Kindertagesstätte "Waldwichtel"

Kindertagesstätte "Waldwichtel"
Am Schützenhaus 1a
35510 Butzbach
Funding authority
Magistrat der Stadt Butzbach
Marktplatz 1
35510 Butzbach
Opening times7:00 AM - 5:00 PM o'clock


Who we are:
The daycare center "Waldwichtel" is one of three facilities in the children's house "Pusteblume". It is located in the residential area of Degerfeld in the city of Butzbach.
The daycare center "Waldwichtel" consists of five daycare groups with children aged one to three years and one kindergarten group with children aged three years until school entry.

What we offer:
- Individual familiarization
- Appreciative treatment of the child and his or her family
- Needs-oriented work (the child is the center of attention)

What makes us special?
The proximity to the forest and our cross-group offers


Our lunch is delivered fresh daily by Kochfabrik Wetterau. For the breakfast that the children bring from home, we make sure that it is sugar-free and chewable.

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Our basic pedagogical approach is evident in the way we form relationships with the children. The child is the main actor of his or her own learning path, which does not adhere to predetermined plans, but rather takes into account the child's individual interests and needs.

Our concept focuses on social learning and the everyday living conditions of the children. This means that every child with its social and cultural roots is included in the Kindergarten daily routine. The children's interests are taken up and implemented as best as possible. Communication with the children always takes place at eye level.

The children should feel safe, secure and understood with us, so that they can explore their environment and develop their personality on this basis. Appreciation and positive attention are elementary components for us, as is a warm, loving and trusting approach. We see ourselves as companions in everyday life, who support, encourage, comfort and give closeness when it is needed.

We work according to the closed concept, which means that each child has its home group with the corresponding reference teachers with whom it spends the day. In order for the groups to come into contact with each other, there are also inter-group activities, such as the common morning circle and fixed reading and gymnastics days.

Teamwork with school

As a rule, our kindergarten children transfer to the entrance level of the Degerfeld School at the age of 5. Together with the teaching staff, parents and kindergarten teachers, we create a smooth transition from kindergarten to school.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content. (State: 25/05/2022 10:22:28)

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