gradually accustomed to me and the other children, so that even sensitive children feel comfortable. In a lovingly designed playroom, age-appropriate playing material is available for good educational support. Each child is taken into account in his or her individual development. The small family group of max. 5 children guarantees the necessary space, sufficient care and good support opportunities. The care is financially subsidised by the district office of Kitzingen, deed. Youth and family, so that the parents only have to bear part of the costs. 

For further questions, please call me or write to me.

Many greetings Jennifer Gies 

09324 - 1440, 0160 - 8128011, kindertagespflege.euerfeld@web.de 

BOOKING TIMES: Daily • 2-3 hrs 1o5.00 € 3-4 hrs 120.00 € 4-5 hrs 135.00 € 

• 5-6 hrs 150.00 € 6-7 hrs 165.00 € 7-8 hrs 180.00 €


Location of the facility: 

Our kindergarten is located in the middle of the small village of Euerfeld, about 7km from Dettelbach. A church, two playgrounds, a small market square and the Bruder-Klaus-Kapelle are in the immediate vicinity. Around the village are fields and meadows, also the forest is nearby, which offers us the opportunity to go with the children a lot in nature. 

Room concept:    "The room as an additional educator!"

Our kindergarten is "single-group", it was completely renovated and rebuilt in 2015/2016. There is a large bright group room, which is divided into different play areas. Afterwards there is a spacious adjoining room, in which there is our fitted kitchen, as well as an additional play area for our U3-year-olds. 

Our room concept consists in the fact that different play corners are available for the different age groups and their individual needs. In our large group room there is a permanently installed second level for the older children (5-6 years).

For our U3-year-olds a separate play corner has been set up, which is equipped with play materials (puppet kitchen, book box, Lego-Duplosteine, players... which are conducive to the development of our little ones. This play area has been integrated into the adjoining room, so that the little ones can see and reach the educators at any time, as well as the connection to the other children can be established throughout. On the other hand, it offers an optimal relaxation area and relaxation area when you need it. Special funding offers for our U3-year-olds are also held here regularly.

Outdoor Facilities

In our large garden, the outdoor area, there are attractive
play equipment as well as natural corners (willow tunnel, sandpit, games house,
Rocking animals, 2 climbing frames, bird's nest swing, etc.)
The children can be accommodated in the large sandbox with various
Play materials let off steam. For our many different vehicles, there is
there is also enough space on the plaster to drive and try out.
In the kindergarten year 2016/2017, a new climbing frame was created for our
U3-year-old children and installed in our garden concept. Our
Little ones can now safely climb, slide and play here.
In the kindergarten year 2019/20, a new climbing frame was created for our
Children from 3 years installed and built up. In summer, we build
regularly set up our paddling pool, so that the children can adapt to warm
Cool for days and play with the element water and let off steam
Can. Since 2019 we have a nice, spacious hut in the garden
in which the children can work, tinker and work on a workbench.
creatively active. We also plant seasonal and seasonal
regional fruit and vegetables in our high beds.


Daily Schedule

Our daily routine is structured and regular, which gives our youngest safety in particular. After the delivery time our morning circle takes place and we start the day together; we welcome each other, count who is there, see what day is today (discuss the daily routine, children's conferences, etc.) Afterwards we go together for breakfast. Various offers take place daily in the morning and afternoon. (free-play, single, group or targeted offers) After our lunch together we enjoy a short period of peace and quiet. (During this period, the midday sleep takes place for our youngest). After the lunch break, the children have free time until 4 p.m. until the kindergarten is closed


We offer a continuous, all-day support. 

In general, our kindergarten children eat their bread (bread, fruit, raw food, yoghurt,...) for breakfast and lunch. 

In our kindergarten you can order dinner for your child, too.

Additional offers: daily freshly cut fruit and vegetables (in buffet form), at regular intervals we prepare a healthy breakfast or/and a healthy lunch for all together with the children. 

Drinks are brought by the children in their own bottles and are available 24 hours a day. In addition, we offer the children apple juice, tea and water. 

Care providers are responsible for all profile content.

Offered care types at Dec 2, 2023:

Kind of carecount integrated places
0 Places
0 Places
0 Places


It is important to us to promote and challenge children in an all-encompassing and individual way according to their needs. There are many methods, means and possibilities to do this, but primarily this is done through targeted and free pedagogical offers. We always try to incorporate everything into our day-to-day pediatric life. 

Learning game offers in our facility:

  • Research and experimentation, science and math education 

"Learning is experience. Everything else is just information!" 

  • Projects and Participation

"Projects deal with a topic over a longer period of time in which different groups are equally involved. The starting point of projects is usually a topic that is of particular concern to children. What is important is not the end product, but that the children learn more and more on their own initiative throughout the project, acquire key qualifications and expand different skills - the way is the goal!"

(Brandt Knauer, 1999)

We work situation-oriented, i.e. that we work with the children to process/discuss what they or the group in general is currently occupying, but also what the nature/year circle dictates to us.

This will lead to projects. The children are responsible for the planning and design. The specialist staff/team is supportive. 

