Kindertagesstätte "Kirch-Göns"

Kindertagesstätte "Kirch-Göns"
In der Schmalbach 22
35510 Butzbach
Funding authority
Magistrat der Stadt Butzbach
Marktplatz 1
35510 Butzbach
Opening times7:00 AM - 3:00 PM o'clock


Who we are:

Our daycare center is located on the outskirts of the village, not far from the Gönser Elementary School. Up to 62 children from the age of one until they start school can attend our facility: divided into 12 U3 places in the Kükennest and 50 places in the Ü3 area of the daycare center.

What we offer:

  • bright, newly renovated premises, on the outskirts of Kirch-Göns with a large outdoor area that can be played in all year round
  • semi-open groups: main group with inter-group rooms and activities
  • age-separated groups
  • individual familiarization
  • intensive cooperation with the local elementary school
  • We look over the fence and are a part of the village community.
  • excursions, activities and projects beyond the boundaries of the kindergarten
  • not only the individual child, but the whole family with grandparents are welcome here
  • a loving, committed and creative team

What makes us special?
The age separation in the core groups.


Our varied and child-friendly lunch comes from Tischlein Deck Dich, Verpflegungsbetriebe Zaug.

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Parents, families and pedagogical staff enter into a partnership in order to promote and challenge the children to the best of their ability. It is important to us that we not only welcome the individual child and his or her individuality, but that the whole family becomes a part of our facility.

In our facility, children have the opportunity to help shape everyday life - participation! They decide what they want to do, which path they want to take and with whom they want to take it. This freedom of choice is accompanied by jointly developed procedures and rules. Mutual respect, appreciation and equality are basic components of our life together. Due to the age separation in our core groups, we work on topics differently. The educational plan demands age-appropriate support in all areas of children's learning processes. Children whose age, developmental level, knowledge and experiences are similar are together in one core group. This group structure with a positive group dynamic grows until the child enters school and beyond. Furthermore, this makes diverse, shared, age- and child-appropriate experiences and learning more effective for children and pedagogical staff. Cross-age friendships, games and activities, as well as learning from each other. Learning and mutual consideration are possible in many areas in and around our house.

Teamwork with school

For many years, we have maintained an intensive cooperation with the Göns elementary school. According to a fixed concept, the transition from daycare to school is thus well managed by the children and their families.

Care providers are responsible for all profile content.

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