Kindertagesstätte Regenbogenland

Alle Kinder im Alter von 1-6 Jahren und ihre Familien sind bei uns herzlich willkommen!

Kindertagesstätte Regenbogenland
Wiehenkämpen 12
49401 Damme
Funding authority
Kath. Kirchengemeinde St. Viktor
Kirchplatz 15
49401 Damme
05491/7207 (Frau Beate Enneking)
Opening times7:30 AM - 2:30 PM o'clock
Closing days3 Wochen in den Sommerferien;
1 Woche in den Herbstferien;
zwischen Weihnachten und Neujahr;
Donnerstag vor und Dienstag nach Ostern.
Foreign languages German, English
Denomination roman catholic
Specially educational concept daily routine language education, inclusion, partially open concept, Situation orientated approach
Extras Child care for physical education, Integrative facility, care with lunch, full day care
Pets Wir haben keine Haustiere. Unsere Einrichtung ist ländlich gelegen. Wir haben viele Tiere direkt vor der Haustür. Unmittelbar gegenüber ist beispielsweise eine Wiese mit Rindern und vielen Kälbchen im Sommer.


Welcome to the Roman Catholic nursery school "Regenbogenland" ( rainbow country)

Our institution is situated roughly 6 kms outside the city of Damme in the village of Osterfeine - in a rural area wich grants a lot of space both in the house and outside in the playground. 

The children in our care love physical exercise and they enjoy making use of all the space avaiable to them. 

That is why we hold a professional certificate für physical/therapeutic exercise.



A lot of space is available to us - both in the creche and in the kindergarten.

The creche is situated upstairs. There is a spacious, bright room for group activities, a restroom, a bathroom as well as a hall. There is a lot of flexibility in how to use the rooms, making it possible to support the children and see to their individual needs constantly.

The kindergarten is downstairs. It comprises 4 rooms for group activity, a spacious gym, a hall, a ball pool, a mud room, a construction/installation space, a disco as well as our cafeteria for the kids with an adjoining kitchen. 

We have fitted our rooms with as little furniture as possible, but as much material equipment as necessary. This adds to the impression of open, spacious rooms, stimulating the children to do physical activities - and making them possible. Moreover, all the upstairs and downstairs rooms for group activities as well as the construction space and the gym have motor skill centres. 

There is an extra staff room plus an office for the management. 

Outdoor Facilities

"Outdoorgames clear your mind"

Our outdoor area comprises roughly 2000 square metres. It has been built into a close-to-nature playground with a huge sand play area including a water pump, trees and tree trunks providing many facilities for climbing, bushes offering a lot of reteat options, swings, gymnastics bar and slide. Besides, there is a construction trailer - wich the children love.

We have planned the outdoor area close to nature to simulate the children to watch nature, to collect natural material, to be amazed by natural phenomena, to experience nature. 

We are not strictly limited to the actual outdoor area, because we can always take advantage of a forest situated opposite our institution. Here, too, we can trace nature.

It is important to us to help the children discover nature as a habitat for plants and animals, to make them aprecciate nature and to have a chance to learn about nature as much as they would like to learn about it. 


Daily Schedule

The children in our care are welcome from 7.30 a.m.

To begin with, there is time in the group to start the bday and a long period for individual play/games. 

Living together every day, we particularly aim at supporting the children in our care and to see to their individual needs. We always focus on the children´s ideas and experiences. They are integrated into the curriculum and can be extended into special projects In that way, children learn on their own initiative and motivation. thus, we specifically encourage educational processes as well as the individual development and self education of children. (This is called situation- oriented education)


The children in the creche bring their own breakfast. When they are hungry - experience has shown that when the first child takes out his or her  breakfast, all the others will do the same - we sit down and have breakfast together. Milk and mineral water are offered, supplied by the institution. 

Later, we also offer a light snack, wich might be e.g. fruit or crispbread.

In the downstairs kindergarten area, there is a cosy cafeteria for the children. In he course of the morning, the children go there to eat their own breakfast. Drinks are provided. There is fresh milk, herbal or friut teas and mineral water.

Once a month we offer a plentiful buffet of health food. The groups take it in turns to prepare this buffet. 

Lunch is delivered by "Curom" from Neuenkirchen. Parents must enrol their children for lunch - the children in all-day-care have their lunch together in the quiet and cosy atmosphere of the cafeteria. 

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Offered care types at Oct 2, 2023:

Kind of carecount placescount integrated places
15 Places2 Places
78 Places4 Places


The federal state of Lower Saxony has issued a concept for education, the "Orientierungs- und Bildungsplan", wich serves as a basis for our work.

The most important activity for children in our institution is PLAY!

That is why we offer time, space, material and support so that children can play eagerly and keenly.

The ability to play leads to the ability to learn. 

We create an atmosphere in wich children feel safe and accepted, because they have time and fun and can experience security and appreciation. This atmosphere is vital to enable children to immerse in play and to play eagerly and keenly. It also helps them to discover new, secret and strange things, alone or together with friends, and it includes them to get involved in unknown, new "worlds" - to sum it up, it support their development. 


Our staff is a highly involved team and onsits of 13 deucators/teachers  and one teacher trained for children with special needs. We are supported by two trained housekeepers. 


The teachers in our team constantly continue their own education for the benefit of their work with the children. This means, there are

  • 4 teachers who have an extra qualification in curative education
  • 3 teachers who are trained in systemic advice
  • the teachers are qualified in pedagogy for very young children and regulary attend courses to enhance the further development of the emphasis we put on physical activities(certified as "Bewegte KiTa")
  • the managing director is a qualified teacher and has an diploma as specialist in day-care-centres
  • we regulary attend courses in first aid and prevention courses concerning child abuse ( §8a SGB VIII). 

Quality Assurance

  • To ensure the quality of our work, we use the manual that we developed in the course of our seminar on quality control. This manual ist regulary expandes and revised.
  • We also make use of a manual on the quality of education published by the federal government, "KTK-Gütesiegel".
  • We have worked out a framework protection concept that we make us of.
  • We regulary revise our concepts.



The educational institution following kindergarten is primary school. We have established good relations and regular cooperation with the primary school in Osterfeine. 

besides, we cooperate with the day-care-centre for old-age-pensioners in Osterfeine.

Within the framework of integration and inclusion (SGB XII) we cooperate with various therapists. 

If necessary, we consult more specialist services and institutions.

Cooperation with the different kindergarten and day-care-centres in our parish widens our horizon.

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Time has come:

Since 1.12.2020 you can use the service to registrate your child online.

We are happy and welcome you warmly. 

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