  • Free play

The free play is of great importance in elementary pedagogical work and is the most important time with us. Because in the game the children learn, they have .B the opportunity to decide freely what they want to play with whom and thus take the opportunity to discover the world in a playful way. The educators actively accompany the children in the free play and, if necessary, intervene in a supportive manner.


  • creative offers
  • Literacy/ Language and Media Education
  • Music education


  • Movement education 

Movement construction sites with various gymnastics equipment/materials, children's yoga, fantasy trips, gymnastics in the garden, and much more...

  • Nutrition education, health education 

Several times a year, we prepare a healthy breakfast or lunch together. First aid course for children, visit to the dentist, growing fruit and vegetables in our garden, and much more...

  • Preschool education 

"Preschool education" begins with childbirth. Because everything the child learns from there prepares them for school. In addition, we have some projects and offers for the "Maxis" in the last Kiga year to intensify the promotion and to facilitate the children's transition to school, e.B. learning games, listening-listening learning, number country, excursions, overnight stay in kindergarten, joint actions with the school/teacher, taster lessons, maxi excursion and overnight stay in kindergarten.

  • Portfolio work

We create a very personal "portfolio folder" for and with each child, a development diary for each child, which records the time in kindergarten. It documents and illustrates the learning processes and the growth of skills, special experiences, small stories of the children, observations, and much more... It helps to pay more attention to the learning process of each child, and to the child for self-assessment, to increase self-esteem and, above all, to the joy of the child. 

--> your child feels perceived in his personality and experiences a special kind of appreciation. 

Additional Offerings

  • Forest and outdoor day

In order to raise and promote children's awareness of nature, we go out with the children a lot in our garden, take walks and allow for forest and outdoor days. We carry out some forest and outdoor days with the children in the year in the form of excursions. Together we go for a walk, explore and discover the forest/meadows and experience various projects, actions and offers.

  • Celebrations and birthday celebrations in kindergarten

From birthday parties to parents' celebrations to farewell parties, our celebrations are highlights in the kindergarten year they are tradition and enjoy. We are a Catholic kindergarten, the values, attitudes and signs of the Catholic religion are lived in our institution and are binding on all. We work out the religious/church festivals in the annual circle (Erntedank, St. Martin, Advent, Christmas, Hlg. Three kings, carnival, Lent and Easter, May day, mother and Father's Day) and deal with the traditions and customs. We actively participate in the life of the parish. We celebrate the birthday of a child after the birthday ritual of Maria Montessori in the morning circle. A special highlight is that every child brings a birthday letter from their parents for their birthday. The letter contains experiences, events from the children's past years of life and is written by the parents, it is read to the child during the birthday party. The child is allowed to take a specially decorated place in the birthday circle. It receives a visit from our plush urchin (hand puppet, played by the educator), who personally congratulates the birthday child and presents a gift. For the child, a candle or a teabag rocket is lit, etc. Afterwards we celebrate at the breakfast together and the child is allowed to hand out his brought food (e.B. muffins, cakes, sausages with rolls etc...


As a kindergarten and social institution, we depend on cooperation sands and networks with other institutions and social institutions. Above all, we want to achieve a good involvement of the children and their families in the community and to offer them an opportunity to experience a real-life education, which takes place not only in the premises of our kindergarten.

Some institutions/institutions with which we work closely, we have listed here for you: 

Our village community - Our church/ pastor ' Primary and secondary school Dettelbach ' Kuk - Library Dettelbach - Kitzingen Health Office - District Office Kitzingen - Youth Office Kitzingen - Caritas Würzburg - Our Association and Sponsorship - Early Diagnosis Centre Kitzingen - Early Diagnosis Centre Würzburg - Educational Counselling Centre Kitzingen - Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists in the District of Kitzingen - Kindergartens in the municipality of Dettelbach and the district of Kitzingen

Teamwork with school

Towards the end of the Kiga year, our Maxis take a trip to school. They visit the school, the classrooms, the pausenhof and take part in a lesson. Spread over the last kindergarten year, we get a visit in the kindergarten from a teacher from the primary school Dettelbach. She stays with us for about half an hour and carries out targeted activities with our maxis. The aim is to facilitate the transition to school and to get to know the children.

In general, we work together cooperatively as specialists throughout, e.B. through regular meetings of primary schools and kindergartens, joint holding of a parents' evening for all daycare centres and parents, etc...

Teamwork with parents

We see our parents as educational partners.

By parental work we mean coexistence in the education and education of children.

It is important for us to have a regular and open dialogue with you as parents, because only then can a good and meaningful cooperation take place. In addition to parental discussions, parents' evenings, parents' advisory board, parents' café, family activities... there are also joint celebrations and excursions.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content.

Parental Interviews

We conduct our parental survey in writing every summer.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content.


We accept children from 2 years of age all year round in our kindergarten. Before entering kindergarten, the children are allowed to attend the kindergarten once together with their parents for a "sniff".


For children before the age of 2, they will find a day mother here in Euerfeld who can look after your child.

(For details, see Short Portrait/ Presentation and Special Features.)

Care providers are responsible for all profile content.

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